18/52 – Discovering Impulse Control



So you totally wouldn’t know it, by the super cute face in this picture…..

But, we have a hitter. A live smack ya right in the face, hitter.

And, apparently she’s been pretty aggressive at school too. According to her teacher it’s out of character for her, so it really has just started up. So, I’m not sure how we are going to handle this. Conversations are just not working.

She won’t look at you when you talk to her, she doesn’t sit still, and frankly, she says sorry for everything. I mean, I’m glad she can say she’s sorry, but it really isn’t without much meaning. She’s two for crying out loud, I don’t think she fully understands the concept.

So, she went to bed without any playtime last night, because she smacked me pretty hard on the arm and we asked her to play nice. She smacked me in the face and her Mama popped her in the butt. And then she smacked her Mama later in the face. She’s not really getting the “hands to yourself” concept.

Ugh. I was excited we didn’t have a biter. I forgot there were other kinds of twos to have. A hitter isn’t exactly on my to-do list.

4 thoughts on “18/52 – Discovering Impulse Control

  1. Hopefully this will fall into the ‘this to shall pass’ group of things! If you haven’t tried it, try telling her when she hits you that it hurts and ask her what she can do to help make it better. While sometimes we got a blank stare with ours, now she’s inventive at offering an ice pack (where she can reach it in the freezer), or a kiss, or, most recently, “a funny dance to make you smile”. I think once she realized she had to do something, she started skipping the hitting.

  2. Definitely hope this is a short phase for you! We have a hitter too but he is still only one; I too, am hoping it passes before it becomes a bigger issue!

    • Good luck with your own hitter! We have been stating over and over “Hands to Punky” and gesturing both hands to her chest. She repeats and then gives apologies. So, someday it will sink in!

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