22/52 – Father’s Day and Water Play


This pretty girl has declared recently “I not a baby anymore!”

Which, neither of are really sure what that means, to Punky, but we know what it means to her mothers.

We aren’t supposed to sing songs for her, she will do it. We aren’t supposed to help her dance. She will do it. We can’t help her put her socks on, Punky will do it. Moms are allowed to take her shoes off for her, she’s got it.

We also can’t make presents for her Papa/Uncle Day without her assistance. So, she got to put the presents for her uncles and papa in their bags and stuff the paper in as well. This year they all got custom chocolate Hershey’s bars. Mommy made the wrong dimensions and we had to improvise, but it was still cute!

Father's Day

For her Bubba (godfather) we made him a Moonpie Tower, because he loves Moonpies and of course was over the moon to have them! But of course, we had to try them before we made the tower!

Father's Day

Papa got a T-Shirt with this ironed on it and it was a pretty awesome hit! Immediately worn when unwrapped, which is pretty much every year, since Papa gets a new shirt every year! Suppose it’s better than a tie!!


Overall, Papa/Uncle Day was a pretty good success. After the festivities of presents and BBQ, it was time for the kids to get in the pool for some water play and swimming. Punky is really loving the water right now. Its great that her preschool has water play on Tuesdays as well, so they have her bring her swimsuit and they explore different water type activities, this week it was running through the sprinklers.

So, she loves her goggles and swimming at Grammy and Papa’s house, so they spent the afternoon browning in the sunlight – and swimming up and down the pool.





And at the end of the day, Papa/Uncle Day wore out my kiddo and her Mama! This is by far one of my most favorite pictures ever!!


Planning a Birthday Party for Peyton

My goodness, our baby will be a year old soon! In less than 2 months actually. I have yet to get all the details together like I would prefer, but we have a theme and we have ideas. I haven’t really been able to sit down with Kim and talk about concrete ideas, so I have just been pinning stuff on Pintrest like crazy and getting inspiration.

Her first year has been full of all sorts of things. Ever changing to her tastes. The one thing that never changed this year was her love for being read to. I admit, I didn’t get much time to do that now that I am back at work and I am so tired when I get home. I need to make a better effort to do this. However, the theme of her first year is Dr. Seuss.

She loves all her board books and giggles at all the words. She loves to turn the pages of the book and of course gnaw on them when Mommy isn’t looking. We are currently working on a collection of Dr. Seuss board books and this just makes sense to be the theme of her birthday party.

I found this awesome site for inspiration and have been pinning things for days. I have nailed down color scheme (which for some reason, I was unaware that sky blue was involved until recently), food ideas, and a possible venue. I plan on making the invitations myself, because I am so savvy with Photoshop and I am excited about the Dr. Seuss themed food I have in my head. I am hoping this will be a fun and exciting party.

At some point, Kim and I will nail down the details and get things in order. However, we just got a brand new car last night, since ours was old and pretty junky. Here’s to a new year, new car, and new one year old KID! I will post pictures of some of my ideas when I am not at work and have access to Pintrest.

Take Care ❤