A Month of Settling In and Smoothing Out.

We have been in our new house for almost a month. We have gotten most everything unpacked and our place feels like a home. I got to work in the morning, come home to dinner at the table with my wife and kid. It’s almost suburban. Punky sets the table and helps clear the dishes after dinner. She asks to be excused and tells me about her day.

Our kid is settling in. (her bed did break and now she is delightfully sleeping on her ‘pull out couch’ on the floor) She dances around the living room, makes up stories about ‘her kids’ and plays with the new sandbox in our backyard.

We have a backyard!


Watching all the kids on my Facebook feed headed off to Pre-K and Kindergarten; I get all sad that we can’t afford to send Miss Punky to preschool. I wish it was about education though. It’s not about education when you look into preschool. It’s about “daycare” – and we don’t need daycare. I’m not paying for daycare and education should be free.

So instead, her teacher is Super Why? And Daniel Tiger. Would someone think that inferior? Yea, probably. She gets “too much screen time” and then again, she’s learning a ton.

  • She knows how to write her name (backwards, but it’s all the letters)
  • She knows how to spell her name. (she can name the letters, when not prompted, because she’s not a monkey on command)
  • She can count to thirteen, she can recognize 1-5, and on a good day 1-10
  • She knows her ‘number’ (age) and her birthday.
  • She’s mostly potty trained, though the minute I type it out here, she will have six accidents on my new stairs. She’s not night trained. Without a washer and dryer (waiting on one soon!) we aren’t overly worried about it.
  • She’s known all her colors and her shapes since she was one.
  • Animal sounds are in the bag.

She pretends like no one’s business. She has ‘kids’ that she plays with. Not sure if it’s because she’s an only child or she is just a three year old with imagination and imaginary friend(s). She’s such a cute storyteller. She says all sorts of fun things.


She’s currently into babies, fancy dresses and magical lands. We have made the ‘trek to the Magical Land of Potty” at least four times a day in the last week. She’s all about adventure. Climbing. Dancing. She asks questions, questions I’m not prepared to answer – but I do.


She collects rocks and fairy stories. She watches the stars and asks the big questions. The questions on religion hasn’t come up. She’s not really been exposed. I have been thinking alot about that. When it comes. Because she has SO many questions. I don’t want to indoctrinate her one way or the other. I don’t want to give her my truth or their truth. I want to teach her to think and to question and to make up her mind.

That’s just too much for a three year old – so for now, I give her answers to the questions she asks, and prepare myself for the ones she hasn’t thought of yet.

IMG_9829 (1)  11896013_10154182826674148_7545694972895298327_n

In the end, we made a move and we got back on our feet and we weathered the storm of our kid in the process. She’s somehow lost her listening ears along the way, but I’m confident we will get them back. Find out where she hid them. I’m hopefully that we will continue to smooth out, it’s already in the works.

7 thoughts on “A Month of Settling In and Smoothing Out.

  1. We are also struggling a bit with not sending the boys to preschool this year. They got to go to school last year but only because they qualified for free services. So this year we decided that school would be a no go. I somehow feel like I’m letting them down. The the kids that fill my social media feeds have a leg-up on the boys. But in the end it is what works for us. I also have to remind myself that I did not go to preschool. At all. And I turned out just fine …. I think?? So glad to see you are settled in your new home.

    • I just don’t get why this has to be an issue. Preschool should be available for everyone. But it’s either available for those who can afford to pay the outrageous prices; those who are low income; or those with special needs. Unfortunately, we don’t meet the low income, I sure with we did. But you are right, hopefully my not going to preschool will make me feel better eventually – but with her being an only child, it’s not just education, but socialization I worry about.

    • Yea, I tried to get her into head start here, but I make too much money. We also tried Parents As Teachers, but she was over qualified for any additional assistance. So it’s daycare or nothing. Just sucks that preschool has to be a profitable thing. I try to remember that that I didn’t go to preschool, and I turned out alright, but all the pics of other kids, makes me wonder if I am doing her a disservice. Especially as a singleton kiddo.

      • What a bummer! It really is sad when preschool costs so much that children can’t attend…. 😦 she sounds like she already has a good start though with all that you guys have already taught her. I don’t think I went to preschool either for what it’s worth… It’s definitely a luxury these days (which is sad!)

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