2/52 – Exploration of the Toddler Fever

We have been going between 99-104 degrees this week. We spent a day on the weekend out on a play date for the first time in a bit. Usually when I take this kid outside the apartment, she ends up with some sort of toddler sickness. Ugh.

So, luckily, she allowed the Fever Bug to stay on her forehead for the last 48 hours. She’s slowly getting back to normal, but we sure love exploring and learning about the ways in which our daughter can get feverish and yucky.




I know it’s probably selfish of me, but I like when she’s sickly, sorta, because she cuddles with me like this. I love when she just lays with me. She rarely sleeps with me, so this is always great when she snuggles with me. I just wish she didn’t have to feel icky to lay with me and give me snuggles and sweetness.

4 thoughts on “2/52 – Exploration of the Toddler Fever

    • The Fever Bug is basically a sticker bug shaped thermometer. I just let her pick out the bug she wants and we put it on her head.Reads temps 99-105. They are super easy, pretty darn cheap, and so fun she LIKES to get her temp taken. They also stay on for up to 48 hours, so you don’t have to change it a bunch of times. Found them at Walgreens and they are great sick kids who won’t sit for the temp under the arm.

      She is feeling a bit better, thanks, btw, she’s staying at Grammy’s house tonight! LOL

  1. I’m so sorry that Punky was under the weather. But I will tell you that I immediately googled “fever bug”. I had never heard of it. I know what I will be purchasing soon!

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