KinderPerfect: A Timeout for Parents

This is a posted review semi-sponsored by Kinder-Perfect. I did not purchase the game and am not being paid to write this review, but Kinder-Perfect did send me the game free of charge to play and review. This is that review.

If you have kids, you know that it’s challenging a majority of the time. Little children are tiny humans with their own personalities, thoughts, feelings, and views of the world. Trying to mesh that with the lessons that we, as parents, are trying to teach them – can be difficult.

Kinder-Perfect is described as the “Cards Against Humanity” for parents. Overall it fits the bill. As a general first impression, online, the game looks just like Cards Against Humanity. From the set up to game play, to the card format and the premise of being a bit PG or R rated in content – it delivers as being a parenting version of the original “Cards Against Humanity” game.


As you can tell, I put this game through the tests. I played multiple times, with different groups of people to make sure that I got a good sense of the game as well as the reactions from some of the people I shared the game with.

At first glance, the game is professionally put together, the cards stand the test of time and play. They are durable and glossy, very pretty. The box packaging is a bit tattered, I believe I played this game approximately 6-10 times. I’d suggest a more sturdy box or packaging for longer time use.

With that said, I am not sure if I was only mailed a part of the game (to review) or the game as a whole. I’m reviewing it as such that I received the whole game; so for that reason, I think it may need to be something other than cardboard.

The gameplay is simple and easy to follow. I do like the format, mirroring that of “Cards Against Humanity” there are two sets of cards; red and white.



The red cards the “reader” will read out loud and the white cards are the “response cards.” Each player then gives the “reader” a white card from their hand and whichever white card is the best pair to the original card wins. Easy peasy Lemon Squeezy, as my four year old has been prone to say lately.


This gameplay is about 15-20 minutes. If you are a mom on the go and want to play a little pickup game at a playdate and get back to your kids, that length of gameplay is for you! However, the amount of time I had to play this game was more set by moms night out or a night to play cards with my sisters and grandma after dinner. Which meant that it became very repetitive and boring after shuffling the cards up and starting again.

The most prevalent comment I got, and one that I agree with, was that we didn’t have enough red cards. As you can see from the pictures, there is a bit of an imbalance in the ratio of red:white cards 10%/90% which is a bit too lopsided.

We went through the red deck approximately three times at each gameplay and the red cards were repeated and predicted; as we were playing the same ones on repeat. The premise, I’m sure, is that there are enough variety in the white cards to make each red card brand new the next time you play. Unfortunately, at all gameplays I attended, this was not the case. The call for more red cards was mentioned frequently, the largest criticism of the game as a whole.


The snark and the sass in this game is well done. I did have a few people suggest that the red cards be more like Apples to Apples, using adjectives, instead of scenarios and questions. Which I found to be a compelling suggestion.

I’ve actually asked a mommy friend or a mom forum if “insert here” was a healthy meal. In my case you can put Lucky Charms in a plastic bag, bread crusts from my child’s lunch sandwich, or ice cream sandwiches for breakfast and hit my parenting style and something that has come out of my mouth. So it resonates in it’s humor and reflection of the mentality of today’s mom is on point!

Now, I am not going to attempt to speak for all moms and all parenting styles; but if you are a snarky, sassy, independent, hot mess mom; like me? This game is for you. I don’t really know what goes on behind closed doors of the sanctimommies out there, so I can’t say that my perception of their tastes is correct. But I’d think if you get squeamish by a crude word or you spend three hours on breakfast every morning, this may not be for you.

I will say that I played with moms like me. I don’t know any sanctimommies and all the moms I played with are of the same mind in most ways as myself, so the view may be a bit skewed. I personally wouldn’t set it as a game for a mom with strict rules and judgemental parenting lenses or is offended by screen time for kids.

With that said! I did play with my grandma. Now, I won’t take credit for it, because I was NOT going to ask her to play this game. I was going to suggest Apples to Apples, because that game is a bit more grandma-friendly without the curse words and the snark. My wife thought it would be fine. She asked my grandma to play and she was game. At first, I was sure that this was going to be a disaster and I was nervous as hell. My grandma is a tough cookie and she’s also a woman of upstanding character and while I’ve heard her say “shit,” but I don’t think I was prepared to talk about my code word for sex with my grandma.


We had a blast! Now, it was a awkward to say Fuck in my grandma’s presence. But my sister had it worse, when she had to pick my grandma’s white card “a broken condom” when she read “How we got your baby brother.” It was hilarious.

So the game is definitely for all kinds of people, and if you aren’t riddled with anxiety or control issues, you can extend the invitation to play with those mommies I warned against. Ya know, I wouldn’t have played with my grandma, if my wife hadn’t pushed it – and we had a great time!

So who knows, maybe those judgy moms aren’t so different behind closed doors. Dunno! I’m curious, sure, but I’m not peeking inside the door.

Overall, the game is good. I enjoyed playing it, it is a game I’d play with people who haven’t played before and are of like mind as me. Which means, it’s not a game that I would play over and over with the same people, because the variety just isn’t there. As it is a shorter game and repetitive after a few full games, it’s not a game that I would have purchased for myself; but I’d enjoy playing if someone brought it to a party.

If you wanna purchase or check it out, you can go their website: Kinder-Perfect. If you just wanna try it out, it appears they will allow you to sign up for their newsletter and get a free PDF printable version. I highly recommend that option, it’s a great way to try it before you buy it! Good job on their part, we all know how hot mess moms like free things!

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