Beautiful Weekend in the Midwest

I had to work Saturday, so I didn’t get to spend that day with Peyton, but she had a blast with her Mama. We had some company stay the weekend, in the form of Kim’s step-sister and nephew. G is a little older than Peyton, but they played together just fine!

On Saturday afternoon, Kim took them all to Paradise Park. Its a great place for families to go for fun. Think Chuck-E-Cheez but cooler. We went there for the first time a few months ago with Peyton for my company family picnic. Kim has fell in love with it ever since. They have an arcade, bumper cars, a maze, and all sorts of concessions. I really enjoy the fact that they have a play place specifically for children who are not yet walking, or just learning to walk. 
This room if full of nothing but mats upon mats. Building blocks and a ball pit for the kids to play with. From what I hear, Peyton may still be too small to really enjoy it, but she climbed on things and knocked things over as you can see. 

There are all sorts of rooms in this Children’s Edutainment Center. This is the ‘dollhouse’ room. Its made up of all these wooden dollhouses and little pieces to play with. I didn’t take Peyton in that room the first time we had visited because I wasn’t sure the purpose for someone so little. It looks like its mostly just wooden blocks. I am sure she simply chewed on them.
That’s the other thing I love about this place. You can let your kid put anything in their mouth and when they are done, you put them up on a shelf to be cleaned for the next kid’s grubby hands and mouth. They are very sanitary conscious.

After the Paradise Park adventure, I hear the moms put the kids down for a nap and had a little time to relax. I got home after work and we had ribs for dinner, with baked potatoes and the fixins. I don’t care for spinach, but while feeding Peyton, I thought I might give her a little taste. She ate the crap out of it! After three small helpings, Kim told me to stop feeding it to her, because it would make her poop. And boy did it! The next morning, she had leafy green poop. Ridiculous!
In the morning, she and her cousin G played in the “Octagon” and watched Yo Gabba Gabba on Netflix. She has just now mastered the art of drinking out of a sippy cup, so she was very happy to drink all the Apple Juice that Mommy would give her!
When G and his mom went home Sunday morning, Peyton and I chilled out until the rain and the cold subsided. Then suddenly, it was a beautiful day! So, we went back to the park. Brace yourselves for the cuteness that is my daughter at the park. For the first time in the baby swing. She wouldn’t hold onto the chains on the side, so she kept toppling forward, but otherwise, she had a blast!

After the swing got old and the park started filling up with other people (Mommy is a bit stranger danger obsessed for herself. It’s an odd quirk. Can’t help it.) We moved back to the garden where we played last time and again, she was just as fascinated with the metal bench as she was before.

I can’t believe her hair is getting so thick and so light! She is so expressive and so independent  I still can’t believe she will be a year old in approximately 5 weeks! Anyway, after the park we went to the grocery store so I could get some quarters for the laundry. I hate having to do the laundry in the facility at the apartment complex! I swear they eat my money 95% of the time. 

She sure does love her Apple Juice and this is another sippy cup. She’s in love with her sippy cups and it makes transitioning away from formula so much easier. She is dependent on her bottle in some cases. Especially when we put her down for naps or bedtime, but for the most part, she is getting to eat puree or real food any other time of the day. 
Anyway, that was our weekend. We had a nice beautiful weather filled weekend. We spent time with family and hung out. We drove around in our new car and had a blast playing in the weather. I do so love the time I get to spend with her! At the end of this week, we will be making the 2 and half hour trip to my parents’ house and spending time with all our family on my side! 
They haven’t seen Peyton since she was approximately 6 months or so. Everyone is so excited to see her and I am excited to visit with them for the four days we will be there!
Take Care ❤

Perfect Weekend with Peyton

I have been working a ton of overtime this month. January is our busiest month and overtime is usually mandatory. But, since my promotion last month, I have the opportunity to put lots of moolah in my pocket with extra overtime. So, I have been working 12 hour days and raking in the money. This is not only because Peyton’s birthday is coming up, but Kim’s is also coming up, as well as we just got a new car loan approved.

So, Saturday was the first real day off I had in a long time and I decided to use it to spend some time with my favorite gal! Peyton and I let her Mama sleep in and we tip toed out of the apartment for some adventures in our new car and around the town.

We found ourselves at the library. Peyton’s first trip to the library was when she was a few weeks old. So this was her first REAL trip to the library. She and I walked into the library and she just squeaked. Our little one really does love books. So, we headed to the board books section and sat on the floor. We had quite a time picking out books and reading them. She just sat in my lap and I read the books to her. It was the most precious thing I have ever experienced.

She tried to read herself.
Then she decided she needed 7 more books from the shelf.

In the end, we checked out a few books that she could read in the car. Last thing I need is for her to put the books in her toy box and I will forget to take them back. So, her library books will stay in the car. They keep her quiet back there and she enjoys chewing on them. I can’t imagine its the most sanitary of things, but what are mothers supposed to do. Board books are for babies. Babies chew on things. Oh. Well.

After the library, we went to the park. Saturday was a beautiful day and Mommy is on a diet and weight loss plan. So, walking around the park was a great stroke of genius. She’s too small still to sit in the baby swing, because it has not straps to hold her in and I am afraid she’s too top heavy to keep herself in it. So, instead, we went to a pretty garden area and she played on a bench.

Oh, to be a young kid again, so that a metal bench would be so amusing. I swear, we sat there on that bench, playing and investigating every piece of it for at least 45 minutes. I turned Pandora on my phone and we listened to the music. She danced and played on that bench, while Mommy watched.

I can’t believe our little one is almost a year old. In 6 weeks, she will be 1 year old. I just don’t believe it. She is learning new things every day and she is doing new things every day. Her little personality is just growing and evolving. I can’t to see what this tiny person becomes when she is older. She is my very heart. I am so glad I got to spend this weekend with her!!
Take Care ❤