Daddy Date Night and Other Musings

Tonight was the night of my hometown’s “Daddy Date Night”. I’ve never in my entire life understood the big deal behind this date night. Probably because I have never been. Well, I take that back. I went once, on the last year I could go in fifth grade and by then I was ‘too old to care”.

Looking at all the great pictures of my friends and family’s little girls getting all dressed up and going out with their dads, uncles, and other male figures in their lives. It made me really take notice that this will be a thing we may encounter with when Punky gets older.

Who knows if they will have such an event when she’s old enough for it, but given that it was around when I was in kindergarten in like 1990, I’m sure this time honored tradition isn’t going away.

She has plenty of male role models that can take her. In fact, unlike myself, growing up, she may have to pick who to take – they may all line up outside my door. In fact, considering the overwhelming love and support she has by one very doting godfather, super awesome and loving papas, and more uncles than one kid should ever have, I don’t think she will have a problem in this department.

It’s kind of nice thinking about them drawing straws to see who GETS to take her. LOL. Take a number – or well, she may be the only girl at the party with 60 gentlemen escorting her.


So, its times like this that some people may worry about our daughter being raised by two moms. Where the Christian nay-sayers and the well to do marriage equality oppositions would be up in arms that my sweet girl just can’t possibly grow up a well adjusted, loved, and well rounded young lady without a dad in her life.

Well, it’s times like this – when my Facebook feed is covered with all sorts of families displaying their little girls and their male figures going off on dates. It’s times like this that makes me remember just how lucky Miss Punky is. She won’t ever want for a date to something like this. I am so happy to know she’s so blessed in that way.

There are plenty of opportunities I worry, as her mom, that she will miss out on things that other kids get to experience. And, when I saw the picture of my soon-to-be seven year old niece headed off with her male figure, my sister’s current beau, and not her father, it reminds me that she had two parents – a mom and a dad – when she was conceived.

In the end, she’s seen her ‘dad’ a handful of times in her life and I wouldn’t envy her experience for the world. That poor girl has had it tough in the dad department. People need to remember, that just because you have a dad, doesn’t mean you HAVE a dad. And, it’s times like this that I have to salute those men who stand up and take up that role for little girls like my sweet sweet niece – whom I have seen grow up and blossom from birth. I have seen her knocked down and kicked around by the dad she was given.

I’m not sure what I’m getting at, except that seeing all those pictures from the family and friends who have little girls old enough to experience something I’ve never really seen the value in – based on my own experiences – it flashed me forward to what our future may hold.

And all I can see if the line of gentlemen callers in her family and extended family that will be banging down the door to be the first to escort Miss Punky to her first “Papa/Uncle Date Night.” No dad required.

And we are just fine with that. She will have quite the choices to make when the time comes!


The Utterly Uneventful Weekend – Thankfully

So, with the last week full off a sea of poop, we are looking at a simple and quiet weekend at home.

This house is full of Nick Jr. and a dancing toddler.’

With Punky being so content and playing independently, I have been able to design and set up my new Etsy Shop. I am a little obsessed right now. I just realized that there really aren’t many birth announcements and baby shower invitations for same sex couples out there. At least, not any that I would want to use. So, I decided that I would sit down and make my own.

I’m having a ton of fun with it. It’s been a while since my mind has been this creative and I can sit in front of my computer and just let my mind create. I do so love the awesomeness of Photoshop.

While doing this, I have been using Punky’s newborn and baby pictures as stand ins for some of the announcements. It really reminds me of how much she has grown and changed over the last year. She’s so big and her hair is longer and her limbs are longer and she’s more mobile.

It’s astonishing to me.

There are so many people out there in my blogging friend community who are getting BIG POSITIVES  it’s almost as if spring is definitely in the air and the lesbian baby making boom has arrived! Congratulations to all of you and I can’t wait to follow your journey until you make it to the place we are with Punky!

I never realized how awesome it is to be in a circle of like-minded people in this community. I find myself talking about each of you in some sense and it makes my day to see new posts and updates in the your adventures.

I’d really love it if you would check out the new shop I am working so hard on and maybe share it around with your friends! Don’t forget, blog readers get 10% off all personalized pregnancy or birth announcements right now! Custom orders, no problem! (Coupon Code: MAMAS)

I promise, I will have something else to talk about eventually, right now, this is where I am focusing my attention and creativity and it makes me have a new sense of excitement.



That’s how I spent my weekend, how about you?

New Etsy Shop Up And Running

So, this is just a little update. I have a new Etsy shop up and running. Printable invitations of all types. Mostly, right now, baby showers and birth announcements are listed. I will have more designs up and running sooner or later!

I will send you a digital file and you can print it as many times as you want!

So, if you guys have any desires for announcements or invitations of some kind, I am giving you guys a discount for being such an awesome community. So, if you are wanting to order something, or contact me for a custom listing, use this coupon code MAMAS for 10% off any order!

Go check it out, Mamas! I am putting the link to the shop on the navigation as well, so when you need announcements of any kind, hit me up!



Events You Can Print

Motherhood Is Not What I Expected

I feel like we have come a long way from the post I published when we brought Peyton home. That last post was our week 1 round-up and I had good intentions to do a weekly round-up. Really I did. I fail. However, I have several things I can say about the last three months. Being a mom is not at all what I expected. Being a mother is something I didn’t expect to struggle with.

I hope that is the feeling from all new moms though. I’m sure the next comments I make will have some people hate me because I voice my discontent. Rest assured, I love my baby girl and I would never trade her in for anything in this world. She really is the very air I breathe.

She is kicking my butt!

The sleepless nights, the long days at work, the double amounts of laundry with no washer or dryer in the apartment, the crying for no reason, the trial and error, the pumping breast milk and then not using it, the WIC journey, the FoodStamps rejection after two full trips to the office when they told me all I needed was a phone interview, and the endless amounts of throw up that I endure is just the tip of the iceberg.

This is what she looks like when she thinks 3AM is play time.

I don’t want anyone to think that I was naive when we decided to get pregnant. I knew that babies cried. I knew that babies puked. I knew that babies were difficult. I just didn’t expect to … not love every second of it. Let’s be realistic. There are moments when I want to pull my hair out. There are moments when I want to abandon my apartment for a week and leave my baby with someone else. There are moments when all I want to do is curl up in a ball on my bed and disappear.

But, for the most part, I just want to convince myself that I am NOT a terrible mother. Why would I feel that way? I can tell you why. I am impatient. I am irritable. I am annoyed. I am snappy. I am frustrated. I am exhausted. Basically, I am not super mom. I am not loving every minute of it.

BUT. I love my daughter. I am grateful for my daughter. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She is my little joy and ball of sunshine. When I wake up to her in the morning, I may not want to get up that early, but her smile lights up my day. When I get home at night from work, I may be exhausted and I may not want to play, but how can I say no to her precious little giggle?

She is the child I dreamed about. She’s the child I imagined in my head when I was pregnant, hell, before I was pregnant. It took a lot out of me and Kim to get here, emotionally and physically. We are far from finished, we have 18 more years of this, and frankly, I feel like I love her more and more as each day goes by.

My love for my daughter has grown since this picture by leaps and bounds.

I may not feel like motherhood turned out the way that I envisioned, but whose ideal of perfect motherhood really does turn out? It doesn’t matter, I still love my daughter and I love having her. I don’t care for throw up and crying, but I love her and I will endure.

So in the meantime, I will wake up every hour on the hour in the middle of the night and cuddle … just to cuddle. Because she needs it and I enjoy that part of motherhood. Its the little things. Reading her a bedtime story, kissing her toes and watching her smile in her sleep that make up for all the stuff I am not so passionate about.

I may be overwhelmed, I may be exhausted, but I have more love than I can ever express overflowing for that tiny pint-sized little girl I call my daughter, Peyton Shea Fields.

❤ Take Care,