Dealing with Sad News for our Family

I love that no matter the mood of the room, the emotions of other people – Peyton makes everyone smile. She calms me and makes me feel lighter when the world feels like its on our shoulders. Two days ago, we found out that Kim’s grandmother is failing in health. She has been moved to Hospice and the family is waiting for her to pass away.

50th Anniversary Party

I have known this woman for 10 years. She has been the rock of Kim’s family their entire lives and I feel as though I have had her in my life since day 1. She is a special person. A person of excellent love and compassion for others. She has lived a long life of love and laughter, sorrows and sadness. The one thing I will always remember and love about her, is the day she took me in her arms that very first day she accepted me into the family.

She didn’t have to accept me. I am not blood and I am not married to Kim. She didn’t have to hug me and welcome me with open arms. When we are in a relationship that some families don’t approve of, that some families are upset about, it can be complicated when family is involved. She didn’t make it complicated.

Kim’s grandmother was the glue that held this family together. A family that I am proud of be a part of. My extended family when my own family is not able to be here with me. I love each and every one of them and I am so thankful to have them in my life. Each of them, her grandmother included has accepted me and our daughter Peyton as family no matter how much blood is not shared between us. The bonds will always be there.

Peyton meeting great-grandma for the first time.

I sit here by the phone, waiting for the call. A few hours of calm and then the flood of tears as I remember that we are going to be losing someone very shortly. Our time with her is incredibly short and yet the memories are long-lasting.

I’m so glad to have Peyton with me right now, because when I am sad and upset, I can pull her up in my arms and hug her tight. Her babbles and her kisses can make me smile again. It saddens me that she won’t get to know her great-grandmother in the way I do. However, I will promise to teach our daughter to love as her great-grandmother loved. Unconditionally and with judgement.

Here’s a goodbye and a goodnight, Benita Gilio. I love you. I cherish our time together. You are a special kind of person and I hope you find your peace sooner rather than later, because I can’t bear to see you going through this right now.

Take Care ❤