Our First Christmas With Peyton

We laid my partner’s grandmother to rest today. The funeral was beautiful and the ceremony was just what she would have liked. Lots of crying, hugs, and emotionally drained drives later, we are at home, reflecting on the last few days. The sad loss of a grandparent, but the great time we had as a family of three for the first time for Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, we gathered with the huge family that is Kim’s side of the family at her grandfather’s home. It was a bittersweet moment, realizing that her grandmother was not in the chair she always sat in. Her  familiar hug was not available. Her smile was not there to brighten the room. It was nice to have us surrounded by family, and Peyton got to play with her cousins that she hasn’t had near enough time lately to play with.
Playing with her 2 year old cousin.
Being held by a family member and poking at her cousin whose a few months younger than her.
Now that Peyton is getting a personality, its great to see her interact with other babies and kids. She freaking loves older kids, she just giggles and dances around them. With babies her own age, she just pokes them in the eye or tries to steal their binky. She doesn’t even take a binky and she steals theirs in a heartbeat and sticks it in her mouth. Its so weird.
On Christmas, we woke up bright and early and got under the tree for presents from Santa and her mommies. Right now, she is too young to have to worry about the introduction of what other people think Christmas is about, our family is just celebrating the holiday and the tradition. Peyton didn’t really care for unwrapping presents, but once she saw a new toy inside, she was all about getting it in her hands. Here are two of my favorite, unwrapping presents moments.
Later in the day, we took her over to her Papa and Mimi’s house. Kim’s dad and step-mom went crazy with the presents and it was awesome to see. We just got back in touch with them and I am so glad that we did. That side of her family is just another extension of the love and beauty of Kim’s family. More great people to love Peyton with everything in their hearts.

Eating a block in the kitchen floor.
Double trouble in a wagon. She wanted in the cabinets, he wanted her out of his wagon.
Peyton starting cruising all over the house, starting here. 

So, we may have laid a great woman to rest today, but we had a nice first Christmas as a family as well. I go back to work tomorrow, so that should be interesting. I have been out of work for 8 days. I don’t know if I am ready to go back to work or not, but I’m going! 
Christmas is over and New Year is upon us. Can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for our little family.
Take Care ❤