19/52 – Learning Life Skills

My birthday is Thursday and I’m leaving this sweet bundle of toddler joy (whining and all) home with her Mama for the weekend!


She was brushing her hair before school. We are leaning all sorts of new things. She wants to put her own socks on, put her own shirt on. She wants to brush her hair and her teeth all by herself. We are learning patience, while letting her learn independence.

My friends are taking me on a nice weekend away and while I’m feeling sad that I’m leaving her behind – I’m also stoked to get – probably the best present ever – time to myself to relax and recharge!

Happy 30th birthday to me in just 2 days. When those 2 days are over, I will be headed out for my very anticipated and exciting vacation away.

I really have to thank my friends for the idea and for taking me Β – but most importantly, I have to thank Kim for stepping up and really going out of her way to be cool with me leaving her with our bundle of toddler awesomeness for an entire weekend alone!!

I’m sure they will bond or kill each other by the time I get home. I’m not sure who I would put my money on – but I’m grateful anyway! I am super excited – COME ON FRIDAY.

6 thoughts on “19/52 – Learning Life Skills

    • I have a very very loving partner, who I know is not thrilled about this, but she is taking one for the team and I really do appreciate her! And … I will probably be both πŸ˜‰

  1. What a super awesome birthday gift – your friends rock! I’m sure Kim and P will get along without you but I also have no doubt that you’ll have at least one or two check-in calls with a toddler screaming her head off in the background, lol! I hope you have so much fun. πŸ™‚

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