STOP talking to my fat.


I want to know when my belly became public property. I don’t understand, at what moment, I relinquished all of my personal space bubble. That bubble is mine. Its not yours.

So, this means, that mostly, perfect strangers stop me in the hallway at work and talk to my stomach. They BEND OVER and put their face to my belly and TALK. Please tell me when this became socially appropriate. I don’t understand.

On top of that, my baby is approximately … 1 to 2 inches. This means that even though my stomach is rounding out and I don’t have that big fold at my belly button anymore when I sit, the baby is not really big enough to be the cause. So, this means, these people are talking to my FAT. Really… they are not talking to my baby and its not cute anymore.

My partner doesn’t even talk to my belly yet.

So, now I really just want to request. I am the type of person who doesn’t really like a lot of attention on me. That means, that I don’t want people stopping me in the middle of a hallway or while I am on the phone to have a conversation with my fat. Its embarrassing.


  • I am tired, but nothing terrible. I get sleepy around 7pm, and go to bed pretty late.
  • Got “Prenatal Yoga Deck” with 50 poses, breathing exercises, and meditations for pregnancy.
  • Got the “What to Expect, Pregnancy Journal and Organizer” which is awesome!
  • Craving gummy candy (ie. Gummy worms, Dots, Gummy Bears, etc.)
  • Listening to podcasts online on
  • We are looking for a new place to live, which has been a challenge and has been the only thing that really gets me down right now. Disappointed really.
  • My relative is in the ICU and hopefully, from reports at home, she is getting better. Slowly but surely, hopefully, she will make it!

Take Care