Etsy Digital Designers Baby Shower HOP!

baby shower logo

For the month of July, the DigitalDesigers Team on Etsy was tasked with a fantastic promotional piece. We are all doing something with the theme of “Virtual Baby Shower”.

I know a lot of you Mamas out there are either trying to conceive, pregnant, or close to popping! This is a great thing for all of you!

So, from July 12-19 the hop will be basically allowing you to bounce around and grab up free gifts from our participating designers! Let me tell you, they are all fabulous and so very talented digital designers!

I’m currently offering a set of printables to go with your “Little Man Baby Shower” The colors will be yellow and grey. Here’s a preview of the invitation, for sale in my shop right now, if you would like it. Also, if you decide that these are not the colors you are looking for, you can also convo me on my Etsy shop for custom invitations and/or printables! (Custom orders are not free)


For purchase at Events You Can Print – on Etsy

Now for the free stuff!! Who doesn’t love free stuff! I know I do! It’s Christmas in July, ladies and gentlemen!’

Check out my Shop’s Facebook page for great coupons and freebie promotions later next month!


What you get?

  • 1 Little Man Banner
  • 2 sheets of Cupcake Toppers
  • 1 Sign for Favors Table
  • 1 Sheet Argyle Sweaters and Bowties for Favor bags

These next pieces were not used in the baby shower I hosted with this bundle. So they are extra special and free for you to use!

  • 1 sheet of 12 miniature chocolate bar wrappers
  • 1 sheet of 5 water bottle labels
  • 4X6 “Wishes For Baby” card
  • Little Man Gift Bingo

Check out how we used these in a baby shower just a few weeks ago!


Your bowties for the bags will be smaller and say “Thank You” on them. We accidentally used the wrong ones! These bowties were for the photobooth props!


cupcake toppers


The banners and cupcake toppers in the downloads will not have the Lincoln ones included. Only the Little Man variety.

Let’s see what you can do with them! I’d love to see pictures of your own party and how it turns out!!

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Making Jewelry Again

I used to make jewelry before I got pregnant. In June of last year when we found out I was pregnant, I got more focused on my pregnancy and put my Etsy shop on the back burner. Really, I didn’t know how I was going to manage my doctor’s visits, reading up on pregnancy and “What to Expect When You Are Expecting” to also have time for making jewelry.

However, I did really love doing it. I have recently decided that I have a lot of extra supplies – beads, thread, hemp, wire – you name it, I have it. I think I want to start making jewelry again. So, I started with this:

The lighting is crap, but the silver letters are beautiful and dangle like a wonderful little charm bracelet should. I attached some crystal beads in rainbow colors, because Peyton has too mommies. Kim wouldn’t be interested in wearing a charm bracelet, especially not something this girlie, but I am thinking about doing something with leather for her. Still, she’s not really interested in jewelry, so we shall see!
Right now, I am trying to find time to make things in between naps on the weekends when Peyton is asleep. Unfortunately, I do still have a full-time job. I used to do my jewelry making at my desk, but that has since been stopped by management, for the entire call center. Of course, I am a Senior now, so I don’t usually have time for such things. I have been making lanyards for people at work for over a year now, but I think I will go back to making rings, bracelets, and earrings.
I just learned how to make the Peruvian Earrings, which are going to be AWESOME. I just have to get the coils right. I am excited to start making things again.Anyway, I am getting really into the jewelry again and have lots of plans to make plenty more. When my Etsy shop gets turned back on, I will be sure to let people know!
Take care.