18/52 – Discovering Impulse Control



So you totally wouldn’t know it, by the super cute face in this picture…..

But, we have a hitter. A live smack ya right in the face, hitter.

And, apparently she’s been pretty aggressive at school too. According to her teacher it’s out of character for her, so it really has just started up. So, I’m not sure how we are going to handle this. Conversations are just not working.

She won’t look at you when you talk to her, she doesn’t sit still, and frankly, she says sorry for everything. I mean, I’m glad she can say she’s sorry, but it really isn’t without much meaning. She’s two for crying out loud, I don’t think she fully understands the concept.

So, she went to bed without any playtime last night, because she smacked me pretty hard on the arm and we asked her to play nice. She smacked me in the face and her Mama popped her in the butt. And then she smacked her Mama later in the face. She’s not really getting the “hands to yourself” concept.

Ugh. I was excited we didn’t have a biter. I forgot there were other kinds of twos to have. A hitter isn’t exactly on my to-do list.

First Line of Defense in the Toddler Wars

So, I really appreciate all the words of encouragement from everyone; family and friends and blog friends! Today, we got things together to make her a sticker/reward chart and hopefully it will be helpful.

So, yesterday’s snack tray didn’t go too well – I think it was mostly because it was ‘slimy’ or wet fruits and she’s really touching and squishing things before she will try something.

We decided today to make one food on the snack tray her “Try New Food” sticker reward. This morning it was a banana and that didn’t go well. By the time she was up from nap, the bananas were well past their prime, so we changed the ‘new food’ to dried apricots.

Today’s tray was full of cheerios of different flavors, veggie fries, yogurt covered granola, dried blueberries, and dried apricots. All dry finger foods so that it was not wet foods this time. She’s taken to the tray more today, and hasn’t tried to pick it up and move it!

I can’t decide if it’s because it’s the second day and she’s getting used to having it around already or if it’s just she likes the food on it. She hadn’t had blueberries before and she’s been scarfing those down. So, for that – it’s a success!

I put together her sticker chart today, and let Punky pick out the colors of the foam on the board and the other things.


We originally picked out 10 things we wanted to have on the chart and I figure that may be too many, but for now, I wanted her to have lots of options to earn her stickers. So, she may not get them all, but she will get little goodies in between, until we get the hang of the chart.

Like, when she finally took one bite of the apricot – I then gave her something sweet after her sticker so as to further reinforce that she did a great job trying something new.


We will see what happens at dinner time – let’s hope we have a party in our tummy tonight! Which is really just three bites of her dinner. Because we’ve come to notice that if she eats from her snack tray all day, then she may not be as hungry as we would like her to be.

We have decided to give Punky the same foods we eat, we had been making her chicken nuggets or Eggo’s instead of our food to accommodate her toddler taste palette, however, that has really been part of the problem. Now, we are giving her what we eat and her snack tray in the day.

She can have a sticker for trying one ‘special’ food from her tray and a sticker for eating her dinner. Hopefully, this will help curb her eating issues that are really driving us nuts around here.


I‘m pretty proud of our finished product. It’s artsy and colorful and super awesome. She also knows exactly where her stickers are – in the Cars bag (that she picked out at the store) hanging on the wall.


We have a list of things side and a rewards side.


She picked out all the little treats and rewards she gets – we know she won’t be able to wait until the end of the week for her reward, so these are the big ones. We will give her daily rewards to start and as she gets more used to the chart, we can move and transition into weekly treats.

I think it’s going to be good for her. I hope.

Wish us luck! We are going one NO TANTRUMS so far today, at the time that I write this. I think it’s going well so far!