Day 14: Family Christmas Party

Every year, Kim’s grandpa’s union has a Christmas Party for their families. We all venture to the building and get a group picture with Santa. Its the first time I’ve been in the group family picture. It was pretty neat.

So, we woke up bright and early and got dressed to get to the party on time.


Miss Punky thought it might be a good idea to go out in Mommy’s shoes. Which she has been getting really good at walking or running and hopping in them! Apparently, according to her Mama, it’s the most favorite game for her right now.

This party is great for the kids, it’s nachos and cookies at 10AM. Hop up the kids on sugar and Santa. We also got presents, crayons and balloons. It’s pretty nice for family conversation with Kim’s cousins that we don’t see often.


We got to sit on Santa’s lap and that was much better than I expected. She threw a little fit in the line while we waited.


Once we got to the actual Santa set, we got a shocked look, but it was better than last year. She was intrigued with all the stuff going on. She was promised presents after she sat on Santa’s lap, so it is pretty much likely a bribe that caused her not to be screaming. Well, that and Mrs. Claus pretty much coaxed her with candy canes!


The day went pretty well and it was a sweet addition to our countdown. We got to spend time with our family and it’s a tradition that Kim’s family has been doing since she was smaller. All the grandkids get together and do this – now they are all grown with their own kids.

The family is pretty darn big. We shoved everyone on the Santa stage and got a picture and believe it or not, the group wasn’t ALL the grand kids or great-grand kids!

unnamed (2)

It was a nice little tradition to add to Punky’s holiday fun. I really am loving how the changes in the last year have happened in Punky. Just in being able to celebrate and be more active in it. She loves all the activities and I just love watching her curiosity flash through her eyes and all the wonder in her facial expressions.

I love that she’s able to participate in things. It just warms my heart to make these awesome memories with her. Day 14 of our countdown ended with some great pictures of her and her moms as well!

IMG_3280 IMG_3291

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