Daddy Date Night and Other Musings

Tonight was the night of my hometown’s “Daddy Date Night”. I’ve never in my entire life understood the big deal behind this date night. Probably because I have never been. Well, I take that back. I went once, on the last year I could go in fifth grade and by then I was ‘too old to care”.

Looking at all the great pictures of my friends and family’s little girls getting all dressed up and going out with their dads, uncles, and other male figures in their lives. It made me really take notice that this will be a thing we may encounter with when Punky gets older.

Who knows if they will have such an event when she’s old enough for it, but given that it was around when I was in kindergarten in like 1990, I’m sure this time honored tradition isn’t going away.

She has plenty of male role models that can take her. In fact, unlike myself, growing up, she may have to pick who to take – they may all line up outside my door. In fact, considering the overwhelming love and support she has by one very doting godfather, super awesome and loving papas, and more uncles than one kid should ever have, I don’t think she will have a problem in this department.

It’s kind of nice thinking about them drawing straws to see who GETS to take her. LOL. Take a number – or well, she may be the only girl at the party with 60 gentlemen escorting her.


So, its times like this that some people may worry about our daughter being raised by two moms. Where the Christian nay-sayers and the well to do marriage equality oppositions would be up in arms that my sweet girl just can’t possibly grow up a well adjusted, loved, and well rounded young lady without a dad in her life.

Well, it’s times like this – when my Facebook feed is covered with all sorts of families displaying their little girls and their male figures going off on dates. It’s times like this that makes me remember just how lucky Miss Punky is. She won’t ever want for a date to something like this. I am so happy to know she’s so blessed in that way.

There are plenty of opportunities I worry, as her mom, that she will miss out on things that other kids get to experience. And, when I saw the picture of my soon-to-be seven year old niece headed off with her male figure, my sister’s current beau, and not her father, it reminds me that she had two parents – a mom and a dad – when she was conceived.

In the end, she’s seen her ‘dad’ a handful of times in her life and I wouldn’t envy her experience for the world. That poor girl has had it tough in the dad department. People need to remember, that just because you have a dad, doesn’t mean you HAVE a dad. And, it’s times like this that I have to salute those men who stand up and take up that role for little girls like my sweet sweet niece – whom I have seen grow up and blossom from birth. I have seen her knocked down and kicked around by the dad she was given.

I’m not sure what I’m getting at, except that seeing all those pictures from the family and friends who have little girls old enough to experience something I’ve never really seen the value in – based on my own experiences – it flashed me forward to what our future may hold.

And all I can see if the line of gentlemen callers in her family and extended family that will be banging down the door to be the first to escort Miss Punky to her first “Papa/Uncle Date Night.” No dad required.

And we are just fine with that. She will have quite the choices to make when the time comes!


10 thoughts on “Daddy Date Night and Other Musings

  1. That’s so lovely. RR also has men who love her and are happy to spring into action whenever needed. I wonder if it’s easier when there isn’t someone in that traditional male role – even though having someone like that is no guarantee of the sort of interaction and love Punky and RR get!

    • Absolutely, Meridith. I think I was just musing the future and so happy that Punky doesn’t have an official dad, specifically because she’s special to so many role models! I am starting also think it may be easier for her not to have that traditional male figure – at least in this way.

  2. It’s great that Punky has so many wonderful male role models. But I’m not in the least bit concerned about, “…. our daughter being raised by two moms.” You’re a very conscientious and loving mom. It doesn’t matter the gender of the parents. I, for one, think the whole daddy-daughter dance thing is odd (not to mention Freudian). If I had a daughter, I’d want dad to do science experiments with her or show her that her intelligence, courage, grit or compassion is what makes her a beautiful human being.

    • Thanks, Deborah. I really appreciate your kind words. I am not really sure what the date night is supposed to accomplish, as my dad never took me. He didn’t get interested in that sort of thing until my sisters were old enough.

  3. My dad died when I was 6 years old and I grew up HATING events like this because he was missing. But that’s because if cancer hadn’t taken him from us, I’d still have him. I think it’s more painful for children who once had a father (like your niece) and no longer do, rather than children like ours who don’t really have one.

    Unlike Punky, Evelyn doesn’t really have men in her life. She has her dad, but he’s in Florida and is there to stay, most likely. She has my stepdad, but he lives in Pennsylvania. And I have ZERO male friends. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Perhaps I need to change this some time in the next little while so Evelyn can have a male/men around more often.

    • Do you have any straight friends with husbands? That’s where we acquired a godfather, my best friend doesn’t want to have children of her own, but her husband does, so Punky is a proxy kid for them! It’s pretty darn great and I get to borrow her husband for ‘manly’ things around the car and apartment. It’s pretty darn convenient.

  4. I love this! Your girl is very lucky indeed to have so many loving male role models. I am lucky to have an amazing dad, but my mom is another story. I would have loved having a positive older female role model when I was little. Though we don’t need a mom and a dad, we all do need loving supportive positive role models of all genders. Olivia is lucky in this way too. She has me and Kristie and uncles, aunts, a papa, a meme, and many many friends.

    • I’m so glad to hear from you, SotOhana! I have missed ya! I know, it’s not just positive male role models, eh. You are so right, it’s positive role models of all genders, personalities, colors, and backgrounds!

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