Our First Halloween with Peyton

So, this will be a tiny little post, mostly full of pictures, but Peyton was so cute in her Halloween costume. We had a Halloween party at her grandmother’s house for all the grand kids last Saturday. We won’t be dressing her up and Trick or Treating. People asked me why we weren’t taking her out and there are several reasons. 1. Because its too cold to take her out. 2. I don’t want to be that mom wheeling up my 8 month old and asking for candy she can’t even eat!


Who would have thought we would be celebrating so many firsts!? The time goes so quickly. Just yesterday I was thinking about how our baby will be a year old in just a few short FOUR months. Jeez. And just think, last Halloween she was dressed up like this:

I am 22 weeks pregnant last Halloween. Seems like a lifetime ago!

But anyway, I thought I would post some pictures of the cuteness that is Peyton in her very first Halloween costume. We will be saving it in her memory box for her first year items, pictures, and letters.

And of course, here’s a picture of Mommy on Halloween at work.  
Happy Halloween everyone, be safe and have fun!!