Picture-Perfect Weekend

God, I do hate password protected posts. I will just say it. I hate the stupid spam codes and I hate passwords I have to try and remember. While I totally know they are necessary. I still hate them. I especially hate that I have now had to put one on this blog!


Anyway, onto more fun things. AND the reason this post is password-protected.

I got a free camera on Friday. Well, let’s back up, so my camera, that my good best friend got me for my birthday … oh … three/four years ago, it has decided it wants to die. It hasn’t quite died yet, but it makes documenting every single, solitary moment of my daughter’s life very difficult when it just doesn’t want to get the pictures right. They are sometimes blurry, sometimes dark, and sometimes the lens doesn’t come out of hiding at all and there are moments, when my poor … very ill camera doesn’t shutter at all, or shutters too much.

So, my trusted camera has been on life support for some time. Frankly, I find taking pictures with my phone just inadequate. SO, what’s a girl to do when she NEEDS to take pictures of the cutest damn kid in the universe? She searches for a camera.

Where did I get a free camera? Well, I will tell you. I am a member of Freecycle. If you aren’t a member, you really should look up the local group in your area. I’m sure they are all over, well, at least, I’m sure they are in the US. Not so sure about internationally. ¬†Basically, you sign up for the group, linked to YAHOO.com and you post for things you would like to have. All for free. You can also post things you want to get rid of. All for free.

I took a chance and asked if anyone had a digital camera that they just might be interested in giving me. For free. Now, look, I didn’t actually expect someone to give me a camera. But, I took a shot. And guess what? A very nice man contacted me about a camera. ARE YOU KIDDING? I’ve seen things like clothes or books or toys and such on the site, never something as great and wonderful as a digital camera. I mean seriously, we know how much these things cost.

So, the camera isn’t anything special. Not really, but it’s new to me. I am now in possession of a camera AND a 32 GB SD card (Which will hold … wait for it … 9,999 pictures!) for which I just had to use immediately.

I took Punky to a beautiful little place we like to take pictures from time to time and they turned out awesome. I also figured out, after editing these pictures, that my nearly 18 month old baby, just isn’t a baby anymore. She is getting too big. Getting too big, too fast!






Punky is also in a very “Huggy” phase right now. AND I love it. She’s just too damn cute for words. Of course, I’m biased, so I will let you be the judge! Hugs and sweet baby “Aww” that comes out of her mouth, just makes me want to melt.


After we got home, I gave her a hula hoop and we ran around the courtyard of our apartment complex. I just had to shoot her there too. By the end of the day, yesterday, she was just too sick and tired of the camera, but I did get some excellent pictures.






This post is really just rambling and not worth much of anything – except the pictures that I took of my precious daughter with my free camera. And, as I look at the pictures and I look back at all the pictures I have of her life thus far, I am reminded – just how lucky K and I are. To have her, to even have her here. Through all the emotionally draining and physically exhausting times we have had over the last 10 years, THIS is what we have to show for it. We may not have a lot of money, but we have happiness well beyond anything we imagined we would have in that college dorm 10 years ago when we met in a little piece of internet history.

And in the end, it’s worth it. I mean really, when you think about, nothing else matters, but this moment. Oh, and this one, where you started using spoons……


Take care everyone, there’s not much happening in our little corner of the internet. I hope things are all well with everyone who has followed. AND, I really appreciate you all, especially those of you who have followed along despite the stupid password!


25 Week Photoshoot with Miss Peyton

So, Peyton turned 25 weeks last Wednesday. My sister and I came up with the cutest little idea for pictures of her. I couldn’t help but show them off. I am SO proud of this. I am not a photographer in any way, but I think they turned out awesome. If anyone wants to re-create the look, they certainly can. I think it only cost us 20-30 bucks total for all the props.

I got the headband from a consignment store here in our city. “Wild Child”, but I think you can find them just about everywhere. I personally don’t care for the headbands with GIANT flowers on their head, but for some reason, the flat feathers gave my baby girl an old Hollywood feel and I got that inspiration from a post on Pintrest, leading me here. Not where I got my headband, mine was approximately $4.00, but thanks to this site, I got a nice inspiration for a fun photo shoot.

I did this photo shoot on my bed, which is why my curtains are on the wall in the background. Frankly, I thought the majority of the pictures were so good, that I didn’t feel like taking the time to edit the background out of them.

I got the dress from a woman at work, who handed it down to me. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, since its kind of an older model, but it fit Peyton like a charm and frankly, it is ADORABLE. The poofy skirt really works well with the photos we were going for.

Hats off to her Mama for the mis-matched socks. I can’t take any of the credit on that one. I actually had no idea her socks were mis-matched until we started shooting the pictures. It adds character.

I got a ‘Poodle curtain” from Walmart for $9.00. I am not really sure what the purpose is for these curtains in real life, but I used it to cover up my bed sheet and give the picture a nice, glamorous feel. Plus, I really think Peyton enjoyed the feel of the ‘fluff’ in her fingers

The lighting in my bedroom was very poor, so my sister chased Peyton around the bed with a desk lamp shining down her on. That’s how we got her to look away from the camera some and get some great candid shots of her

I got the pearls from Walmart as well, wrapped them around her neck and she enjoyed trying to eat them. The pearls may have been the most expensive part of this shoot. About $9.00 for each strand. I would maybe suggest trying to find fake pearls some where or go to a thrift store for them.

There are faux diamonds in the picture as well, though they are pink and white and don’t really show up against the white of the curtain she is laying on. We got a bunch of those for her to play with in the shot from Hobby Lobby for 99 cents a piece.

They were a little too heavy for her to hold and she didn’t really interact with them much. I suppose if they had been a bolder color, they may have been worth using in this shot. As it stands, I don’t really see the point in having them. However, maybe I will use them in another shoot for something else.

We got the antique mirror from Hobby Lobby as well, for about $7.00 on sale. The idea was for her to look at herself in the mirror, but instead, like the teething baby she is, she ate it. Still a pretty cute picture if I don’t say so myself.

My sister and I are pretty proud of our pictures altogether and these are just a sampling of what we got, but it made for the cutest little 25 week picture of Miss Peyton. My favorite weekly picture of hers to date.

Take care ‚̧

PS, I will probably be back for Peyton’s half birthday celebration re-cap. Can’t wait for her to be 6 months old on Friday!!