2013 ReCap! Favorite Highlights of 2013

With this being the last day of 2013, and its nearly 3 months until our little one is two. I thought it might be fun to recap our last year.

Here are some of the highlights in our family. The good, the bad, the absolutely ridiculous.


JAN – Our car of nearly 8 years finally gave out and we HAD to get a new one. While our credit is super terrible, let’s not talk about it, I did score this super nice car. Payments are more than most people would want to pay, but it’s within our budget, it hasn’t had a run in with a deer yet and it will be nearly a year in our family in January. I am still in love with this car, despite the fast food bags in the floor boards.


FEB – Punky and I found Gymboree and we had a blast. We used our free trial class to get acquainted and it was great fun while we had the open gym option. I really feel like Punky learned to walk at Gymboree, she had more room to move around and she really got her confidence there. We may not to Gymboree now, she’s just too busy for that, but I will always be thankful for some great friends I have met and made as a result of connections there as well as their help in her development.


MAR – Miss Punky turned one this March and it came with all sorts of great things. We had a Dr. Seuss Blowout for her and there was plenty of cake pops and fun to be had. A special dress was made just for her party and her pictures were taken by my best friend for her one year birthday. She also started walking more steadily in March, when she really took off and didn’t need as much hand holding. It’s been all down hill since then in the mobile toddler department!


APR – Punky’s first trip to the zoo. It wasn’t exactly a hit, she was still too small to enjoy the animals and know what was going on. But, it was fun to take her out of the house as a family – and spent time with our awesome friends and her godparents. She liked being carried around and looking at the birds in the aviary the most, I think. Her moms enjoyed going home to rest our toes by the end of the day!


MAY – Punky and I joined a mom’s group which was a big step for this Mommy. I suffer from a pretty ridiculous anxiety disorder when it comes to strangers and new things outside my comfort level. Punky and I are no longer a part of that group, but we met a lot of great women and did a lot of great things together as a Mommy and Daughter hanging out. I miss that time together now, and hope we have more of it this summer.


JUN – We started working with utensils and other food groups in June. We started with Applesauce, but well, Spaghetti O’s are just awesome and she made a great big mess with them. She does much better with a fork now, perhaps not a spoon quite yet still, but we are getting hang of it. It all started with this attempt at eating something a great deal more messy than finger foods and snacks.


JUL – The forth of July marked the first time we put Punky’s hair in pigtails, it’s when her hairstyle really began. Since it is her signature look now and most people are just over the moon by her pigtails, it’s worth mentioning when we started this! We have since started adding barrettes and flower barrettes to add color and keep her bangs out of her eyes!


AUG – We spent a lot of time hanging out with family and some friends with other toddlers this summer. We spent most of our time running through the fountains at City Hall downtown in our community. It was fun to watch her run through the water and touch the water. It was a great sensory activity as well as a way to keep us all cool and not melting in the hot August temps.


SEPT – August we learned how to slide. Albiet, it was really sliding on our tummy and we haven’t mastered sitting on the butt to slide, but well, it’s more fun to slide on your belly anyway! She absolutely loves the slide now and I’d say it’s her favorite thing to do at the park. She will slide forever if I let her and she cries when we leave. It would be AOK to let her slide all day, but other kids have to wait forever, she’s so slow to turn around and get in sliding position.


OCT – For Halloween this year, we dressed up as a family. This is the year that Punky was able to participate in some of the Halloween events and was able to eat all the candy she wanted and attend a party at her Grammy’s house and actually enjoy it. We all dressed up as Snow White, the Evil Queen, and the Mirror(not pictured). We had a great time, not only was Punky super cute, Mommy won a costume contest at work!


NOV – November marked the month that this Mommy had to face the facts and really take the munchkin to get her hair cut. We went to our local Shear Madness Kid’s Haircutting place and it was a success. I was so sad to see her hair go and people ask if I kept a lock of her hair, but well, it would just get lost or scattered somewhere. Besides, what’s better than a billion pictures like this to remember the event.


DEC – December was full of all sorts of greatness. 24 days of fun Christmas things and Santa related awesomeness, ended with a great Christmas full of explosions of presents, food and family. However, my most favorite highlight of December has to be the transition to the toddler bed. She has taken to it like a champ, better than I expected, but I’m not sure why I expected something less than normal for her champion sleeper! She’s just getting so big, and with the bed has come in increase of tantrums and time outs and swats on the butt, however, the big girl bed is the best part of December.


2013 was full of a great deal of firsts for our precious little one and our family. We found out my brother and his wife are expecting their first baby boy, can’t wait! Kim’s brother proposed to his girlfriend this summer, and we can’t wait to add her to the family!

I had a few bumps in the road, like the job front being less than ideal, being in therapy for PTSD for several reasons, and the increase in toddler tantrums and as her personality has continued to grow, the more she has tried our patience as mothers.

However, we have also celebrated our 10 year anniversary, DOMA was struck down and we started on our marriage in Iowa and set a tentative date for our wedding ceremony after our marriage.

There are a lot of dark spots in this year, but there are more tiny, beautiful shining moments in this year and I am looking forward to seeing what 2014 has in store for us!

Here’s to you, my family and friends (including those mamas and mommies in blogger land). I hope you have an excellent New Year full of joy and beauty and may all your dreams come true!