Our Timeline


If you want to know how we got here (our conceiving timeline) – click this picture to go to “Timeline”

BIRTH STORY: My water broke(we think) on March 6th at 9PM – right before I was getting ready to go to bed. I had been up all day. Due to strep B complications, they told me to come to the hospital immediately. She was already 3 days overdue, induction was scheduled for the 9th.  I drove us to the hospital, I didn’t feel any real contractions and Kim can’t see at night. After a bumbling attempt to find the maternity ward (Recommend the hospital tour, people. It really does help to have a dry run. I regret not doing that now.), we found it and were admitted. The doctor wasn’t sure my water broke, so he broke my water for me, that wasn’t as unpleasant as it sounds, just … wet … started cervadil, as I was not dilated at all. I went through contractions, 5 minutes or so apart, until 10AM the next morning. Exhausted and so ready to sleep, I asked for an epidural. I knew I would get one, that was planned, I had just hoped to have gone a little longer without it. I was 1 cm dilated, tired, and cranky. When the anesthesiologist came in, the Epidural was the worst part of my whole labor experience.  I could feel the needle going in, hear it scraping against my spine. And in between contractions it wasn’t very easy to sit still. I was a crying mess, Kim sitting between my legs, holding my hands, while I gripped a pillow to my stomach. My water broke the rest of the way on Kim’s lap. (And according to her, it is definitely as unpleasant as it sounds) From the moment I got the epidural I slept. I slept all day and all afternoon. I’m told people came in and out of my room all day. I felt guilty for not being awake, but  I was tired and I couldn’t feel my legs. Punky wouldn’t drop and with my water now officially broken, they had to coax her out of there. They rolled me from side to side for several hours, which upset their heartbeat monitors on the baby. It was quite annoying by the time I couldn’t have any food and only ice chips. That was awful. At 6PM, March 7, 2012, the doctor said I was ready to push. It was the most surreal thing I have ever experienced. Doctor got me started and then left me in the capable hands of very nice nurses and Kim. I pushed until 6:25PM when I lost my breath on my last push and coughed the kid’s head out. Literally. I coughed and out came her head! The nurse held her head in place, so she wouldn’t fall out, until the doctor could come and catch her. I was wanting so bad to push her out, I could feel her hanging out between my legs, and I was nauseous. I was pretty sure I was going to throw up. I will never forget it, the doctor put one arm in his coat and caught my kid. They cleaned her up and weighed her and tested her and all that junk. An hour later, I was holding my baby. The rest was pretty much documented in a billion pictures over the last two years.


I documented Punky’s entire first year with weekly pictures.


We made the Mommy and me yearly picture a tradition. And I love it.


And routinely compare my baby pictures with Punky’s. It’s pretty darn scary usually. I made a clone of myself.




June 2012, Punky met her donor, Uncle M for the first time.


We legitimately celebrate half birthdays and will continue to do so!


We went on play dates and made some friends.


We defied the Mommy wars and ate some fast food. We still eat fast food. A nugget isn’t gonna kill her.


We learned early on, we had a climber “trouble-maker” on our hands and that she was destined to give her Mommy a heart attack before the age of 30.


We held a Dr. Seuss Extravagantly Awesome First Birthday Party and will have an equally great Cars themed Second Birthday Party. She also learned to walk on March 1, 2013 – only 6 days before she turned one.


We made Papa/Uncle Day a real thing.


Punky got her first haircut – it was much needed and as I write this, three or four months later, she needs another one!


Punky moved into her big girl bed a few months ago, and it has been nothing but a success. She’s been a champion sleeper for us and we really lucked out, but I do say that the “cry it out” method was likely part of the solution to the sleeping going so well early on!


We finally got her room set up after Christmas 2013, and though a month later, it is most definitely cluttered and looks like a tornado hit it, she has her own space and it will grow WITH her.


And in true ‘clone’ fashion, every now and then we have a little Mommy and Me fashion time -I especially love this recent picture of Miss Punky in her first pair of Converse.



Mommy and Me Pictures going strong.


Cars Second Birthday was a super success!



March 2014 was the recent big move from high chair to big girl table! Check it out, she’s sitting at her own little table for dinner and it’s awesome.


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