20/52 – And the Busiest Week Ever

Ugh. I have been a terrible blogger this last week. Of course, I did have my 30th birthday weekend and it was awesome.


I worked on Memorial Day, which consisted of me sitting at my desk, working on this little pretty!



Its a “Smash Book” which is like a scrapbook, but in so many ways, it is not a scrapbook. I have been putting all our trip pictures in the book and it has been awesome. You can journal and you can stack pictures on top of each other. Its like an art journal and I love it. An “unscrapbook” if you will. I got it for my birthday on my trip and it’s been fantastic to put together.

And then I was helping plan a very special first birthday party for one of my friends’ kids. It was a vintage circus theme and it was pretty darn awesome.

IMG_6949 IMG_6870 IMG_7006

We are dealing with some concerning health problems with Kim, this time not mental by physical – we have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, so more to come on that, I guess. Its been a little stressful here in our house.

Bills piling up, sickness, and looking for a new place to live. I just think we need something new. A new change, something to get us back on track. I’ve been stressed to the max the last week or so, which is likely why I haven’t really done much blogging, because I just don’t have a lot of ‘nice’ things to say.

And then I remember, we get through every storm and while we may be battered and torn, we are not broken. We will get through it in one piece, even if there are chips and scratches along the surface.

Miss Punky is loving school and loving swimming! Right now, the pool has been her most favorite thing. Her Grammy has a small pool in their backyard and thank goodness this kid doesn’t burn like her Mommy. She is developing quite the little tan lines, even with the 100 proof sunscreen I slather on her! These goggles get me every time!



Friday and Saturday, I think she may have gotten a little too much sun and she was running a fever and extra cuddly. Which, I don’t mind, the cuddling part, but it sure makes me sad with my Punky is sickly.


If you don’t know what “Fever Bugs” are or you haven’t seen me mention them before, I swear by them! Great for infants, but Punky is also too wiggly for a thermometer and far too impatient. She picks the bug, knows it stays on her head and Mommy can check it anytime she needs to up to 48 hours as long as it doesn’t get pulled off or wet. You can order them online or go to Walgreens, its the only place I have found them in a retail store.

All my Must-Have mommy items for those of you who are expecting or TTC’ing. Total lifesavers and if I was coming to your baby shower you would get one!


She was better by the time we made it to the party yesterday, full of sugar highs and bubbles. We had a great time yesterday and while I am not going to work today, for other health reasons related to Kim, we had a pretty good weekend.


IMG_6998 IMG_7029


Next major event will be Papa/Uncle Day. I’m still trying to figure out what I will be doing for that, but we will surely have a great big celebration of all the great and wonderful men in Punky’s life!

Monday Moments Update – Busy Weekend

So, I don’t really know who reads this blog and really, its sort of just an outlet for me. However, I know there are some people out there from my hometown that have started to read to keep up with how Peyton is doing, how motherhood is treating us, and just to catch up on things. So, I have decided that on Monday, I will do my best to keep the updates on Peyton for the last week or so.


So introducing  Monday Moments:

This weekend was crazy.

Saturday: If I remember correctly, it was close to 106 degrees that day. Frankly, the heat wave is getting stupid. I am sweating in places I should not be noticing. Peyton stayed the night with Grammie and Papa. She went swimming in their backyard in her super cute swimsuit.

Every couple of weeks, Kim and I have a Saturday with some friends of ours and we play D&D. Which, by the way, is an awesome time. When that happens, Peyton and her cousin go and spend time at Grammie’s house. Its an awesome escape from motherhood. However, I admit, most of the time, I am wondering what she’s doing and how she is. I’m so thankful that Peyton has grandparents so close that can take her off our hands every now and then. We love being mommies, but every mommy needs a break every now and then.
Now … to actually get sleep when she is having that sleepover. Never really happens. I just end up staying up later, so I can do what I want to do. Its kind of ridiculous.
Sunday: Peyton came home from Grammie and Papa’s and we got a small nap in. Then it was off to her first ever play date. I’m really not a people person, I don’t really care to be around people that much. However, I thought it might be fun to take Peyton to play with another baby. They were adorable.
Its kind of difficult to let 4 month old babies play with each other. Neither of them can sit on their own yet, so we have a wobbly bunch of playmates. However, since the only other friend that Peyton has is the girl in the mirror, I was thrilled to watch her play with another baby. 
I’m sure she was happy about that too. I heard from Kim that last week, Peyton had a fight with the girl in the mirror. I know, when they play, that little girl just cracks her up, but Kim says they had a tiny spat and Peyton yelled at her. They have since made up.
Also on Sunday, my brother Cody surprised us with a visit. Whenever he is in town and has time to stop, he finds a moment to come say hello. He is quite amusing to Peyton and they get along real well. I enjoy hanging out with him and since my family is a couple hours drive from where we live, its nice to have a visit now and then from him.
She brought back that friend from Grammie’s house. We named the astronaut Oscar and his limbs are easy for her chubby little fingers to hold onto and his head is good for chewing on.
In other news, Papa thinks he might have felt Peyton’s ‘fangs’ coming in. Just a little bump. To my knowledge, babies get their bottom two teeth first. Of course, my baby would get her fangs first. Apparently, I watched too much Twilight when I was pregnant. 
We went to the doctor’s today for her 4 month check-up. She is 15 lbs 11 oz. That’s 4 pounds more than her 2 month check up. She’s also 25 inches long. That means … she’s over 2 ft tall. THAT’S NUTS!
She got her shots again today and I swear, every time we get her shots, she looks at me like I have betrayed her. She just looks at me like “Mommy, you knew I was coming here for shots and you danced me around the livingroom singing about coming to see Dr. Brady.” She refuses to look at me for at least 10 minutes and doesn’t talk to me when we get home. The up side to her getting her shots is that she sleeps ALL DAY LONG and usually ALL NIGHT. I know I shouldn’t be happy about that, but eh, its a nice little break.
That’s about it for now. 

Take Care