Happy Birthday To Me!

I’m 29 today. I don’t write this post because it’s my birthday though. It’s just the time I decided it was update day! LOL.

Today was a pretty awesome day, though. My team at work decorated my desk and brought in lots of yummy food to eat. My best friend and her husband got me a sewing machine (That I really, really wanted and don’t know how to use!). K got me a necklace of a baby handprint and Punky’s birthstone and Punky bought me an awesome purse from Thailand (Etsy) LOL. All in all, it was an awesome day!

I also interviewed for the supervisor position at work. I’m hoping I did a good job. I’m pretty anxious about it. It would mean more responsibility at work, different hours, and likely a different dynamic at home; but it also means I would be making more money and would have more time during the day to spend with my family!

So wish me luck that I made a good impression!

I have been going on a calendar full of playdates. Anyone who knows me personally, knows that a damn big deal. I have a pretty difficult time meeting new people, so getting out there and meeting new moms and hanging out has been a challenge, but I am so glad I did it. Not only for Punky, but for me. I am meeting all sorts of fun new moms and they are generally nice and such a hoot. We parent all in our own way, but I have never felt out of place or judged and in the world we live in with Mommy Wars, I am blessed.



I have been helping plan a baby shower for a little guy due in July, I believe. I made a banner and some invitations and cupcake toppers. They are all just adorable, I think.


Speaking of making things, my Etsy shop was featured by Aela of Two Moms Make A Right. You can see the feature here on her Babble blog! It the 10 best Baby Shower Invites for LGBT couples. I was so grateful and excited to have the opportunity to be featured.


So basically, this week has been pretty darn awesome! Hope everyone is having a grand week so far! Happy Wednesday! I’m now off to pin every sewing pin I can find on Pintrest!