Day 11: Opening Presents from Out of Town Uncle and Aunt

First, I was nominated for a nice little blog award, known as the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award”. Thanks Andrea for the nomination! I really do appreciate it! 🙂 You should really check out this super great chick – her blog is sincere, beautifully written, and pretty darn full of raw emotion.

So, this morning, I woke up to a message from my brother that says “Check out your back porch sometime today”

That’s a little weird, since he lives nearly 3 hours away and he isn’t visiting the area at 2 in the morning that I’m aware of! So, curious, I go pop my head out on the patio and on the table out there in the very cold weather, there’s a cardboard box.

I just had to laugh. My brother and his wife are expecting their very first baby, a little boy, in February. I’m pretty darn excited for them! Anyway, he somehow managed to sneak a box on my porch from 3 hours away. His son is going to have one hell of a magical Christmas when the time comes!


When I got off work, I picked up the girls at Kim’s moms and we ate dinner there. When we got home, we decided to open up the magical box of gifts.


She got her envelope full of jellybeans. And we were supposed to make a plate for Santa’s cookies, but well, Mommy didn’t get all the stuff to do that and well, I figured it was getting late, so we would just use tonight to open gifts from someone else.

This is her first time really opening a present on her own. It was pretty cute. She was dainty about it!


Inside was a new comic book from her Aunt and Uncle and their expecting little baby cousin Archer. And some pretty super cars! Punky sure loves cars.




She drove them all over the couch and on my leg. It was quite cute. She even put them to bed and tried to hide them, like a dog hides a bone, inside the cracks of the couch. She hugged them and kissed them and stuck them up under her armpits, to keep them warm I suppose.

We made a little video for her Aunt and Uncle in which she signed thank you and told them hi. It was a pretty small and tiny thing tonight, but it just shows how much she is loved by so many people and we are just so thankful!


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