My Baby Toe Is Asleep

The Side-effects of Being Pregnant

Right now, the biggest issue I have is that my limbs keeping falling asleep. Not the numb, can’t feel them asleep, but the tingling, oh my good god, ridiculous asleep. From my toes to my fingers and everything in between, something is bound to fall asleep or stab me at any given moment.
Having a baby factory in my belly is not something I fully prepared for. I knew the basics, but no one really tells you about the weird shit your body goes through in the process.
The biggest thing I am concerned about right now is that I have to drive to my family reunion this weekend. The drive is about 2 and a half, three hours. That was before I became the pee machine. I can be wandering around the house, carrying on a conversation and all of a sudden “Oh, I have to pee.” It just comes on without any warning. Most of the side-effects to being pregnant are like that. Everything happens so suddenly, without warning, and without any real reason. With that said, my partner is sure that I will have to pee every five minutes and it will turn a 2 and half, three hour car ride into a six hour car ride.
I am also incredibly tired. Who knows at what time of day I might just decide I need a nap. I don’t know about anyone else, but there isn’t really a time that you can just go take a nap when you have a job. Most jobs don’t allow you to get up and walk around every hour or so. I admit, I would love to be able to, so if you have a job like that, please send me a link so I can apply. Haha. In the end, I generally go to work, come home around 9pm, eat dinner and go to bed. I don’t spend that much time with my partner, because I am just so exhausted. I wonder how this particular side-effect with come into play on drive to my family reunion.
Oh the horror of Acid Reflux. Let me tell you now that this stuff is terrible. I cannot eat Chipotle or Taco Bell with massive vomiting, but anything else, especially, my beloved fruit juices cause me to be up for hours at ridiculous hours of the night with acid reflux. This acid that builds up and sits at the back of my throat. It threatens to come pouring out and yet it never does. Instead, I sit in my bed, wishing to all the gods that I could vomit, with absolutely no success. I have discovered a fantastic thing that helps with it though. I went to the Health Food Market and found Chewable Papaya Tablets. They are just little tablets that you chew after a meal and all is better. I’m told that I should not eat TUMS and its likely just another thing on the growing list of PREGNANT WOMAN SHOULD NOT EAT, DRINK, TOUCH, SMELL, HEAR, FEEL LIST, but I don’t really wanna chance it. So, instead, I will stick with the all natural Papaya Tablets. I am recommending these to everyone!
I am sure that none of my ‘side-effects’ are any different or more difficult than anyone else’s and I love reading other mommy blogs, because it makes me realize I am not alone, thank goodness! So, we are on week 7 and I am so excited to get out there and start shopping, but I will restrain myself. People say you should always wait to do all that until you are passed the 3 month mark. So for now, I will keep shopping for a bigger place to live!