Everything Smells Like Pee…..

And the joys of potty training. Round one, week one has been a touch and go success around here. With Punky asking for two days straight if she could “go potty training Mommy?” we got out the panties and tried again. This time, we are in a much more stable environment, a routine we are used to and she is pretty well adjusted to the move. With three floors, we have three potty chairs. Thank goodness for Grammy’s Craigslist habit. LOL.

So there’s a potty chair on the upstairs bathroom by her bedroom, one in the livingroom, and one in the basement of our room. No matter what floor she’s on, we got her potty needs covered.

2014-09-07 14.48.58

So, one week ago today – Miss Punky was cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs (who lost) while exercising her potty skills.

Look, I started by reading into that Potty Train Your Kid in Three Days thing, but that didn’t really seem to work out. We didn’t really have a plan. We just started. Luckily, we have a lot of support in the house. The first day went not so great, all accidents – no real success. The second day she got into the groove, she got the hang of things. We got her on a schedule and she would sit on the potty no questions asked.

By the third day, we struggled with desire to sit on the potty. Lots of asserting of willpower and headstrong NO resounded through our house. It was frustrating and not just a little annoying. We have been using pull-ups at night, and we still get periodical resistance from her to sit on the potty. We have resorted to bribery with candy and toys and new Batman shirts. Yes, we are not above bribery.

So, we have had a few rough patches, it’s been a real roller coaster and by far the most unfortunate part of parenting. I feel like someone needs to invent a way to engineer already potty trained toddlers, so parents don’t have to chase their kids around. So, for now, we are doing alright, hanging in there – really, it’ pretty damn tough.

And … everything smells like pee!

Today was the first day without an accident, minimal resistance, though she still protested. We even went out to our friend “Button’s” house and had a little play date. We took her potty chair with us and set it up in my friend’s bathroom and it worked like a charm. A potty break every hour and smore’s cupcakes wasn’t a bad bribery tactic.


Punky and Button are about a year apart in age, and it is so cute to see them get together recently and play together. Button is at the stage where he is playing side by side – so it really confuses Punky. She keeps asking him to play with her and asking me why he won’t play with her. It’s actually pretty darn cute really, her confusion. His mom and I talk about how they are going to get married someday and be able to talk about how they grew up with each other and were best friends. You know the stories. Those love stories of the people who get married to their childhood friends, the ones they have known forever.

Or at least – they will date at some point. Haha!

So, it’s been quiet around here. I’m working til midnight now, so I have a busy day and a tired night – uber sleepy mornings with the little one. I have been reading all the joys, heartache, and stories. I have just been too tired to write our own stories. Miss Punky has been doing lots of fun things and we have had a great many moments around here, besides the potty dances and songs.

My little one has been increasingly full of more attitude, spontaneous whining and outbursts. And then she turns around and asks to hold my hand.


We also had our first Sunday Movie Night tonight. So it was a great time the three of us just hanging out and watching Rise of the Guardians. It was a cute movie, and we took some potty breaks in between the hours, but overall, as long as I could wrangle her attentions to cuddling with me, it was a great night!


And it’s moments like this that will help her make it to three!

Speaking of three, we had a half birthday last week as well. We celebrate those things around here. Miss Punky is half way to three, can you believe it?! I know I can’t! Half birthdays are always full of a sweet treat and maybe a little toy or something, nothing fancy, blow out a candle and remind Mommy it’s almost time to start planning YET ANOTHER birthday party.


The same night, we spent some time with two of her cousins, the older and the younger. Mommy went through all her clothes and gave them away to her younger cousin.


The joys of growing bigger and growing out of your clothes. In shirts and dresses, this kid is wearing anywhere from a 3T to a 4/5 in girls. Size 8 in shoes! And yet her pants are still 24 months-2T, but mostly for the length, but anything bigger is too big in the waist. It’s just nuts how much she has grown and every time we sit around and have a conversation – a real conversation, I just find myself staring at this little person, this tiny human in awe.

Like I still can’t believe she’s mine. I can’t believe I’m her Mommy and damnit, I can’t believe how incredibly lucky we are!

The end of this catch-up is the wedding of Kim’s brother. It was a beautiful and long awaited affair. It made me cry tears of joy and made me so happy for them. It also gave me an excuse to get Miss Punky all dressed up and have a place to go!

10516587_10153176934839148_1584211648370446053_n     1521784_10153184522624148_5502737256154638128_n

10678759_10153185275444148_4903700619320047936_n 10690179_10153185274809148_4229575734929959789_n

And we got a new family picture, which is always the highlight of my week.


Now … if I could stop smelling pee….

17 thoughts on “Everything Smells Like Pee…..

  1. She is so adorable! I love your family pic too 🙂
    I wish there was any words of wisdom I could offer you on the potty training front, but alas we are not there yet. It sounds like you are making positive progress, though! My Mom tells the story that the way they bribed me to use the potty was by offering me reeses pieces every time I went potty. It worked! I still love that candy! lol 🙂

  2. How adorable is that dress on her?!?! She is so darn adorable!!! And potty training is tough work, but stick with it, cuz when you come out on the other end (and you’re not spending a billion dollars a year on diapers) you’ll be so happy! I hope you have continued success! And don’t worry, the pee smell will subside eventually…loL!

  3. I have the same hopes for Evelyn and Henry to grow up together and get married! LOL Wishful thinking!

    As for the bribery – isn’t that how potty training works?! I am not above bribery and would use it, too. If it works, don’t knock it!

    • Someone asked me what I would do with that dream if she ended up gay. I said, she would just have to suck it up and marry him anyway, it’s already decided! LOL, of course, it was a joke! As for bribery, we have little Smartie’s candies and they are working wonders.

  4. Aww. Punky just gets cuter each post. I love your idea of a potty on each floor. As a kid, I remember struggling a lot with potty training. It terrified me, and I also found that I struggled with getting in tune with my body’s signals. Good luck to lil P, it sounds like she’s making lots of progress. Hope you’re doing well too. I love the family photo. It’s very beautiful.

    • Thanks! She knows she’s a freaking doll baby. LOL. She’s really doing an excellent job, considering the horror stories you hear about potty training, but man! It really is the hardest thing I’ve done – patience wise – in a long time!

  5. That is some serious wedding cuteness that Punky is rocking!!! Adorb family!

    Smells like pee, yep about that, it is a learning process. I pretty much hate anyone that claims that 3 day potty boot camps is the way to go. I guess it works for some kids, but sure as hell not our “they have a mind of their own” little ones. From start to finish, I would say that potty learning took about 6-8 weeks for Little Monster to 100% get there as far as pee/poop and night time. But, once he did, it was smooth sailing from there on out. His aim sucks, but I have found that keeping clo.rox wipes and feb.reeze near potty areas is immensely helpful. Also, there is this wonderful product called Nature’s.Miracle that will basically eliminate ANY odor. For real. Good luck!!! And, bribery? Yea, we all do it. Just the honest ones are the only ones who blog about it 😉

    • We are in week one. 6-8 weeks?! Jesus. I’m going to lose my mind! ;P Well, Kim may lose hers before I do, I get to at least go to work! LOL. Thanks for the tips, right now, I have a lovely aroma of pee and sanitizer on my hands at all times!

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