A Day In The Life of Punky – 3 Years Old

The last time I did a Day In The Life was when Punky was over a year ago! I do so love to do these. I did her daily chronology since she’s been little bitty at 4 months, 6 months, 15 months, and 22 months. I love to see the changes in the daily life of our kiddo. It’s so fun to look back at them and see how much she has changed and grown. (Setting: Currently we are living with Grammy and Papa; which means we have Mommy, Mama, Grammy, Papa, Molly the dog, Missy the Cat, Baby the Bird, and All the fishes)

This is a picture heavy post. You have been warned! LOL.

** As always, for newer readers, please excuse the state of my cluttered, lived in home and know that time stamps are on the pictures but it doesn’t mean she’s literally doing the action from one picture to another. I usually get distracted and she gets moving faster!***


 9:13AM – later wake up time than normal, so I’m glad to get some extra sleep. Off to the potty for the start of the day.


9:21AM – Put our pants on one leg at a time. (This is a skill we are still working on right now, self sufficiency is something we really strive to give her.)


9:22AM – Our conversation every morning:

Mommy: Are you hungry
Punky: No.
Mommy: Are you thirsty?
Punky: Yes.
Mommy: What do you want to drink?
Punky: I don’t know.
Mommy: Let’s look in the fridge and see what we have.
Punky: I want Strawberry Milk.
Mommy: You got it.


9:25AM  – What will we watch this morning? Calliou? Daniel? Jess? (Jess is the winner)


9:28AM – 

Punky: Mommy, my chocolate milk doesn’t taste right.
Mommy: That’s because you asked for Strawberry milk, ma’am.
Punky: I don’t like it.


9:29AM – Making hearts with our fingers is the best talent ever. “Mommy, I was going to scream, but I didn’t – because they were SOOOOO small. Like this big!” (quotes from her favorite bedtime story ‘The Beasties‘)


9:33AM – Early morning coloring on the Easter present we got in the mail from Great Grandma Lana yesterday.


9:34AM – Showing off her whole book being colored. Lots of Minnie Mouse in that book!


9:36AM – “Mommy, I have a tummy ache. I need a biscuit.”


9:37AM – A biscuit is a chewable Pepto. She loves these. I think she thinks they’re candy. She gets one. It’s called a biscuit, because that one time I tried to feed her cough medicine in a play teacup with a side of Pepto (biscuits). It’s just stuck.


9:40AM – “Mommy. I need you to feed me. Before I starve.”


9:42am – 

Mommy: “Do you want cereal or muffins?”
Punky: “No. I want a waffle.”
Mommy: “We have one more waffle left.”
Punky: “I need the one more waffle to eat.”


9:44AM – Waiting patiently for the waffle to pop up…


9:47AM – She ate approximately 2 and a half bites of her waffle.


9:57AM – 

Punky: “Mommy, can I have your blanket. I’m freezing.”
Mommy: You can sit with me if you like, I can share my blanket.
Punky: Thanks for sharing Mommy.


9:58AM – My back is cold. Can you help me put the blanket on my back?



Punky: Mommy can you go get my drink off the table?
Mommy: No, sweetie, you can get it yourself.
Punky: You are not being fair. (Proceeds to pout)


10:07AM – 

Punky: “Mommy, why are there plants in the garden?”
Mommy: “Because that’s where plants live.”
Punky: Oh.


10:08AM – “It rained out there, Mommy!”


10:11AM – I’m going to write a book about plants in the garden!



Punky: I need you to draw the book?
Mommy: No thanks, baby – Mommy doesn’t draw very well.


10:15AM – shrieking ensues.

Mommy: Why are you crying?
Punky: You won’t draw my family!
Mommy: That’s because you are better at it than me!


10:21AM – “I’m going to eat my breakfast on the couch.” (She didn’t eat any of it.)


10:31AM – These are the conversations we have.

Punky. “Shh. Shh. Mommy’s got ya.” (Kisses her cup)
Mommy: Whatcha doing?
Punky: I was getting my cup out of time out.
Mommy: Why was your cup in time out?
Punky: For staring at everyone.
Mommy: Hm. Ok.


10:34AM – Cue spontaneous singing.

Punky: Where is Mama? Oh where can she be? Where is Mama. Mama. Mama and Me. Where is Mama?
Mommy: Mama is sleeping.
Punky: Where is Mama? Mama where is she? I must go downstairs nooooooowwww.
Mommy: No Ma’am.


10:38AM – Serenading in the livingroom on her fireplace stage. (Show #1 of the day)


10:38AM – 

Punky: Mommy, what do you think the chick’s name is?
Mommy: I don’t know, did it tell you it’s name?
Punky: Not yet.
Mommy: Well, then I guess you better ask him.
Punky: I don’t know his name yet, but I know he’s Batman’s party chick.


10:46AM – We saw an ant by the front door last night.

Punky: “Mommy do you think the ant is still there?”
Mommy: Nah. I’m sure the ant went home.
Punky: “Oh! No,Mommy! I see it! It’s crawling over there!
Mommy: The ant won’t hurt you, baby.


10:48AM – 

Punky: Yes, it will Mommy!
Mommy: No sweetie, I promise.
Punky: Mommy, that ant will get me and it will hurt me and it will make my bleed come out!”
Mommy: I had no idea an ant could do that to someone….
Punky: Yea, and then, I won’t be able to grow up.


11:07AM – Another nibble or two on the waffles when Grammy woke up and helped put Molly the dog outside to go potty.


11:10AM – Morning conversations with Grammy and finishing up her waffles.


11:16AM – Because why not? Candy in the morning? Sure. I guess so.


11:20AM – She serves the best darn tea in the house!


11:21AM – The secret to Punky’s delicious tea recipe (it’s top secret, don’t tell anyone!)

Mommy: What do you put in your tea to make it so delicious?
Punky: Presents!
Mommy: You put presents in your tea!?
Punky: No, Mommy! (eyeroll) Its just pretend presents.
Mommy: Oh. I see.
Punky: And teddy grahams and sugar and cake.
Grammy: That’s a special blend of tea, wow!


11:23AM – Demonstrating how to make tea for a tea party.


11:30AM – She ran out of adult tea party guests interested in attending, so she went to her room and recruited Minnie Mouse.


11:31AM – But what day would be complete without accompanying Mommy to the potty.


11:32AM – Minnie is sick. She needs a check up before she can drink tea.


11:37AM – Mommy needs a check up now too. I have a strong heart, according to Doc Punky.


11:38AM – Minnie is well enough to have a tea party now.


11:41AM – It’s not long before Minnie needs a nap and Punky has a tea party on her own.


11:42AM – Conversations with Minnie after she woke up from her nap. Tea Party resumes with cuddles and washing the dishes between drinks.


11:47AM  – Minnie needed another nap. She’s very tired.


11:51AM – Mom! Pause! (apparently, I was taking pictures of the wrong seating arrangements.)


11:53AM – All is now right with the world.


11:54AM – 

Punky: Mommy, Minnie isn’t over here.
Mommy: I see that. What’s Minnie doing?
Punky: She’s sleeping, cause she smacked me in the face.
Mommy: Oh….. well that wasn’t very nice.
Punky: No, we don’t smack mommies.


12:00PM – Minnie must be 5 years old, because she got a talking to after 6 minutes of thinking time. Something about not being mean and making sure we keep our hands to Minnie.


12:02PM – But Minnie just isn’t feeling well, so its off to rest time with the mouse again. (Looks like someone else is almost ready for rest time!)


12:06PM – Mama woke up, so she needed a check up. Rest assured, her heart is beating strong though.



Mommy: Are you ready for lunch? Are you hungry.
Punky: I need a sandwich.
Mommy: Do you want ham on it?
Punky: I just want a cheese sandwich.



Mommy: Do you want a big sammich(2 bread) or a little sammich(1 bread)
Punky: Little sandwich.
Mommy: Here’s your cheese. Do you need me to fold it?
Punky: I got it Mommy.



Mommy: 4 minutes til rest time, punkin.
Punky brings down her stroller from her room.
Mommy: Whatcha doing, kiddo? We are about to go take a rest.
Punky: I’m just playing check up right now.
Mommy: Mommy told you it was almost rest time, so you won’t have time to play with your stroller.



Punky: I don’t want to rest.
Mommy: I know you don’t, but it’s rest time and we need to go to your room.
Punky: Mommy, you aren’t being fair.
Mommy: If you don’t go to rest time quietly, we won’t have time for a story. Do you want me to read you a story?
Punky: Fiiiiiiiiine.


12:43PM – We start rest time sitting up, reading our favorite book. Again.


12:46PM – Three minutes in and she’s down for the count. Hopefully she will stay down.


12:50PM – I leave her with her book to read to her babies.

Mommy: You know the rules of rest time. You don’t have to go to sleep, but you do have to stay in your room and be quiet.
Punky: I don’t want to rest.
Mommy: If you rest like you are supposed to, we will go outside and play with chalk.
Punky: I don’t want to.
Mommy: That’s completely your choice, my love, but if you don’t rest, we won’t play with chalk.
Punky: I like rest time.
Mommy: Oh good. I will see you in a few hours.

Hugs and kisses, shut the door and update the blog post.

********First Half of the Day Over***********



Punky: I don’t want to rest.
Mommy: If you don’t rest, we don’t get to play outside with chalk today.


Punky: But, I will rest. I can walk myself.
Mommy: Great. Did you want me to shut the door for you?
Punky: Yea.


3:21PM – Rest time is over. Time to wake the beast.


3:22PM – Come and play with me, wake up and come and play with Mommy!


3:32PM – Let’s put on real clothes and socks and shoes and go outside to play. After realizing it was 47 degrees outside, we changed our short sleeve shirt to long sleeve.


3:40PM – Accompany Mommy to the bathroom #2, because of course. She’s a typical threenager.


3:42PM – We tame the wild hair beast on her head. So much hair, so thick. No match against the wind unless its in a ponytail!


3:45PM Who doesn’t have a giant box of sidewalk chalk?? This was one of her favorite presents from her birthday party.


3:50PM – Look what I found. Pretty flowers. I will give them one to Grammy! I will put it in my pocket and keep it safe.


3:53PM – This flower is beautiful. It is for you. (Mommy put the flower in her hair and Punky thought that was pretty silly.)


4:01PM – Punky picked most of the yellow flowers in the yard and threw them in the “garden” where they belong, instead of in the yard.


4:03PM – This smells so good, Mommy.



Punky: Maybe it’s time to plant the seeds.
Mommy: Are there seeds in there?
Punky: Yep. They plant big trees.
Mommy: Can I see the seeds?
Punky: Not yet. You can see them in the ground.
Mommy: Oh. Ok.
Punky: Then the flowers will grow a lot.


4:07PM – 

Punky: I will just sit here and wait for the seeds to grow.


4:10 PM 

Mommy: How long does it take for the seeds to grow?
Punky: A night in the water.
Mommy: Huh.
Punky: Then we will have beautiful flowers in the garden.


4:11PM – Grammy and Papa came back from the doctor’s office.


4:12PM – Showing Grammy all the relocated flowers in the garden.


4:16PM – It got too cold to stay outside and Mommy’s fingers were freezing off.

Punky: Can you get me some more strawberry milk?
Mommy: Just a second and I will do that.
Punky: I don’t want to wait a second.
Mommy: Well, you will have to, I’m in the middle of doing something.
Punky: Can I have chocolate milk?
Mommy: In just a second…


4:37PM – Mama woke up from her rest time and got the flower that Mommy took out of her hair.


4:53PM  – Checking out funnies on Mama’s phone.

Punky: That’s Loretta. (picture of a dog that looks nothing like the dog we know named Loretta)
Mommy: Sweetie, Loretta is a basset hound or something…
Punky: A bass-it howend?
Mommy: Yep, that’s Bubba’s puppy. (Bubba is her godfather, who she pretty much thinks is her best friend and loves him to bits. Oh – and she has him wrapped tightly around all her little fingers)
Mama: You need a playdate with Bubba huh?
Punky: Yep.
Mama: When the weather is nice, we can set that up.


4:55PM – Grammy called to ask what we wanted to eat for dinner. (Chinese)

Mama: Rachael will have sweet and sour chicken, sauce on the side.
Mommy: White rice, no veggies.
Grammy: Ok, what do you want.
Mama: Chicken Fried Rice.
Punky: Hi Grammy!
-We gave her the phone-
Punky: I want a cheeseburger plain please.

Laughter ensues. A lot of laughing.


5:04PM – Watching videos and looking at pictures on Mama’s phone from when she was very small!


5:10PM – Took over Mama’s phone… because of course she did.


5:22PM – Got a soda for Mama from the kitchen.


5:24PM – We broke out the Giggle Bellies for a bit as we did when she was little, like before she was a year old ish. It’s always been one of her favorite DVDs.


5:30PM – Dinner made it home and sure enough she got a cheeseburger plain.


5:41PM – She’s going to turn into a cheeseburger.


6:08PM – Helping Grammy do her nails.



Punky: I have a little tummy ache.
Mommy: Oh?
Punky: Yea. I need a biscuit. (Pepto)
Mommy: You already had one today, you can’t have anymore.
Punky: You can go to the biscuit store.
Mommy: We have plenty of biscuits, but you can’t have any.


6:46PM – She forcefully poked me in the eye because I wouldn’t give her a biscuit.


6:47PM – But its all in fun, when Mommy starts tickling.


6:49PM – Went on to read a story to herself in her chair.


6:54PM – Reading the “wolf book” to Grammy.


7:09PM – Grammy needed to go to the store, so we went with her. Her pants are waaaay to long.


7:10PM – She waits patiently for Mommy to open the car door for her to get in at the ‘safe place’ that we invented when she was very little, when she first started walking – so that she would always stay close to the car and never run off. So far, it’s worked wonders.


7:17PM – We made it to the store and I think she called me a trollop….


7:28PM – Testing the rules of sitting in the back of the cart. (Rules: Sit on your butt and don’t play with the front.)

Punky: Grammy, get me candy!
Mommy: Don’t go asking Grammy for candy right now.
Punky: But, I want candy, I ate all my dinner.
Mommy: Yes, you did. They have a dairy queen here, let’s get ice cream for dessert instead.
Punky: I can have ice cream for bissert!?
Mommy: After Grammy is done shopping.
Punky: Oh, thank you, Mommy! Thank you!


7:44PM – Just chillin’ in the car. I’m blessed with a very nice cart rider who likes to wander around the store, no matter how long it takes.


7:58PM – Waiting for Dairy Queen to make her shake.

Mommy: What kind of ice cream do you want?
Punky: Chocolate!
Mommy: Ok, we can get you a mini chocolate. (its cheaper!)
Punky: I want a straw in my ice cream.
Mommy: Oh…. (disappointment) You want a shake?
Punky: I want a straw.
Mommy: Got it. Shake it is.


8:21PM – Enjoying said chocolate shake. Once the whip cream was gone, she was pretty much done with her shake. Hence why I would have rather gotten a mini blizzard. But, that’s the joy of giving your kid choices and then following through….


8:33PM – Giving Molly the dog cheese for coming inside.


8:52PM – Throwing the toy for Molly the dog. She played this game with Molly since we got home, until she got interested in her storytime. (next photo)


9:06PM – She read her book on the train. (Usually she has babies in those other chairs.) This is when the blinking stared. Even though she protested, she was blinking to keep her eyes open and fight the tired.


9:08PM – Punky asked Mommy to read her a story, but I told her I would wait til bedtime. Mama told her she owed her a bedtime story anyway, since they were both too tired last night, so she read her a story instead.


9:31PM – 10 minutes to bedtime. Playing with Mama.


9:32PM – Mama is a jungle gym, a wrestling mat, a stealer of all the body parts and the tickling machine.



Mama: What’s with all the pictures today?!
Mommy: Its a day in the life of Punky, duh!
Mama: Oh.
And proceeds to flip the kid upside down, because that’s just what they do.


9:50PM – After clean up time and putting all her toys back in her room where they live; it’s time for hugs and smooches. She sure loves her Mama!


9:52PM – She picked this book for bedtime story, because she just discovered she owns it. We are still weeding through all the birthday presents she got and this one was in a bag we hadn’t gotten to yet. It’s a short book, thank goodness, Mommy was tired.


9:55PM – After story time we have a little conversation time.

Mommy: What was your favorite part about today?
Punky: My favorite part about today was having tea with Minnie.
Mommy: What was your least favorite part about today?
Punky: Mellie didn’t come over. (Mellie is the neighbor kid that Grammy watches sometimes, she’s super sweet and puts Punky in kid sister mode)
Mommy: Yea, that’s kinda disappointing. I”m sure Melanie can come play with you another day.
Punky: I just pretended that Melanie was here with me and we had tea with Minnie.
Mommy: Well that’s a great solution. What do you want to do tomorrow?
Punky: I want to decorate eggs tomorrow, so the Easter Bunny can come and give me candy.
Mommy: Well, we are definitely doing that. But we can’t do that until you go to sleep.
Punky: I don’t want to go to sleep.
Mommy: Yes. I Know.


9:57PM – One more glass of water before bed. Because once you turn three, big girls don’t take a sippy cup to bed anymore. It’s against the growing up rules. *Shh. No need to tell her there’s no rule book* She generally gives me half the cup back and I find it empty in the morning, which leaves me to believe, that she was smart enough to think about – at some point – and save some for the middle of the night cotton mouth everyone gets. She’s been waking up dry though, so this doesn’t seem to be cause for alarm.


9:59PM – The final steps to bedtime is “sweet dreams”. Back when Punky had ‘bad dreams’ or ‘monsters’ Mommy got her a dream catcher and the dream catcher catches all the bad dreams. Every night before bed, Mommy pulls those sweet dreams from the dream catcher and puts the in her head. (Which really is just a way for Mommy to tickle her face and make her eyes close and become more tired)

A hug and a kiss, ONE. More. Hug. ONE. More. Kiss. A blanket adjustment and an I love you and it’s off to bed with this kid.

***End of the day for Punky*** Sweet dreams everyone!

I’m really going to miss days like this. Doing this kind of stuff when I got back to work will be harder. I’m working on getting back to work. It’s necessary at this point. But, I think I will miss this time. These last three months has been tough financially, but so rewarding emotionally. I know it will be tricky for Punky too and I’m not looking forward to the sadness and the routine change. But for now, I will revel in it.

I’d love to see what you do with your littles all day! Why not do a Day In The Life? It’s absolutely revealing to pay attention to every moment of the day as they happen! Until next time. Take care and everyone have a Happy Easter Weekend!

7 thoughts on “A Day In The Life of Punky – 3 Years Old

  1. I loved reading the conversations with her. Conversations with toddlers are hilarious! And she’s so imaginative. 🙂 Evelyn saw the photos of Punky and kept insisting they were of “Lebalyn”. LOL

  2. Batmans Party Chick made me LOL at work! I love this idea…it sucks that I’m not home to do this, but i’ll probably do a day in the life of the Mendez boys on a weekend, when I’m with them all day. They aren’t so interesting yet, but i bet they will be soon. And that Punky is too funny!

    • I started when I was still working and it was a weekend thing. Miss Punky was 3 months old when I started, so while they aren’t interesting, it’s fun to document what their life looks like at different ages 😉

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