Wedding Fever

So, I never really thought this would happen. I want to plan a wedding! I want to have that walk down the aisle. I want to stand at the end of an aisle, arm and arm with my dad and look down the aisle at my beautiful K waiting for me. Ten years is a long time and I guess, I haven’t really thought about an ACTUAL wedding before.

But, now it’s possible. Now, it may be something we can do! I’m a typical girl. I want to say my “I Do” in front of my family and friends. I want to show the world that we can and will be together forever!

And along came Pinterest in the midst of ALL the changes to my new status as a ‘fiance’. I’ve been a fiance for 9 years, but I am a head full of schoolgirl plans and beautiful flowers, the dress, the music, the decorations. The invitations, the drapery, the guests, and the food. All with a budget we can afford, but I have waited 10 years for this wedding, I can definitely wait a little longer to make it sweet and worth our love.

So, if you wanna follow my wedding fever on Pinterest, jump aboard the planning of my lifetime! I will say that I haven’t consulted K about the plans yet, BUT, rest assured my darling love, I will consult you! After the fever is over! Think of it as … giving you options! I’m doing the pre-planning!

The Utterly Uneventful Weekend – Thankfully

So, with the last week full off a sea of poop, we are looking at a simple and quiet weekend at home.

This house is full of Nick Jr. and a dancing toddler.’

With Punky being so content and playing independently, I have been able to design and set up my new Etsy Shop. I am a little obsessed right now. I just realized that there really aren’t many birth announcements and baby shower invitations for same sex couples out there. At least, not any that I would want to use. So, I decided that I would sit down and make my own.

I’m having a ton of fun with it. It’s been a while since my mind has been this creative and I can sit in front of my computer and just let my mind create. I do so love the awesomeness of Photoshop.

While doing this, I have been using Punky’s newborn and baby pictures as stand ins for some of the announcements. It really reminds me of how much she has grown and changed over the last year. She’s so big and her hair is longer and her limbs are longer and she’s more mobile.

It’s astonishing to me.

There are so many people out there in my blogging friend community who are getting BIGĀ POSITIVESĀ  it’s almost as if spring is definitely in the air and the lesbian baby making boom has arrived! Congratulations to all of you and I can’t wait to follow your journey until you make it to the place we are with Punky!

I never realized how awesome it is to be in a circle of like-minded people in this community. I find myself talking about each of you in some sense and it makes my day to see new posts and updates in the your adventures.

I’d really love it if you would check out the new shop I am working so hard on and maybe share it around with your friends! Don’t forget, blog readers get 10% off all personalized pregnancy or birth announcements right now! Custom orders, no problem! (Coupon Code: MAMAS)

I promise, I will have something else to talk about eventually, right now, this is where I am focusing my attention and creativity and it makes me have a new sense of excitement.



That’s how I spent my weekend, how about you?