End of 2014 Review

Miss Punky has changed so much in the last year! She’s talking up a storm and doing so much now.


This year has been kinda crappy for me emotionally, I sure hope next year is better. We are playing the waiting game for my sister to have her fourth baby! She’s coming anytime now. Otherwise, we will be sipping sparkling white grape juice and sitting in on a Gilmore Girls marathon tonight. I have a bit of a migraine – so I am laying low in new pjs and watching our kid climb on everything and potty train.

Hope everyone has a great night, be safe and have a HAPPY 2015!

13 thoughts on “End of 2014 Review

    • Thanks! She’s changed so much its crazy, right?! I just can’t believe it. Happy New Year to you as well, your family is growing and I’m so glad to be a part of it!

  1. Wow, she has grown up so much! I love the idea to put the monthly pictures next to each other. I am currently working on my 2013 (yeah, a little late) photo album and am astounded how much older Charlotte looks…meanwhile, I haven’t aged a day! ha! I hope 2015 is better for you!

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