Sneak Peek of Some Decor of Peyton’s Birthday!

I finally got on the ball and started putting things together. I got her invitations made and will be mailing them out. We did hand deliver most of them today, so I feel like we can share what they look like now! I am so freaking proud of the design of these.



I also have lots of awesome ideas for food, but that will have to be posted when we actually take pictures of the party. I do have  her first birthday poster, I need to get a frame for it.



We also have made these for party favors. I am going to be making my own bag topper for them, but this is what they looked like on Pintrest. Bumpy Jelly Beans are in season for Easter and they make great Dr. Seuss-like seeds for the trees.



I have this book for people to sign and write messages to Punky in. I will still need to make the poster to go with it to make sure to instruct people what the book is for.


I have gathered the materials for the dress that she will have for her first birthday photo shoot and/or for her party, I haven’t decided if she will wear it for her party. Probably not, because it’s really not practical for her to play in and be comfortable!

dress 1

What’s left to make?

  1. Pictures Banner and/or Collage (I can’t decide!)
  2. Sign for Birthday Messages Book
  3. Bag Topper for Truffula Tree Seeds
  4. Truffula Trees
  5. Labels for the food
  6. Dr. Seuss Wonky Sign for the door

What’s left to do?

  1. Mail out invitations
  2. Pay for the club house space
  3. Get count for cake pops
  4. Get her first birthday pictures done


Wish me luck, we have a ton left to do and 2 weeks to go!