Family Visit and Letter to Peyton

Dear Peyton,

Mommy doesn’t want you to be one. I can’t imagine that you are already old enough to drink from a sippy, to walk from couch to chair. I can’t begin to believe that you are waving and SAYING “bye”. I can’t get enough of you little baby laugh. You are never going to be a big kid to me. You will always be Mommy’s tiny, precious, beautiful miracle. My very heartbeat.

In just a few short weeks, you will be ONE. I can’t believe it. I refuse to believe it. Pretty soon we will be hearing you count to ten and ask why the sky is blue. I am not ready for that. I don’t want my baby to grow up! Where did the time go? Where has the last year gone? I have no idea. You are growing up to be so smart and so funny. You are made with such a unique and beautiful personality. 

In less than 5 weeks, you will have your birthday. You will be ONE. I want some more cuddles before you get too big. I want some more smoochies before you are too embarrassed. I want some more bath pictures before its too weird to be taking them. I want to put you in just a few more footed pajamas before they don’t make your size anymore.

You will always be Mommy’s little girl. I promise. It matters not how old you are. You will always be a baby to me.


Mommy ❤
So we spent the weekend with my family. My family lives 2 and half hours away, which means we always have to prepare for riding in the car with the baby. In her whole ALMOST ONE year of life, Peyton has not ever really slept in the car. So, we were concerned that this would be an issue. So, I started the day by headed to WIC and they pricked her little finger for iron. She was spot on. Then we went to Mama’s doctor’s appointment with her. After that, it was pretty much nap time. This means, hopefully a sleeping kid on the way to my parents’ house. Sure enough, we headed towards our destination and shortly after we got going, she fell asleep.
Once we got there, we headed to my dad’s house first. She didn’t really warm up to my dad right away. Which is pretty normal. She’s used to quiet and calm. My dad is neither of these things. So, she was a little shy around him. Every time he looked at her, she cried. When we put her on his lap, she cried. So he lured her with an oatmeal cream pie. It worked for a few minutes.
It worked pretty well for a few minutes. Basically any food that he offered her, she would take, but tickling? Nope. Playing? Absolutely not. However, when my youngest brother came in the house, she took to him with no problems at all!
This is probably my favorite picture from the weekend. SO sweet! Anyway, we hung out at my dad’s house for a while and then we headed to my mom’s house where we were staying the night. After a really long night of sick sister being rushed to the hospital, screaming nephew and no sleep, the next day was full of bed head and cats.
We spent the afternoon there and then headed back to my dad’s house for the rest of the day. We had a nice ham and mashed potato dinner. It was pretty awesome. While we waited for dinner, Peyton and their pitbull Petey looked out the window and pondered the cold outside.

I love these pictures. Also, we discovered something else. Peyton started to recognize when the camera was on her. She would hear the camera come on and she would turn her head, wrinkle her nose and smile. It was the most adorable thing I have ever seen. She is usually very hard to get to smile for the camera. For the last 10 months, its like pulling teeth to get her to smile for the camera. So, since then every time the camera is pointed in her direction, she smiles like this:

She also made up with her grandpa. It is the most adorable thing to watch. Ignore all the talk in the background, the people in the house didn’t know I was video taping the whole tickle session.
After dinner, we went back to my mom’s again to stay the night. We had a much quieter night but still an early morning. Peyton’s sleep schedule was off on this trip. However, she did eat Lucky Charms for the first time and her Aunt J gave her the first of many temporary tattoos.

That afternoon, she played with the blocks that Grandma gave her for Christmas. She was quite happy to watch Grandma stack the blocks so she could kick them over!
She had a little chicken nuggets for lunch, in a high chair she’s not used to. She is used to a full tray, so this was an interesting experience for us. She thought for sure she needed to stand up in the chair.
After some lunch she helped Grandma play cards. Grandma won in the end. Of course she did! With this lucky charm on her lap, who wouldn’t win?!

Before we left my mom’s house, she had a nice little wrestling match with her Cousin M. Her cousin is the first grandbaby of the family and she’s 5, just started Kindergarten. She’s the only girl with 2 younger brothers, so M is always thrilled to have a little girl time.
Of course, when we left my mom’s house, both my mom and sister cried. They always do when we leave. We went to my brother’s house and hung out with him and his wife. We had not been to their house before and it was pretty neat to just hang out and watch The Lorax. We didn’t get to finish it, but Kim and I have decided we will see if its on Netflix, because what we saw of it, was pretty cute.
It’s so cold outside and the air is so dry. It doesn’t help that she has the craziest hair on the planet anyway, so when I took her little hat off, her hair looked like this:
She loves her Uncle C. He’s pretty cool and he likes to dance with her and sing crazy songs to her. Here, they were hanging out on the couch reading a comic book. I just know he’s going to make an awesome daddy someday.

We stayed the night at my brother’s house and then came home today. Kim is sleeping and I am blogging. Peyton is playing with all her toys that are not being shared by her cousins. I have two more days before I have to be back at work and I plan on spending that time relaxing and watching TV, playing Ruzzle on Facebook (Thanks, C and H) and playing with my baby girl. 
She’s going to be one soon, you know. I got to get in all the cuddles and playtime I can!
Until next time, 
Take Care ❤

Beautiful Weekend in the Midwest

I had to work Saturday, so I didn’t get to spend that day with Peyton, but she had a blast with her Mama. We had some company stay the weekend, in the form of Kim’s step-sister and nephew. G is a little older than Peyton, but they played together just fine!

On Saturday afternoon, Kim took them all to Paradise Park. Its a great place for families to go for fun. Think Chuck-E-Cheez but cooler. We went there for the first time a few months ago with Peyton for my company family picnic. Kim has fell in love with it ever since. They have an arcade, bumper cars, a maze, and all sorts of concessions. I really enjoy the fact that they have a play place specifically for children who are not yet walking, or just learning to walk. 
This room if full of nothing but mats upon mats. Building blocks and a ball pit for the kids to play with. From what I hear, Peyton may still be too small to really enjoy it, but she climbed on things and knocked things over as you can see. 

There are all sorts of rooms in this Children’s Edutainment Center. This is the ‘dollhouse’ room. Its made up of all these wooden dollhouses and little pieces to play with. I didn’t take Peyton in that room the first time we had visited because I wasn’t sure the purpose for someone so little. It looks like its mostly just wooden blocks. I am sure she simply chewed on them.
That’s the other thing I love about this place. You can let your kid put anything in their mouth and when they are done, you put them up on a shelf to be cleaned for the next kid’s grubby hands and mouth. They are very sanitary conscious.

After the Paradise Park adventure, I hear the moms put the kids down for a nap and had a little time to relax. I got home after work and we had ribs for dinner, with baked potatoes and the fixins. I don’t care for spinach, but while feeding Peyton, I thought I might give her a little taste. She ate the crap out of it! After three small helpings, Kim told me to stop feeding it to her, because it would make her poop. And boy did it! The next morning, she had leafy green poop. Ridiculous!
In the morning, she and her cousin G played in the “Octagon” and watched Yo Gabba Gabba on Netflix. She has just now mastered the art of drinking out of a sippy cup, so she was very happy to drink all the Apple Juice that Mommy would give her!
When G and his mom went home Sunday morning, Peyton and I chilled out until the rain and the cold subsided. Then suddenly, it was a beautiful day! So, we went back to the park. Brace yourselves for the cuteness that is my daughter at the park. For the first time in the baby swing. She wouldn’t hold onto the chains on the side, so she kept toppling forward, but otherwise, she had a blast!

After the swing got old and the park started filling up with other people (Mommy is a bit stranger danger obsessed for herself. It’s an odd quirk. Can’t help it.) We moved back to the garden where we played last time and again, she was just as fascinated with the metal bench as she was before.

I can’t believe her hair is getting so thick and so light! She is so expressive and so independent  I still can’t believe she will be a year old in approximately 5 weeks! Anyway, after the park we went to the grocery store so I could get some quarters for the laundry. I hate having to do the laundry in the facility at the apartment complex! I swear they eat my money 95% of the time. 

She sure does love her Apple Juice and this is another sippy cup. She’s in love with her sippy cups and it makes transitioning away from formula so much easier. She is dependent on her bottle in some cases. Especially when we put her down for naps or bedtime, but for the most part, she is getting to eat puree or real food any other time of the day. 
Anyway, that was our weekend. We had a nice beautiful weather filled weekend. We spent time with family and hung out. We drove around in our new car and had a blast playing in the weather. I do so love the time I get to spend with her! At the end of this week, we will be making the 2 and half hour trip to my parents’ house and spending time with all our family on my side! 
They haven’t seen Peyton since she was approximately 6 months or so. Everyone is so excited to see her and I am excited to visit with them for the four days we will be there!
Take Care ❤

I Never Thought I Would Say This ….

I’m an advocate for crying it out.

Shoot me now. When I was pregnant, I could not fathom the idea of letting our kid cry in a room with the door shut. Not going to the rescue with hugs and cuddles. Kim and I very much disagreed on this. She wanted the ‘self-soothe’ method and I did not.

When we brought Peyton home 10 months ago, she was a great sleeper, as all newborns are. She slept anywhere and all the time. The first month of Peyton’s life was a piece of cake. I could curl her up in my lap, feed her a bottle and sleep while I did it. When she got bigger, she was not as comfortable to get up in the middle of the night and be poked in the eye with a bottle as Mommy fell asleep.

Our night routine back then was put Peyton to bed as late as possible, so she will sleep as late as possible. Except, no matter what time we put her down, she was up again every four hours. When she was teething, she was up every hour. At the time, she slept in our room. We spent a lot of time fighting with her to even go to sleep at the start of bedtime.

We rocked her and patted her butt. We would stand over the play yard and take turns patting her butt for hours until she was asleep. Only, when we stopped, she woke up! It was a battle we just couldn’t win. When she would finally go to sleep and we could tiptoe out, she was up again at the slightest noise, so getting into bed for us was a Mission Impossible maneuver most nights. This only escalated when she turned 4 months old, during the ‘sleep regression’ phase of her life. That was a nightmare.

I don’t really remember how old Peyton was when we moved her to her own room. We moved her play yard into the second bedroom. I believe she was about 7 or 8 months old. It feels like much longer though. Anyway, from day one, Kim and I made a plan. I was so not ready for this plan. Up until that night, we had tried the ‘cry-it-out’ method and Kim literally had to hold me down so that I wouldn’t go in there and comfort her. I admit, eventually, Peyton went to sleep. No harm done.

However, when we moved her into her own room, I felt compelled again, to check on her. So, we decided that when we shut the door at night, we were not to open it again until the morning. That first night, broke my heart. She could stand up in her play yard by then, so she is screaming and I am picturing her standing up, holding on to the sides of the play yard just tears streaming down her little cheeks.

Its been a long time since that first night and things are so much better. We were blessed with a baby who was so easy to sleep train. I am thankful for this, because frankly, its the hardest part of being a mom that I have had to endure so far. I am sure we will go through this again when she is a toddler and can get out of the bed.

However, now, we have all gotten into a nice routine at night and she knows what it is. It has evolved into something we do all the time and works perfectly for us. Like I mentioned before, the easiest way to teach a baby is repetition and to do everything exactly the same way each time.

So, at 8PM we all climb into her mommies’ bed and play peek-a-boo in the curtains and tickle and read a book and do all the fun things that Mommy Time is reserved for. Then at 8:30AM we make a bottle, give goodnight kisses, put on a clean diaper and lay her in the play yard.

I make her a full 9 oz bottle and that is what she gets through the night. I lay her in the play yard, cover her up, give her kisses and turn on her music box. I hand her the bottle and say “Goodnight, baby. I love you. Sweet Dreams.” I turn off the light and shut the door. From that moment on, we don’t open the door until I get up in the morning.

I might go in long enough to make sure she is covered up before I go to sleep or isn’t tangled up in her blankets, but for the most part, we have done this same routine for the last 2 months and it works. Now, she goes down, for the most part, without much fuss. This includes naps, from what I hear (I work during the day, so Kim takes that role).

So – after all that rambling, the simple point is this. Crying it out worked for us. Its hard and I feel like a terrible Mommy letting her stay in there in cry. But, sometimes, its best for the whole family. We sleep better at night and so does she. Our pediatrician already said she doesn’t NEED those calories at night because she’s already well above average for her age in height and weight. Its simply a habit that needed breaking.

For those of you wondering if crying it out is right for you, its a personal decision and one I still struggle with. Yes, it works. I know it works. I have seen it work. But every baby is different. Every family is different. I am simply an advocate because it worked so well for us.

Take Care ❤

Our First Halloween with Peyton

So, this will be a tiny little post, mostly full of pictures, but Peyton was so cute in her Halloween costume. We had a Halloween party at her grandmother’s house for all the grand kids last Saturday. We won’t be dressing her up and Trick or Treating. People asked me why we weren’t taking her out and there are several reasons. 1. Because its too cold to take her out. 2. I don’t want to be that mom wheeling up my 8 month old and asking for candy she can’t even eat!


Who would have thought we would be celebrating so many firsts!? The time goes so quickly. Just yesterday I was thinking about how our baby will be a year old in just a few short FOUR months. Jeez. And just think, last Halloween she was dressed up like this:

I am 22 weeks pregnant last Halloween. Seems like a lifetime ago!

But anyway, I thought I would post some pictures of the cuteness that is Peyton in her very first Halloween costume. We will be saving it in her memory box for her first year items, pictures, and letters.

And of course, here’s a picture of Mommy on Halloween at work.  
Happy Halloween everyone, be safe and have fun!!

Peyton’s Half Birthday – 6 months old.

Peyton is 6 months old today. She has giving me a run for my money already. She’s been teething and quite sickly this morning. Screaming since 4 AM and not consolable at all. So, my idea of capturing yet another day of Peyton has been riddled with sad, sickly kiddo pictures. However, we will go on and do 24 hours of my newly 6 month old baby girl. Happy half birthday, Punky Monster. Mommy loves you even when you are sick and cranky.

11:20 PM: Mommy couldn’t make it until Midnight. So sleepy.
So, we took one last picture before the big HALF BIRTHDAY! This is the last moment captured before she turned 6 months old.

She fell asleep pretty early and in the last few days, she has been fighting us at bedtime. She also seems to think that its time to get up at 4AM. We will have to work on that.

1:42 AM: Peyton is officially 6 months old. Mommy got up to go to the bathroom and snapped this shot really quickly. The flash is so bright, I am surprised she didn’t wake up!

3:25 AM: Mama Kim came to bed around this time, so Mommy thought she might snap another picture. Amazed that Peyton hadn’t woken up yet. Isn’t she just the most precious sleeping 6 month old baby cakes? Maybe this will be the night she sleeps through the night?

3:27 AM: No such luck. Instead, she woke up and started squealing. This is Mama’s favorite time of day though. Half asleep babies are good for cuddling and petting.

4:19AM Thru 5:20AM: Peyton finished her bottle and we tried to put her back to sleep. She was not having any of that. Instead, Mama took her out in the living room to see if she could wear her out. This picture is actually when Mama gave up and crashed and Mommy got up and took her into the living room instead. Such a tired baby, yet … she will not go to sleep.


 5:42 AM: She started to get sweaty and feverish. She just wouldn’t stop screaming. I took her temperature and it was not abnormal. I gave her some Tylonol.

5:43 AM: When that didn’t work, I got out the Hyland’s Teething tablets. They are tiny little white tablets that you put on her tongue and they dissolve instantly. Her Aunt Brittany says they taste like the candy stix in FunDip. I don’t really know, I didn’t try them to confirm her story.

5:44 AM: When that didn’t work, but she was chewing on my fingers, I gave her some Baby Orajel, Nighttime and handed her a teething ring. This worked for a tiny moment. She was at least a little less banshee like. I swear sometimes, with the shrieks that come out of her mouth, I wonder if I did in fact give birth to a baby Banshee Queen.

5:55 AM: I took her back to the bedroom and rocked her a bit. She did finally fall asleep. I laid her in bed and headed back to the living room. By this time, I was awake. Ready to catch up on my TV shows.

6:34 AM: It didn’t last very long. About 30 minutes later, Peyton started screaming again. I went and got her out of her bed again. I tried to feed her, but there was no consoling her. This was shaping up to be the worst first Half Birthday Ever, and we were only 6 hours into it.

7:01 AM: Peyton started to calm down a bit and yawn around 7AM. I was hoping I could get her to go sleep then. So, off to the bedroom we went again, to try and put her back to sleep.

7:24 AM: It took 20 minutes of singing, humming, rocking, and butt patting to finally get her to go to sleep. She burped a lot and hopefully that was her main problem. She stopped squealing and shrieking and fell asleep. I finally got her to lay in her bed and covered her tiny feet.

Mommy went back to the living room, because of course, still not tired.

10:16 AM: Just as I was thinking I might go back to bed, I laid my head on my pillow and a tiny shriek came from the baby’s bed. I snapped this shot before I turned on her mobile. The mobile distracted her long enough to give me a tiny … very tiny cat nap.

10:35 AM: Peyton was smiling and laughing by the time she got up from her very long sleep. That made me feel better too. Her tears were dried when I turned on her cartoons and gave her a nice warm bottle.

 11:20 AM: Sigh. She started to get feverish again and she smelled like dirty babies smell. Sweat, puke, and drool. Anyone without babies, I can’t even explain it to you. So, I put her on the cool bathroom floor while I ran her bath water. FYI: She started on her belly and by the time I turned around, she was on her back.

11:24 AM: The newest game that Peyton likes to play is swimming in the bath tub. She likes to pull the drain level down, by splashing her way from the back of the tub to the front and then hanging on it. However, in this picture, I was in the middle of washing her hair when she thought this might be a good time to start the game.

11:28 AM: Right after her bath, we spent some time with her friend in the mirror. That baby always cheers her up!

11:32 AM: Mommy got her dressed and turned on the cartoons again. She decided it might be a better vantage point if she propped herself up on the pillow and watched from there. This is how serious she is about The Cat and the Hat Knows A lot About That.

12:04 PM: Hanging out after her bath, drinking a bottle and rocking some flower pants.

12:16 PM: Mama woke up and Peyton gave her a nice pet on her hand to say Good Morning!

12:22 PM: Peyton is working on a poop in this picture. I know, it doesn’t look like it by that innocent face. However, Mommy also learned not to let her sit in her saucer and try to poop, it causes poop all the way up her back.

2:44 PM: Shortly after being changed, Peyton fell asleep again. She had a nice little nap, perhaps to sleep off the long, trying morning. I had gone into the bedroom to lay down, myself and snapped this fast little picture of her.

3:59 PM: We both woke up and had to take a minute to wake up. Some people look cuter than their Mommy when she wakes up. It could be because she’s a professional sleeper!

4:10 PM: Soon, she was back to herself. The earlier bout of sickness has past and she was in her playpen, sucking on her toes! So basically … back to normal.

 4:35 PM: Having a moment with Mama. Kisses were definitely involved. Peyton has started to give kisses, with the normal open mouth baby lips. Full of slobber and yet they are still the sweetest kisses ever.

4:38 PM: This is what Peyton takes pictures of when she gets a hold of Mommy’s camera and crawls on her.

4:49 PM: Mama gave her a pretzel stick. It was mostly something to suck on and make into a slobbery mess! All in good fun, who cares, its her half birthday.

5:05 PM: When left to her own devices on the floor, Peyton has been known to do some silly things. In this case, she is trying to figure out how to get milk out of the bottom of her bottle. I don’t think she ever figured that out and later she just turned it around to drink it correctly.

5:11 PM: She moved to pushing over her BUMBO and rolling it all over the floor.

5:20 PM: When she got bored of that, she decided it was try to crawl again. She didn’t quite get there, but she did flop onto her face a few times. Which in itself is adorable to watch.

Mommy and Aunt Brittany left for Walmart around 6:00PM, in search of a cake and party supplies. By the time they got home, Peyton was taking YET ANOTHER nap.

9:00 PM:  Peyton woke up from her nap and we slapped on a sticker “Half Birthday Girl”. She was still so sleepy that she had lines on her face.

Disclaimer: Peyton is usually not up this late. We don’t keep her up this late. Unfortunately, today she was completely off her sleep schedule for unknown reasons.

9:01 PM: Mommy altered a tiny balloon we got at Hyvee. Of course, I put the 1/2 in the wrong spot, but whatever. Its still awesome!

9:05 PM: Mommy put some candles in a tiny SUGAR FREE CAKE. Really, the cake was more for the mess factor than for eating. Good thing I took a picture before she smashed it.

9:06 PM: Aunt Brittany took a picture of Peyton and her mommies. The only thing I can see in this picture, however, is that fact that Peyton is trying to move my arm so she can get to the cake.

I promise, she had very little cake in her mouth.

9:07 PM: Arms up! Last thing we want is burned fingers on our half birthday! We sang “Happy Half Birthday” and her mommies helped her blow out the candles. She just kept looking at us like we were nuts.

We probably are. In the words of my sister, Brittany. “Not many people celebrate half birthdays. In fact, you may be the only crazy.”

9:11 PM: And then the mayhem started. She got a little taste of the whipped icing, but she never really stuck her fingers in the cake part. She really just smeared it around on the tray of her highchair.

9:14 PM: Celebration was over pretty quickly. Now its bath time. The ‘not icing’ icing was kind of floaty, so it made washing up crazy hard. I washed her up as best I could, but she smelled like she was wearing Cupcake Perfume.

9:22 PM: Winding down the day with duck pants and some wiggles on the floor. All clean!

9:54 PM: Rolling around in the playpen, playing with her penguin. We just decided to let her wind down on her own tonight. Its her Half birthday! She’s allowed.

10:27 PM: Mama put her sticker on her butt and let her scoot all over the floor.

11:11 PM: In the midst of all that rolling and scooting (wearing her out), she came across the Mickey Mouse that my dad gave her. She just learned how to push the buttons to make him sing to her. She sucked on his thumb at one point. Apparently, his plushy thumb tastes better than her own thumb.

11:17 PM: Mama joined her on the floor and they played the “Kisses” Game. She’s giving baby kisses right now, like little babies do. Open mouth and giggles.

11:18 PM: Peyton started to get sleepy here and her head got heavy. She smacked it on the floor and was not so happy about it. She made sure we were all aware of her upset.

11:33 PM: One last bottle before bed.

11:42 PM: And after a long winded Half Birthday, my baby Peyton has concluded her first day as a 6 month old!

Guilty of Having a Baby

So, I had a different post in mind for today, but I have a friend on Facebook – whose post on her own blog, really touched my heart this morning.

She is a woman, married to a man. She wants a baby. I actually have never met her in person, but we have been friends through online sources for years. She has been having trouble conceiving a baby and every time I see her posts on Facebook, another failed attempt. It breaks my heart for her.

Frankly, I always knew there were people out there having trouble conceiving. But, I never really thought of just how lucky we were. Men and women were made to create babies. It shouldn’t be so hard for them. Not to mention that I remember having the feeling that it just wasn’t fair that I couldn’t just have an “OOPS” moment with my partner like my friends and family were. They weren’t even trying to have a baby and they suddenly had three.

Then I realized, today, after reading this post, that I knew how hard it is on women who can’t conceive. But, I never realized just how blessed we were in comparison. That made me feel a little guilty. I’m a lesbian woman. I should have had a harder time getting pregnant. Most of the time, I feel guilty that it wasn’t harder for me to get pregnant. No, we didn’t go about the conceiving part the way most lesbians do. I didn’t do the IVF and I didn’t do donated sperm. It was all natural.

I didn’t chart more than a couple months to get my ovulation. My donor was here for a week. We took a shot and it worked. I didn’t have morning sickness and I didn’t have any complications really in my pregnancy.

This is not a blog about how easy I had it. Its actually a blog post about how her post humbled me. I always say that pregnancy was not for me. And I mean that. I hated being pregnant. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I am so happy for the end result. Our baby is precious to me and such a gift. However, I was miserable – physically and emotionally for most of my pregnancy.

Reading her post, though, made me realize that she would be overjoyed to experience even half of what I had experienced. She would be overjoyed to have morning sickness and pelvic pain. She would love to have that feeling of butterflies when the baby moves around inside her. AND I want her to have that. She’s a wonderful woman, who deserves to have that.

I used to have the same feelings she had when my sister would get pregnant. How it wasn’t fair that she could just conceive baby after baby and we would have to work so hard at it. So, in a way I know how she feels. Of course, not the same way, but I can definitely empathize with her situation.

There is a girl at work in the same boat. It always crosses my mind what these women will feel when I share my stories of Peyton or my pictures. Every time I post them, I worry that I will break their hearts a little more and that is certainly not my intention. In a way, I am always slightly humbled by these women and their struggles.

I hope someday soon, they will have the same joy I have in my life. I never thought it was possible. Nothing is impossible. I truly believe that. SO, keep your chin up, girls. I am rooting for you! I’m sending all the positive thoughts I can your way. I can’t imagine how hard it is for women who have trouble conceiving, but I am sure that it cannot be fun to watch others around you getting what you want so desperately.

Please know that I am aware that I am one of THOSE moms. Posting pictures constantly and always posting something new about my kiddo. I always have you in my thoughts when I post and I am always sending just a few more rays of sunshine in your direction.

I will rejoice with you when the day comes that you see that little positive sign on a pregnancy test. I believe with all my heart, you will have that joy.

Take Care

A Day In The Life of Peyton

Kim and I have a loose agreement on how to deal with late night feedings and daytime care when it comes to Peyton. Kim is a stay at home Mama and I am a working Mommy. This means she stays home with Peyton and takes care of daytime, I come home from work and take care of evening and overnight care of Peyton. I decided to give you a little glimpse into the life of Peyton.

***I apologize in advance for the non-edited pictures. I wanted to feature exactly what it looks like in the world of Peyton Shea.*** Also, please don’t assume that if there is a large gap between times that the last picture is all she did for that time frame. We didn’t take pictures of diaper changes and monotonous things.

Starting with my shift: Which actually starts when I get off work, but we will start it at 12AM, so we can get a good idea of what 24 hours looks like.

12:00 AM – Peyton went to sleep at around 9pm. I thought I might be slick and slip into bed around midnight without her noticing. It didn’t happen. She woke up just as my head hit the pillow. Then decided it was time to eat. She’s getting better at holding her own bottle.

At 3:50 am, Peyton thought it was time to get up yet again. She ate a full 6 oz. bottle and after a quick diaper change, she thought she might play with my blankets. This is her way of trying to stay awake. Mommy is just too blurry-eyed for that. Off to bed she goes again.

This is my attempt to take pictures in the COMPLETE DARKNESS of my bedroom.

6:53 am, Peyton makes a noise in her sleep. A tiny little noise really. I learned that no matter how deaf I was before I had a child, I hear every noise now that I am a Mommy. Guess who stayed asleep and who was awake? I’ll give you a minute to guess.


7:20 am, I checked my Facebook on my phone and then thought it might be a good idea to try and go back to sleep. Just a few seconds after shutting my eyes, the little princess made yet another noise and I was awake to check.

Sound asleep right? Back into the bed I went.

7:24 am, Nope, she was playing opossum. She was awake and ready to eat again. So I climbed out of my bed and this is how I found her. Silly girl.

Peyton usually grabs onto the bottle like she is starving to death. She also has tiny monkey toes. She likes to wrap her legs around my arm when she eats.

I thought, since she was still rubbing her eyes and almost falling asleep on her bottle, that she might go back to sleep.

7:40 am – No such luck. This is what she thought of that idea. I laid her down and she squealed a little, made a little yawning noise and looked at me like I was the craziest Mommy in the world for thinking she might possibly be ready to go back to sleep.

See .. here she is laughing at me. Good try Mommy. I’m ready to get up now. Thanks.

7:42 am – I picked her up and brought her in the living room so her squealing (which she loves the sound of) wouldn’t disturb her Mama. She laid on her mat to watch her cartoons. She sure does love “Super Readers” and “Dinosaur Train.”

 8:50 am – Its time for Mommy to get ready for work, so just a little check in on the Princess. She’s comfortably watching “Dinosaur Train.” She gives me a look, like, Nothing to See Here! I quickly walk away, as to not disturb The Tiny Ruler Of The Universe.

 9:30AM – Right before Mommy walks out the door for work, Peyton is playing with Henrietta, her stuffed Hippo. She likes to suck on Henrietta’s face and ears. Peyton started to get a little restless right about this time – but she had been up for approximately 2 hours. That means, its almost naptime. Too bad she couldn’t have been ready for bed before I had to wake up her Mama.

Apparently, according to Mama, (who didn’t start taking pictures until later, because I didn’t tell her about this little project until later) She and Peyton went back to sleep when I went to work and then woke up later, which is where we will begin our pictures again.

11:21 AM – After napping, she played with her pig on the play mat. I am sure it was making all sorts of fun noises. That look on her face, is clearly saying “We are awake, Mama. Now what?”

11:24 AM – Barney. That’s what is next. Mama and Peyton watched Barney until it was time to eat again. Usually, Peyton eats as soon as she gets up, but she must not have been hungry quite yet. I hear, from Mama, that Barney is a must see show in our house.

11:41 AM – Its a busy day for Peyton. As always, its Sleep, Play, Eat (Repeat). For the most part, she doesn’t stray from this pattern, though admittedly, she does things longer one day and shorter the next. Its whatever she wants to do, really. She might be spoiled, but I like to say she just knows what she wants.

11:44 AM – After her mid-morning meal, Peyton is enjoying a book. She is a fan of Dr. Seuss. This particular book is “The Nose Book”. Though you will notice in our weekly pictures that her favorite book is “Fox in Socks”. However, Peyton really will listen to just about any book you read to her, so long as she can turn the pages for you.

11:45 AM – After the book is read, it is a tradition during story time to allow her to hold the book. To feel it and of course … to taste it. Apparently board books taste delicious. It produces lots of saliva from her tiny teething mouth. So, she is either trying to eat the book or she wants to learn the words through osmosis.

11:49 AM – Peyton calls Grammy on the phone. Now, she is only 5 months old (on Wednesday) so technically, Mama dialed the number and Peyton inspected her Grammy’s voice coming out of the box. Mama tells me that Peyton hung up on Grammy several times during this particular call. She’s not quite gotten a handle on keeping the phone open and not pushing buttons.

12:07 PM – Talking to Grammy is so exhausting that it is nap time again. Peyton goes to sleep in approximately 15 minutes or so. Which may seem like a long time while you are standing over her crib, patting her butt and rocking the bed. According to Mama, it felt more like 45 minutes.

12:51 PM – This picture is a little blurry, but you get the gist. “Just kidding, Mama.” She took a total of maybe 40 minutes of nap. She just wanted to talk to her Mama, I am sure. Her mouth is generally always opened and emitting some very strange growling, squealing, or delightful laughter or screeching sounds.

12:59 PM – Peyton loves green beans. We learned this pretty much the first day she ate them. She has been eating them consistently for the third day today. The first day, she struggled with swallowing, but obviously wanted to eat them. On the second day, she was getting better at swallowing and Mama says, today, the third day, she ate like the big girl she is! She finished the rest of her green beans and swallowed without any problems.

1:06 PM – After eating lunch, Peyton needed a snack. The appropriate snack would be her saucer toys. She promptly sticks them in her mouth and make sure at least one or two fingers are in the way too. 

Surely large amounts of drool ensued here. 

3:09 PM – Peyton played in her saucer until around 2:30 or so and then started to take a nap. She was sleeping when Mommy came home and took this picture on lunchtime.

Sad I didn’t get to play with her, but we all know, if Peyton doesn’t nap, no one in the apartment is very happy.

 4:41 PM – Waking up from her nap. She doesn’t look as cute here as she normally does. I think it might be Mama’s picture taking skills. (Shh. We won’t tell Mama.)

4:46 PM – Peyton has a tiny bottom tooth coming in. I can feel it and its sharp! She chews on everything. I got these rings with different textures at Hyvee for like 20 for $5.00. She loves them. I’m glad. She can hold onto them and chew on them for hours.

5:10 PM – She finished green beans earlier for lunch time. She started on Squash this time. Mama says she couldn’t fill the spoon and get it to her mouth fast enough. Peyton’s mouth just kept opening and closing for more. 

I’m glad she takes after Mama and likes her vegetables. 

5:54 PM – I don’t know what show this is, and Mama is asleep, so I can’t ask her. However, it does look like the camera and picture taking is starting to annoy Peyton. She just looks like she is telling her Mama, Enough is Enough.

6:13 PM –  I got Peyton this play mat at Wild Child for $30. It is Baby Einstein and apparently that makes it expensive. However, the point it, she has loved it ever since. We hang other toys on it, like her pull down pig and her talking bear. Mostly, she likes to hang off the sides and sometimes, if Mama stands her up, she will chew on those side pieces …. just for fun.

6:19 PM – Can’t miss a meal with my little girl. She is hungry and she will let you know about it. There is a certain kind of shrill in her shriek when the hunger pains are afloat. Here she is enjoying another part of her dinner.

6:37 PM – I’m not really sure what she is looking at here. I am willing to bet, this is more of a yawn than an inquisitive moment. Mama says she was getting sleepy, but she didn’t want to put her down for the night, so that Peyton could see me when I got home from work.

7:38 PM – This picture is pretty blurry, and that’s my fault. I got home and took it. She played with her doll on my bed while I got into my PJs. 113 degrees outside makes for a grimy clothes wearing day. Peyton and I spent that time just hanging out.

7:42 PM – I asked her what she did all day and I got this look. “You have been documenting my every move all day, Mom. Really?” Anyway, I discover something new each day, things she likes or doesn’t like. Since I work, I miss a lot of things that happen. I take this time to talk to her and play.  I found out she likes the crinkling sound of the wipes container, so she plays with it a lot.

7:56 PM – Since she loves that wipes container so much, I put it to good use. I moved to the other side of my bed and we had a little scooting practice. I showed her the wipes and she concentrated on it real hard. She is less pissy about being on her belly now. That’s nice. At least she doesn’t look at me with contempt and just fall asleep anymore. Anyway, she got frustrated half way across the bed, but she did make to the wipes. 

8:03 PM – After much practice and play in the bedroom, I decided a cute shot of Peyton and Mommy might be in order. We headed to the living room for more Squash. She looks so excited doesn’t she?

8:06 PM – Into the living room we went. I got her set up on her Bumbo and Mama was trying to show me how to better get the spoon in Peyton’s mouth without making a mess. Instead, Peyton decided to scan the bookshelf. The bookshelf in this particular room is for her mommies, her bookshelf is in the bedroom. I can’t imagine which book caught her attention.

She is kind of distractable.

8:13 PM – She wasn’t really interested in eating much, so we moved on. We haven’t been as consistent with “Your Baby Can Read” as I would like, so I popped it into the DVD player on the computer. She seemed to enjoy it. It is only the second time she has watched it and actually paid attention.

8:19 PM – However, we didn’t get very far into it. Remember she was tired when I got home from work and now its been almost an hour. She started to buck and squirm. She wanted out of her Bumbo. Luckily, her little legs are too chunky to allow her to try and stand on her own. The seat always comes with her when we pull her out of it.

8:22 PM – So we started up the bed time routine. Which is also not very consistent. Sometimes she’s asleep before I get home. However, tonight, she was not. So, off to the bathroom we went for bath time. She squeals and giggles every time we get ready to take a bath. Its adorable.

8:35 PM – All fresh and clean and out of the bath. Mama said we had to cover up her little body if we were taking pictures. Which of course I agree. We got this smile though because the gust of air hit her in the face as the towel was wrapped quickly around her.

8:37 PM – All dressed and ready for bed. She uses Mama’s fingers to walk across the bed to see Mommy for a bed time story. Look how excited she is for story time!

8:38 PM – Reading “Fox in Socks” by Dr. Seuss. It happens to be her favorite story to read. She likes to help Mommy turn the pages. I am pretty sure in this picture I am stumbling over the words. That makes her giggle usually. That book is kind of dangerous to the tongue.

8:43 PM – Its time for one more bottle before bed. She was already sleepy before I got home from work, so getting to bed was a piece of cake. At night, I like to hum and sing to her while she drinks her bottle. It seems to relax her, its like her own little ‘quiet time’.

8:54 PM – It took no time at all to get her to sleep. She was out until around 1 AM, so no more pictures for the night. This concludes her 24 hour picture show.

Take Care

Making Jewelry Again

I used to make jewelry before I got pregnant. In June of last year when we found out I was pregnant, I got more focused on my pregnancy and put my Etsy shop on the back burner. Really, I didn’t know how I was going to manage my doctor’s visits, reading up on pregnancy and “What to Expect When You Are Expecting” to also have time for making jewelry.

However, I did really love doing it. I have recently decided that I have a lot of extra supplies – beads, thread, hemp, wire – you name it, I have it. I think I want to start making jewelry again. So, I started with this:

The lighting is crap, but the silver letters are beautiful and dangle like a wonderful little charm bracelet should. I attached some crystal beads in rainbow colors, because Peyton has too mommies. Kim wouldn’t be interested in wearing a charm bracelet, especially not something this girlie, but I am thinking about doing something with leather for her. Still, she’s not really interested in jewelry, so we shall see!
Right now, I am trying to find time to make things in between naps on the weekends when Peyton is asleep. Unfortunately, I do still have a full-time job. I used to do my jewelry making at my desk, but that has since been stopped by management, for the entire call center. Of course, I am a Senior now, so I don’t usually have time for such things. I have been making lanyards for people at work for over a year now, but I think I will go back to making rings, bracelets, and earrings.
I just learned how to make the Peruvian Earrings, which are going to be AWESOME. I just have to get the coils right. I am excited to start making things again.Anyway, I am getting really into the jewelry again and have lots of plans to make plenty more. When my Etsy shop gets turned back on, I will be sure to let people know!
Take care.