Favorites Friday

Before I found out I was pregnant, in fact, before I started trying to get pregnant, I didn’t really think about blogs. I didn’t really think about having a blog or reading a blog. Now, its a sick obsession that I just can’t stop doing. Its an easy way to fill the time and I love all the women on my side bar that have been listed and read them as religiously as possible.

The pictures and the words and even the comments from other readers are something I just can’t get enough of. So, here is a list of things I have learned, printed, and put in the “What to Expect Pregnancy Organizer and Journal” for future use.

  1. Stay away from Google and WebMD – (for obvious reasons)
  2. The Hospital Checklist – (full of stuff I never would have thought about)
  3. The Great Registry Tip List (broken into must have down to total luxury items)
  4. The Must Have First Photo List – (awesome with pics of her own kids’ first photos)
  5. Calming Labor and Delivery Fears – (This podcast is great to pass the time and so personable)

My mom is three hours away, my sister has other stuff going on, so while I have a mother-in-law and other people in the area that have been helping me out, sometimes, I don’t want face to face advice. I want to sit at my computer, read through perfect strangers’ ideas and tips and just print them off for future use. I am sure I will come across more stuff, but for now, these are things that I have found helpful this week. 🙂