Day In The Life of Punky – 22 months

The last time I did a Day In The Life was when Punky was 7 months ago. I do so love to do these. I did her daily chronology since she’s been little bitty at 4 months, 6 months, and 15 months. I love to see the changes in the daily life of our kiddo. It’s so fun to look back at them and see how much she has changed and grown.

** As always, for newer readers, please excuse the state of my cluttered, lived in home and know that time stamps are on the pictures but it doesn’t mean she’s literally doing the action from one picture to another. I usually get distracted and she gets moving faster!


8:12 AM: We started  out in a great mood this morning.


8:17AM: In true Punky fashion lately, her switch was flipped from happy to cranky in only a short moment. She sat on the potty while I ran her bath water. This is a normal thing for us, but she usually takes her bath at night, but we were headed to the doctor’s office this morning.


8:22AM: She was not having the bath! She loves baths. Once again, my Punky is asserting her upset twice in the span of 10 minutes. I know – it astonishes me too!


8:34AM: We had a short respite from anger while eating a little oatmeal pouch for breakfast, drinking milk and hanging with the Giggle Bellies.


8:40AM: She brushed her teeth without complaint. It was great to have a small moment of good mood. Brushing teeth was her favorite time of day, along with bath, which we had a problem with bath, but yay brushing teeth!


8:45AM: We had a small meltdown again when we tried to get her shoes on. She snatched the shoe out of my hand and tried her best to get the shoe on her foot, with no luck. She was super irritated with me, but we finally got her shoes on.


8:57AM: Guess what, I have no idea what she was pissed about, but we got in the car and on the way to the doctor’s appointment. Another spontaneous tantrum.


9:09AM: Exploring the doctor’s office waiting area seemed to be allow her to be less irritated. SO, she climbed all over the chairs, and it wasn’t any time before the nurse called us back.


9:16AM: She got to sit pretty on the scale and got weighed. She was 29.7 pounds today. Then she didn’t want to get off the scale at all. I knew were were at the doctor’s office, so I let her do whatever she wanted, since she was surely going to be unhappy soon – with reason.


9:56AM: After a quick look-see with the nurse and doctor, it was not so awesome when we learned we would have to get a ‘urine sample’. Hm. This Mommy was trying to figure out how we would accomplish this and KNOWING this wouldn’t go very well. By the time this picture was taken, she had the urine bag attached to her “no no area” with sticky stuff! She was pissed.

Then I was instructed to have her drink as much as possible. If she didn’t pee in this bag, we were going to have to give her a catheter. I was not able to take a picture to illustrate just what a train wreck attaching that bag was, but let me tell you – I most certainly wasn’t looking forward any kind of catheter situation with my sweet, temperamental toddler.


9:57AM: And this is how well that went. For the girl who has been sucking down her sippys at record speed, she decided this was the moment, she wanted nothing to do with that cup. I did coax her to drink a bit, but it was nothing like what I was hoping for and the whole time, I was very much dreading the likely hood of a catheter.

****I have a picture of the pee in the bag, but only to show her Mama the strangeness of a bag hanging out between our kid’s legs. I’m not showing that on the blog. Rest assured, no catheter was needed and she did in fact pee in that bag, beyond all odds****


10:02AM: This is how she felt about having that bag removed. I can’t imagine how that felt. A very ‘super sticky’ bag stuck down there and then being removed. I would feel violated too! Poor kid.


10:06AM: She had another meltdown for a good five minutes while we waited for her pee analysis. By the time she calmed down, the doctor came back in and she freaked out again. Basically, she’s fine.

So, the doctor was concerned about her sugar levels or a UTI, given her excessive drinking and peeing and it turns out her urine is fine. She is physically fine. She’s just almost two. Which means she started the “TWOS” two months early and I suppose I’m happy that’s all it is!


10:27AM: To make it up to her for basically wasting both our time and putting her through violation of her private areas – I took her to Smallcakes. It’s a cupcake shop. I think it was a success.



10:57AM: When we got home, she hung out in her room, just in time to catch a little Yo Gabba Gabba and silly faces. She made that face without prompting. I think she was telling me how she felt about the procedures she had just endured this morning.


12:16PM: I’m not sure what she did in her room up until this point. I got distracted and she was quiet. But, she came out to check on me around 1-ish and approved the new header of the blog. That I spent at least an hour on. Perhaps that’s why I was distracted!


1:03PM: She found it very amusing to be taking a nap. Every time I end up looking at her room, it just makes me sad that she pulled her star fabric off the wall and I don’t have nails to put it back up!


5:07AM: Punky took a good 2-3 hour nap and went back into toddler mode. I decided when it was time to do laundry, I would take her with me. She’s such a good little helper. I took her to the laundry room in our apartment complex, which took a good 15 minutes to get there, because we do have go up 2 flights of stairs and down 2 flights of stairs. The toddler likes to take her time.


5:18PM: Just a little moment with the cat. Let’s just mention that Kitten is the most anti-social cat I have ever met in my life. She doesn’t let anyone touch her except for Kim. The entire first 2 years we had her, I wasn’t allowed to touch her at all. So, when Punky comes over and tries to mess with her, its usually bad news. But, when the kid cries, Kitten is all over it. **PS, that’s not the cat’s blog name, that’s her actual name, because Kim and I flaked on naming her.**


7:10PM: Dinner of tortellini and garlic bread with a side of juice box and Giggle Bellies. Hence the very big smile. ALSO, she’s been eating more. Thank goodness – there for a minute, I thought we were going to have a toddler that was fueled by cookies and crackers forever!

We’ve taken to not looking her directly in the eyes during dinner time, to hopefully prolong the idea of eating things that are actually good for her. So far, if we don’t engage the beast, she eats a good portion of her dinner.


7:38PM: I took Miss Punky back to the laundry room in our apartment building to pick up the last bit of laundry from the dryer. She loves to pull the clothes out of the dryer and put it in the basket. We had a small meltdown when Mommy’s jeans got stuck and she couldn’t pull it out. Once I pulled it to start and loosened it up, she was happy as a lark.


8:10PM: Jumping on Mommy’s bed before bedtime. This is a normal bedtime routine since she was teeny tiny. Love it! Every night it’s something we all do as a family, tickles and jumping on the bed.


8:32PM: And this is when our night ends. Bedtime. Laying down with monkey and her sippy. And the start of Mommy’s quiet time to take time to write this.

So, what do your kids do all day?? Have you thought about documenting their movements throughout the day? It really is pretty fun and sort of enlightening. It also shows the growth and change in her each new time I do this!

A Day In The Life of Punky – 15 months old

So the last time I did one of these posts was nearly 9 months ago on Punky’s half birthday. So much has changed in that time! Get ready for a photo intense post.

Please excuse the mess of my living room. This kid literally drags out all her toys and makes sure there is no shortage of fishes, crackers, and cookie crumbs on our floor.

I put time stamps on these pictures, but just know that sometimes she’s not literally doing the current picture to the next one. Sometimes I got distracted and she moves faster than I can really capture in real time.

These are pretty much unedited as far as pictures go. And some may be blurry – blame it on the very fast movements of my toddler and the slowness of my camera to keep up!

2013-06-28 22.26.36

10:26 AM – I had been up enjoying a little Facebook since 8AM but then a heard a squeak from Punky’s room. I opened the door to this, dancing and adorable little one.

2013-06-28 22.27.18

10:27AM – We laid on the spare bed in her bedroom and changed her diaper. At the time, that diaper did in fact make her butt look big.

2013-06-28 22.31.46

10:31AM – After getting a nice clean booty, we headed into the living room (AKA Punky’s playroom) to get some breakfast in the form of a cereal bar and a sippy of milk.

2013-06-28 22.50.42

10:50 AM – Mommy gets some breakfast too and sits down to check on Facebook stuff. Punky takes the time to eat her cereal bar and watch a little Kai Lan on Nick Jr.

2013-06-28 23.18.40

11:18 AM – Mommy had to go to the bathroom which means Punky must accompany her! Look, her very own potty to sit on.

2013-06-28 23.18.46

I had to share this picture too, she’s so happy to be sitting on her potty and she started laughing and clapping. Oh, the fun we have in the bathroom …..

2013-06-28 23.25.41

11:25 AM – Mommy thought she might get in a little Sims 3 time while the toddler played with her toys. She’s so independent when it comes to playing. She had to come show me her sunglasses though! She can now put them on all by herself.

2013-06-28 23.25.47

When I told her they were on upside down, she basically looked at me like I was the weirdo.

2013-06-28 23.29.35

11:29 AM – Punky moved on from sunglasses to playing with her activity cube that her aunt and uncle got her for her birthday. It may be on it’s side, but she loves it.

2013-06-28 23.46.06

11:43AM – Of course, in the world of toddlers, one activity doesn’t last very long. Soon enough she has moved from activity cube to riding her horse through the land of the Fresh Beat Band.

2013-06-29 00.07.45

12:07 PM – I turn around from my Sims 3 and find that Punky thinks this blue ring might make an excellent ankle bracelet. She does try so very hard to shove it around her foot. Without much success, but lots of laughs from Mommy.

2013-06-29 00.18.46

12:18 PM – She moves quickly to her flash cards. I’m surprised that most of them are still in tact. Some of them are not, but most of them are still in tact and she loves looking at them.

2013-06-29 00.41.47

12:41 PM – Taking a sip of Mommy’s Cola before naptime. I don’t actually think she got any, but she did want a sip, there wasn’t much left, so I let her get a sip. I’m pretty sure she thinks this is the coolest thing ever, to get to drink out of a can.

2013-06-29 00.43.44

12:43 PM – I muttered the word Nap and she let that non-existant Cola fuel her flight from me! She took off and headed up the couch in her escape. Little did she know that I was faster and there isn’t really any way out from UP.

2013-06-29 01.02.09

1:02 PM – A quick run around the living room and a diaper change later, we refueled her sippy cup and headed off to her bedroom for a nap. She laid there and was not at all thrilled, see how she threw her baby off to the side. I knew she was going to fight the nap.

2013-06-29 01.51.52

1:51 PM – She sensed her Mama woke up around 1:30 PM and thought it would be a brilliant idea to squeal until she came and got her out of bed. Mommy was not agreeable to this, and by the look on Punky’s face, she knows who won!

2013-06-29 01.55.42

1:55 PM – Upon being told that she should really still be napping and shouldn’t be up yet, she decided to charm Mommy with a nice little game of Peek-A-Boo around the laptop!

2013-06-29 01.55.46

1:55 PM – After she knew she had engaged me in a nice game – she gave me a cute cheeky smile and I knew she was definitely staying up until she felt like going to sleep.

2013-06-29 02.17.20

2:17 PM – Once she got Mommy’s go ahead to stay awake, we played “Capture the Kid On Camera” for a good 10 minutes, this was the best shot I got.

2013-06-29 02.18.11

2:18 PM – Once she took the sunglasses off, she decided to inspect one of the holes in my laptop. Just some hole for her to stick her finger in.

2013-06-29 02.18.16

She also took that same finger and wanted to make sure I knew where her “Eye” is. She is so cute when she says it and then pokes herself right in the eye.

2013-06-29 02.27.28

2:27 PM – Punky took it upon herself to sit in the middle of all her toys and play with the big spinning toy that makes animal noises. She could be heard saying “Bzzz” and “Oo, Oo”

2013-06-29 02.57.10

2:52 PM – Punky and Mama attempted to reach Grammy and Papa via Skype. They just live across town, but we thought maybe a little phone call on the computer was in order. Sometimes, I wish my mom had internet so we could Skype, she lives much farther away.

2013-06-29 02.57.41

2:57 PM – Punky finds it hilarious to see Grammy and Papa in the computer. Got ahold of Grammy and played peek-a-boo, we blew some kisses, and sang some songs with her and Papa.

2013-06-29 03.38.31

3:38 PM – HIt her head on something and went to her Mama and sippy for comfort before going back and doing it again.

2013-06-29 03.37.40

3:37 PM – Still going strong without a nap. A good “Jack and the Neverland Pirate” episode that made both baby and Mommy sing and dance along with the kid pirates.

2013-06-29 03.46.00

3:46 PM – Talented little one is going to ride her rocking horse backwards. I am just waiting for a toddler to fall into a gate and go boom!

2013-06-29 03.46.26

Shortly after being unsuccessful at riding her rocking horse backwards, Punky thought she might like to hang out with Mommy on the couch. That required her to climb. Her most favorite thing to do.

2013-06-29 03.47.39

3:47 PM – She tried a few different tactics to get up on the couch, including this interesting little roll to get up on the couch.

2013-06-29 03.51.53

3:51 PM – Punky made it up there, but it wasn’t to hang out with Mommy. She just wanted to hang out on the recliner of my couch seat. But, just having her close was good enough for Mommy.

2013-06-29 04.47.05

4:47 PM – Around 4 ish, Mommy and baby got in our swimsuits and took a little dip in the pool. She was not thrilled to come back inside, but I got to snap a little picture before we changed her out of her wet suit.

2013-06-29 04.50.13

4:40 PM – When we got back in the bedroom to change her out of her clothes, she was very much ready to get out of them, rolling around in the towel.

5:09 PM – Instead of being backwards, she will just watch her Disney Jr. backwards on her rocking horse.

2013-06-29 05.37.35

5:37 PM – Since today was a no naptime day, I am starting to see the first inklings of sleepy Punky! She is rubbing her eyes and getting all cranky!

2013-06-29 05.38.26

5:38 PM – She thought she might just rest her head on the recliner of the couch for just a moment .. I thought maybe she might fall asleep. Not my kid – she never really sleeps anywhere but her bed!

2013-06-29 05.39.18

5:39 PM – Instead, she chose to do something like baby yoga on the couch recliner. I am not really sure what she’s doing to be honest. …

2013-06-29 05.39.36

5:40 PM – Oh, nope, she just thought she might rest her head a minute before standing up and dancing on the recliner of the couch. She is determined to fall and bust her head open, definitely trying to give Mommy a heart attack.

2013-06-29 06.12.58

6:12 PM – I stopped taking pictures for a moment and when I looked up, there she was – hanging out on the toybox. Like she doesn’t have enough toys on the floor, now she wants to play with the blocks on the top.

2013-06-29 06.22.44

6:22 PM – Punky got scooped up by her Mama and they played in the spinning office chair for a bit. Up and down, back and forth. She was a giggly little one by the end of this session. This is the clearest picture I got.

2013-06-29 06.26.46

6:26 PM – The next three pictures are really all the same time frame. Our child decided it might be fun to roll around on the couch. She moved from this position …

2013-06-29 06.26.56

To this one .. I’m not sure what she’s looking at on the ceiling. From here ….

2013-06-29 06.27.03

She moved to this one for half a second. This kid is always on the move. It didn’t really last long on the couch, but it was fun to watch her flip around and roll from one position to the next.

2013-6-29 06.38.37

6:38 PM – She found one of her very old binkies in her toybox where she likely threw it .. or hid it .. for future days – like now. She never really took a binky, so it’s always surprising to me when she sticks it in her mouth. Of course, she had in in backwards before this shot.

2013-06-29 06.51.04

6:51 PM – Mama made a delicious Italian Spaghetti dish. This munchkin chowed down on the noodles. We thought about using utensils, but when I put them in her hands, she looks at me like I’m dumb and tends to fling food onto our carpet.

2013-06-29 06.55.44

6:55 PM – We took her shirt off for this dinner, there was no need for her white shirt getting all ruined. It’s not like we have a washing machine in our apartment!

2013-06-29 19.35.29

7:35PM – After dinner we took the rocking horse for a ride. Sitting on it properly.

Around 7:40 PM when she was done eating, my camera decided it needed to be charged! For real?!

Charged up the camera and then it was time for the bedtime routine to commence.

2013-06-29 08.09.25

8:09 PM – Let’s play a little peek-a-boo before the bedtime diaper change. She gets so darn squirrely towards the end of her day. This is pretty darn good for no nap!

2013-06-29 08.09.47

8:11 PM – After diaper change and all is good, she goes straight for Mama for playtime and reading. This is how we start our bedtime routine, since she just learned how to climb up onto the bed all by herself!

2013-06-29 08.10.00

8:11 PM – This is her “I’m gonna get my Mama” face. She thinks she’s sneaky, but we can all see that Mama is watching her closely. She’s all knees and elbows flying everywhere right now!

2013-06-29 08.10.44

8:12 PM – She settles in for a nice book and a tug on Horton’s nose. She loves this book. It makes her giggle when I tickle her face with the nose.

2013-06-29 08.12.54

8:13 PM – We asked her where Horton’s eyes were, she likes to poke him, pretty violently with those little fingers and giggle. I am not sure if I should be concerned yet.

2013-06-29 08.14.07

8:14 PM – We moved on to her newspaper. This is a great little toy that I found at a local book store. She can learn all the animals and sounds. So far she can point out the horse and the cow. She can also tell me where her shirt and her pants are from playing with this newspaper. And, she learned how to say “Ball” from this little gem.

2013-06-29 08.16.59

8:16 PM – Mommy thought her hair was too long for this little friend – but that stray hair just made an appearance tonight and decided to hang out with us for bedtime.

2013-06-29 08.24.45

8:24 PM – After much reading of the newspaper and jumping on the bed, it was time to start tickles and wrestling with Mama. This is pretty much one of her favorite things to do. AND if she was still full of energy, after her Mama gets done with her, she is exhausted.

2013-06-29 08.25.05

8:25 PM – No bedtime playtime could be complete without Punky being turned upside down and tickled at least three times.

2013-06-29 08.27.38

8:27 PM – I asked her where her tongue is and she chose to show me her Mama’s tongue instead. I’m sure by now, this kid was tired of seeing Mommy’s camera in her face.

2013-06-29 08.30.05

8:30 PM – We also must have jumping on the bed at some point in the bedtime playtime routine. Of course, right now, her jumping looks more like running in place. But, it’s ever so adorable!

2013-06-29 08.36.30

8:36 PM – A little past her normal bedtime, we generally wind down around 8:25, but tonight we played a little longer. It looks like we are torturing her, but really, we are just brushing the teeth! She tends to run away when Mama doesn’t hold her for this piece of bedtime routine.

2013-06-29 08.37.56

8:37 PM – Once Mommy washes off the toothbrush and grabs her bedtime drink, it’s time for the light ceremony. Turn off the Mommies’ bedroom light. And give Mommy and Mama a bedtime kiss!

2013-06-29 08.38.18

8:38 PM – Turn off her own bedroom light and head to bed with sippy in hand.

2013-06-29 08.38.57

8:39 PM – Get covered up and Mommy makes sure she has her baby. This shot was in complete darkness with flash. I had no idea what I was going to get. Good night, Punky. It was quite the eventful day.

I’d love to see a day in the life of your child? What do you do with your kid on a weekend! This is my day off and this is how I spend it – observing my little one and entertaining her when she needs it, which is usually not very often. I swear she never really wants to play with me!

So, who’s next?

Peyton’s Half Birthday – 6 months old.

Peyton is 6 months old today. She has giving me a run for my money already. She’s been teething and quite sickly this morning. Screaming since 4 AM and not consolable at all. So, my idea of capturing yet another day of Peyton has been riddled with sad, sickly kiddo pictures. However, we will go on and do 24 hours of my newly 6 month old baby girl. Happy half birthday, Punky Monster. Mommy loves you even when you are sick and cranky.

11:20 PM: Mommy couldn’t make it until Midnight. So sleepy.
So, we took one last picture before the big HALF BIRTHDAY! This is the last moment captured before she turned 6 months old.

She fell asleep pretty early and in the last few days, she has been fighting us at bedtime. She also seems to think that its time to get up at 4AM. We will have to work on that.

1:42 AM: Peyton is officially 6 months old. Mommy got up to go to the bathroom and snapped this shot really quickly. The flash is so bright, I am surprised she didn’t wake up!

3:25 AM: Mama Kim came to bed around this time, so Mommy thought she might snap another picture. Amazed that Peyton hadn’t woken up yet. Isn’t she just the most precious sleeping 6 month old baby cakes? Maybe this will be the night she sleeps through the night?

3:27 AM: No such luck. Instead, she woke up and started squealing. This is Mama’s favorite time of day though. Half asleep babies are good for cuddling and petting.

4:19AM Thru 5:20AM: Peyton finished her bottle and we tried to put her back to sleep. She was not having any of that. Instead, Mama took her out in the living room to see if she could wear her out. This picture is actually when Mama gave up and crashed and Mommy got up and took her into the living room instead. Such a tired baby, yet … she will not go to sleep.


 5:42 AM: She started to get sweaty and feverish. She just wouldn’t stop screaming. I took her temperature and it was not abnormal. I gave her some Tylonol.

5:43 AM: When that didn’t work, I got out the Hyland’s Teething tablets. They are tiny little white tablets that you put on her tongue and they dissolve instantly. Her Aunt Brittany says they taste like the candy stix in FunDip. I don’t really know, I didn’t try them to confirm her story.

5:44 AM: When that didn’t work, but she was chewing on my fingers, I gave her some Baby Orajel, Nighttime and handed her a teething ring. This worked for a tiny moment. She was at least a little less banshee like. I swear sometimes, with the shrieks that come out of her mouth, I wonder if I did in fact give birth to a baby Banshee Queen.

5:55 AM: I took her back to the bedroom and rocked her a bit. She did finally fall asleep. I laid her in bed and headed back to the living room. By this time, I was awake. Ready to catch up on my TV shows.

6:34 AM: It didn’t last very long. About 30 minutes later, Peyton started screaming again. I went and got her out of her bed again. I tried to feed her, but there was no consoling her. This was shaping up to be the worst first Half Birthday Ever, and we were only 6 hours into it.

7:01 AM: Peyton started to calm down a bit and yawn around 7AM. I was hoping I could get her to go sleep then. So, off to the bedroom we went again, to try and put her back to sleep.

7:24 AM: It took 20 minutes of singing, humming, rocking, and butt patting to finally get her to go to sleep. She burped a lot and hopefully that was her main problem. She stopped squealing and shrieking and fell asleep. I finally got her to lay in her bed and covered her tiny feet.

Mommy went back to the living room, because of course, still not tired.

10:16 AM: Just as I was thinking I might go back to bed, I laid my head on my pillow and a tiny shriek came from the baby’s bed. I snapped this shot before I turned on her mobile. The mobile distracted her long enough to give me a tiny … very tiny cat nap.

10:35 AM: Peyton was smiling and laughing by the time she got up from her very long sleep. That made me feel better too. Her tears were dried when I turned on her cartoons and gave her a nice warm bottle.

 11:20 AM: Sigh. She started to get feverish again and she smelled like dirty babies smell. Sweat, puke, and drool. Anyone without babies, I can’t even explain it to you. So, I put her on the cool bathroom floor while I ran her bath water. FYI: She started on her belly and by the time I turned around, she was on her back.

11:24 AM: The newest game that Peyton likes to play is swimming in the bath tub. She likes to pull the drain level down, by splashing her way from the back of the tub to the front and then hanging on it. However, in this picture, I was in the middle of washing her hair when she thought this might be a good time to start the game.

11:28 AM: Right after her bath, we spent some time with her friend in the mirror. That baby always cheers her up!

11:32 AM: Mommy got her dressed and turned on the cartoons again. She decided it might be a better vantage point if she propped herself up on the pillow and watched from there. This is how serious she is about The Cat and the Hat Knows A lot About That.

12:04 PM: Hanging out after her bath, drinking a bottle and rocking some flower pants.

12:16 PM: Mama woke up and Peyton gave her a nice pet on her hand to say Good Morning!

12:22 PM: Peyton is working on a poop in this picture. I know, it doesn’t look like it by that innocent face. However, Mommy also learned not to let her sit in her saucer and try to poop, it causes poop all the way up her back.

2:44 PM: Shortly after being changed, Peyton fell asleep again. She had a nice little nap, perhaps to sleep off the long, trying morning. I had gone into the bedroom to lay down, myself and snapped this fast little picture of her.

3:59 PM: We both woke up and had to take a minute to wake up. Some people look cuter than their Mommy when she wakes up. It could be because she’s a professional sleeper!

4:10 PM: Soon, she was back to herself. The earlier bout of sickness has past and she was in her playpen, sucking on her toes! So basically … back to normal.

 4:35 PM: Having a moment with Mama. Kisses were definitely involved. Peyton has started to give kisses, with the normal open mouth baby lips. Full of slobber and yet they are still the sweetest kisses ever.

4:38 PM: This is what Peyton takes pictures of when she gets a hold of Mommy’s camera and crawls on her.

4:49 PM: Mama gave her a pretzel stick. It was mostly something to suck on and make into a slobbery mess! All in good fun, who cares, its her half birthday.

5:05 PM: When left to her own devices on the floor, Peyton has been known to do some silly things. In this case, she is trying to figure out how to get milk out of the bottom of her bottle. I don’t think she ever figured that out and later she just turned it around to drink it correctly.

5:11 PM: She moved to pushing over her BUMBO and rolling it all over the floor.

5:20 PM: When she got bored of that, she decided it was try to crawl again. She didn’t quite get there, but she did flop onto her face a few times. Which in itself is adorable to watch.

Mommy and Aunt Brittany left for Walmart around 6:00PM, in search of a cake and party supplies. By the time they got home, Peyton was taking YET ANOTHER nap.

9:00 PM:  Peyton woke up from her nap and we slapped on a sticker “Half Birthday Girl”. She was still so sleepy that she had lines on her face.

Disclaimer: Peyton is usually not up this late. We don’t keep her up this late. Unfortunately, today she was completely off her sleep schedule for unknown reasons.

9:01 PM: Mommy altered a tiny balloon we got at Hyvee. Of course, I put the 1/2 in the wrong spot, but whatever. Its still awesome!

9:05 PM: Mommy put some candles in a tiny SUGAR FREE CAKE. Really, the cake was more for the mess factor than for eating. Good thing I took a picture before she smashed it.

9:06 PM: Aunt Brittany took a picture of Peyton and her mommies. The only thing I can see in this picture, however, is that fact that Peyton is trying to move my arm so she can get to the cake.

I promise, she had very little cake in her mouth.

9:07 PM: Arms up! Last thing we want is burned fingers on our half birthday! We sang “Happy Half Birthday” and her mommies helped her blow out the candles. She just kept looking at us like we were nuts.

We probably are. In the words of my sister, Brittany. “Not many people celebrate half birthdays. In fact, you may be the only crazy.”

9:11 PM: And then the mayhem started. She got a little taste of the whipped icing, but she never really stuck her fingers in the cake part. She really just smeared it around on the tray of her highchair.

9:14 PM: Celebration was over pretty quickly. Now its bath time. The ‘not icing’ icing was kind of floaty, so it made washing up crazy hard. I washed her up as best I could, but she smelled like she was wearing Cupcake Perfume.

9:22 PM: Winding down the day with duck pants and some wiggles on the floor. All clean!

9:54 PM: Rolling around in the playpen, playing with her penguin. We just decided to let her wind down on her own tonight. Its her Half birthday! She’s allowed.

10:27 PM: Mama put her sticker on her butt and let her scoot all over the floor.

11:11 PM: In the midst of all that rolling and scooting (wearing her out), she came across the Mickey Mouse that my dad gave her. She just learned how to push the buttons to make him sing to her. She sucked on his thumb at one point. Apparently, his plushy thumb tastes better than her own thumb.

11:17 PM: Mama joined her on the floor and they played the “Kisses” Game. She’s giving baby kisses right now, like little babies do. Open mouth and giggles.

11:18 PM: Peyton started to get sleepy here and her head got heavy. She smacked it on the floor and was not so happy about it. She made sure we were all aware of her upset.

11:33 PM: One last bottle before bed.

11:42 PM: And after a long winded Half Birthday, my baby Peyton has concluded her first day as a 6 month old!