Motherhood Is Full of S**t

From the title, you can tell, I am really trying to curb my mouth a bit. When I was pregnant I cussed like a sailor so much that K swore that our daughter was going to come out the spawn of Satan. Heh.

Anyway, we are dealing with a teething, sickly, puny kiddo right now. While I do so love when she wants to cuddle with me, I hate to see her so yucky feeling. I’m about to give a lot of gory, baby grossness, please be warned! I have learned that since I have become a mother, I am obsessed with bodily functions and they don’t phase me like they once did!


When she turned one last month we moved her from formula to 2% milk. When we went to her one year check up the doctor said to use 2% or whole milk. Our WIC office gave us checks for Whole milk, so I didn’t think anything about it, just switched her to whole milk.

Shortly after we switched it, she started getting really bad diarrhea. I thought maybe it was just her body working out the kinks to the change, so we continued the milk for about a week. We did stop the milk last week and she hasn’t had any milk. We thought she might be intolerant to dairy, but she has no problems with cheese and the 2% was fine.

Now, we are 2 weeks past the change in milk and she’s still got watery poops! We are wading in smellier than normal blow outs. She goes through 3-5 pairs of pants a day and my poor K is on diaper duty all day long. I feel terrible for her. Yesterday, she called me at work and said she had changed 3 watery poop diapers in 15 minutes. We decided it was time to see the doctor.

I called the office, we have such an awesome pediatrician’s office, they got her right in on my lunch break. When I took her in, she looked fine. She’s still eating and drinking. She still plays and climbs and doesn’t look or feel sick. She’s just exploding her weight in poops.


The doctor says it could be a million different reasons why she has had this diarrhea for so long, so we would not have any real diagnosis. However, she probably did have an intolerance to the Whole milk, some babies just can’t stomach the Whole milk, and we needed to go back to 2% milk and water only. She told us to cut off the juice.

(And it might be a good idea for her to stop eating mud and flowers. I totally don’t think that’s the problem, but I just had to show these pictures, to bring some brightness to the poop discussion!)

529187_10151865828819148_1937483331_n 485247_10151878103029148_2008347628_n

Doctor mentioned that she has been voiding so much that her gut is probably void of the good bacteria, so she told me to go get Probiotics over the counter at the pharmacy and put the powder in her sippy cup. If that didn’t clear things up, which the doctor seems to think it will, we would have to start collecting ….. poop samples?! Oh good grief.

The doctor said she would call and check up on us on Friday morning. That’s one thing I love about her doctor’s office. I swear, they are always checking on us and making sure that K and I are doing alright, as well as Punky. Their waiting room is so inviting and their exam rooms are awesome. I just love this office. A pair of new mommies couldn’t ask for a better office.

If Punky is still exploding out the pooper on Friday, we will have to use this kit she gave me to collect samples. Lucky me, I’m off on Friday. Guess which Mommy gets this job, LOL. I can’t complain. I’m not the one currently at home changing the million soupy diapers every five minutes. If we have to get collections, they will be testing for E-coli and Rotovirus. Doctor mentioned that it is possible that she has Rotovirus. Poor kid!

So, I am sure this post was full of a lot of TMI, but that’s what is going on in our world. We are wading in diapers full of soupy poop. Punky’s back molars are coming in and I know she’s teething too, so that can’t be helping with the other issues, but on the bright side, she’s not running a fever and she’s still pretty active for a sickly one. Her little booty is raw and sore to the touch though!


Also, for anyone who was wondering about the amber teething necklaces, we got Punky one about a month ago and she’s been wearing it non-stop except for bath time. Her back molar is almost completely out and until recently, we didn’t even know there was a tooth coming in. I like to say this is a successful tool for teething then! I got our necklace for pretty good price on a shop at Etsy, One Alaskan Mama, the woman was pretty awesome with turnaround time and I am happy to recommend her shop for these necklaces!