The Christmas Post

I finally got around to being able to sit for a moment and write this post. I have been pretty sickly since yesterday and the week flew by anyway! We had so much great things to celebrate and a sadness that happened shortly after Christmas. Another family matriarch passed away yesterday morning and we will be taking Punky on her first funeral trip this week.

Christmas for us is not yet, done, we still have Grammy and Papa and then my side of the family as well, which we will be seeing this weekend! My brother and his wife are expecting their first child and my sister is throwing them a baby shower. I’m really excited about that!

Anyway, our Christmas was jam packed full of presents and family and fun and lots of food.

Punky got up bright and early and wasn’t really interested in waiting for anyone to wake up – she headed straight to the tree for the promise of presents Mommy put her to bed with.


The hit toys from Santa? I’d say Dora and Boots skating friend dolls and her animal sounds barn from Fisher Price Little People.



Other toys from Santa included a package of new books for her LeapFrog Jr. Reader full of Toddler milestones stories like potty time, bedtime and other fun things. She also got a Doc McStuffins medical bag with a little stethoscope and other fun doctor stuff, including a Doc McStuffins cell phone, which she has been handing to us for days now. Included in her stocking was many M&Ms and small cars and stuffed unicorns of all colors and varying sizes.

After a much needed nap, we got ready to go out to visit with family and celebrate Christmas with Kim’s dad and family. This included getting dressed up in her Christmas dress and boots with pretty black flower bows in her hair.


Since she really didn’t take a nap, even though I laid her down, she fell asleep on the way there, with both Dora and Boots in each arm. It was pretty darn adorable.


The day was full of more fun and presents, more food and more family. She played with her cousin.


They sang songs on that thing for what felt like hours. She also played on his new toys, since her toys were not opened, being that it was an art easel and supplies.


And she gave me lots of sass towards the end of the day. That’s becoming a new trend in our little one. She’s pretty good out in public, thank goodness, but she’s kind of a brat face at home. Lots of no in her vocabulary, peppered with a few kicking episodes, flopping on the floor and banging her head on the floor. I am told this is normal for her age, but damn it sure gets old.

Then there are moments when I get pictures like this.


Today was another round of fun and family. We had a great time hanging out with Kim’s uncle and his family – we don’t see them very often. She got to sit at the ‘kids table’ for the first time. It was pretty darn adorable.


Punky opened more presents.


Snuggled with one of her favorite people. The aunt who saw her birth.


Then we headed back to meet up with Grammy and Papa. She was their light of the day, as Papa’s mom passed away yesterday. I think its true that the spirit of a child lightens anyone’s heart. And as much as she’s a pain in my ass at home, she’s such a doll baby out of the house and especially loves her Grammy and Papa.


She knows when we are driving up their house as she will start clapping in the backseat and say “Papa” until we get there. If she could live with Grammy and Papa, I think she may be very happy!

She hung out with the dog a little, who just makes her giggle and whom she calls on her pretend Doc McStuffins cell phone quite regularly.


Climbed on Grammy’s couch.


And took her baby for a stroll around the living room.


All and all it was a pretty great day and a nice Christmas week. We have more to come, and I’m not sure where we will fit the abundance of new toys in our apartment, but well, we shall see!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate was wonderful and full of family, fun, and food!