Riding In Cars With Babies

So, today we embark on a long road trip. We are going to visit my family about three hours away. Not so long a road trip for most people, but it is kind of a long trip for me. Especially at the price of gas right now.

Gas prices are another subject altogether though. I am not writing about gas prices. I am writing about taking my almost 5 month old daughter on a 3 hour car ride today.

See, when I was pregnant, I had to pee a lot. So, when we went on this car ride, we were sure that I would have to stop the car and pee every hour and the three hours would triple to like nine or something. That didn’t happen, baby Peyton in the womb was very kind to me and never made me stop the car to pee.

Peyton is the Princess

I have a feeling, baby Peyton, now the tiny ruler of the universe, will not be so happy to oblige. Let me tell you why I think this:

When the car is going, Peyton is happy. If the car stops for any reason, she screams. If a fast paced song comes on the radio, she screams. If the sun gets in her face, she screams. If the bass is too much for her (AKA rap or hip hop), she screams. If she is bored, she screams.

Fun, right?

This is her “Do What I Say” face.

So, I have tried to be prepared. However, packing for my 5 month old tends to also be a chore. We will be out of town for 4 days. This means she has her own bag full of outfits and onesies. She can’t share the same suitcase as her Mommies and she certainly can’t fit her clothes, books, and toys in the diaper bag. The diaper bag has all the ‘just in case’ medicine, diapers, super awesome wipes, formula and several extra bottles.

Yes, I realize my daughter is … kind of spoiled.

No more pictures!!

I’m not worried about that. What I am worried about is getting to her many toys and such while I am driving. I am not sure if her Mama will be in the back seat with her or sleeping in the front seat with me. That is something we have yet to discuss.

So, for the time being, I have two toys attached to her car seat – they are a big bouncing pink pig that makes music when she pulls on it and Darwin the monkey. Why is the monkey so important?

He has a mirror on his belly.

Why is this important?

The mirror holds her best friend. That girl in the mirror that cracks her up!

That girl in the mirror has a Grammy too!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I will see the family I will see while we are in town.

Take Care ❤

Can’t wait to see Uncle Cody again! We can share a bite of astronaut!