My Most Favorite Hobby

I have become quite the party planner. This is mostly thanks to Pinterest and other people’s brilliant ideas. Some of which I can execute, and some, I clearly cannot. It’s also thanks to my talent for getting great deals and spending my money on things that are needed very wisely.

My best friend turns 30 today. She is my very best friend. Really my own good friend left – at least where we live now. I have some friends from high school and my hometown that I still keep in contact with, but they don’t have the same spark as my best friend!

Anyway, her husband, her other best friend and I have been planning a Surprise party for her 30th birthday. A masquerade ball. I had so much fun planning this party! It was so well deserving for the birthday girl and I am so very glad we did it!


Red plastic tableclothes, black lace and centerpieces with thrift store vases, red and white glass marbles and rocks, and black and red feathers. Add touch with LED lights in the bottom for light, sitting on a circular mirror.

I needed a mommy night out and boy did I get one. If you know me personally, I don’t really drink. In fact, drunks induce something inside of me that causes me to be very upset. I’m told it stems from my childhood, but I was also a very crazy drinker in my teenage years, I’m pretty sure I still have flashbacks about the crazy things I did back then!

My friend hasn’t ever seen me drink. Hell, K has only seen me drunk once or twice and we have been together for ten years. I just don’t drink. My good friend has always wanted to see me drink, she’s said it more times than I can count in our friendship.

Well, last night she got her wish! I had four shots of I am not really sure, but it was all very cinnamon flavored and kind of delicious. I was pretty good and buzzed by the middle of the night. I had a few people asking me if I was driving home. Which I was, but I never would allow myself to lose my faculties enough to get too drunk to drive. I stopped drinking pretty early in the night and by the time the night was over I was more exhausted than anything! From all the dancing I did, I may have lost a good 10 pounds, HAHA!


The hostesses!

Needless to say, the party was a success and it may have been for my friend and she definitely deserved it, it was also for me. I met a lot of very nice people, mostly her other friends and family I had never met before. We all know I’m not the most social of people, so it was a change for me. I needed a night out. 


Cake and punch table


We ran out of tablecloths, so we improvised. Black lace in the center and a border of pictures of the birthday girl with friends and family!


There were three centerpieces. The middle vases and two side glasses on the ends with red and white marble and glass rocks and lit votive candles for extra lighting


150 balloons were blown up and placed all throughout the room. We had originally planned a photo wall, but the venue did not allow us to hang things on the wall.


They did however have hooks in the ceiling, so we strung up the 160 pictures of the birthday girl and draped them against the white walls for more decoration. She had a great time looking at all the pictures compiled from several Facebook pages!

As much as K drives me crazy some times, she is the best partner I could ask for. We ended up with no sitter last night, so she was unable to join me to the party, and had to stay home with Punky. I felt bad, because I am not sure why, but Punky has been doing a lot of yelling lately. AND, with my debit card getting stolen, we literally have no money until Friday.

So we ran out of coke and K was without caffeine for some time yesterday! A lot of time. So, of course, she’s got a toddler screaming and experimenting with yelling and a headache from caffeine with drawls. I wasn’t much help yesterday because I had to go to this party I was helping host. I really appreciate all she does for me! She’s my perfect match and I am just so darn thankful for her!

Anyway, I had my fun for the year and I’m glad we could celebrate my friend’s birthday with the best darn party ever! I really had a blast planning it and it’s become my most favorite hobby.