My Brand New Writing Project

It took me a while, but I finally completed the several articles on the “Mommy Wars”. It was pretty enlightening for me, as I did have to research different points of view and read articles on both sides of the fences. Please check it out and if you are feeling inclined, you can share!

Also, if you have pictures of yourself or your kids on either side of these battles I definitely want to use them! Let me know if you are willing to let me add them to the web series. It’s not just the idea of bringing a voice to these battles between moms and parents, but it’s about putting a face to those battles as well. I would love to not use stock photos or models for these illustrations. If you are comfortable with me using your pictures, please let me know!

Please check out the web series by clicking on the image below!



2 thoughts on “My Brand New Writing Project

  1. OMG, Rachael. I loved your article! I recently wrote something (kind of) like this. I 110% agree with your conclusion here: “In the end, no one wins the “Mommy Wars” and women are already too hard on them selves, no need to be hard on other women as well. The “Mommy Wars” don’t promote good self esteem or uplift our fellow parents in the community. It should be the goal of everyone to help, advise, and support our companions.”

    Life is hard enough without all the judging and finger pointing. We should support each other. I’m impressed by all the things you do!!

    • Thanks Deborah! I appreciate your reading it. I enjoyed writing it and learning more about the different parenting choices. Some of them had benefits or disadvantages i wouldn’t have necessarily thought of.

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