Day Four: Gingerbread Man Decorating with Moms

Day four was thwarted by the retail and Pinterest impossibilities. Originally, I was going to construct a felt Christmas tree for her, complete with ornaments, so that when we put our tree up, she won’t be as tempted to play with the real one. Of course, that’s the theory.

I looked very long for a large green piece of felt. It didn’t work, I would have to order it online and I didn’t have time to wait for the felt to come. So, instead, I was at Walmart getting some errands run and I came across some super awesome pre-made gingerbread men.


So we had a little dinner and then set up the highchair at the dining room table and set up the decorating station. I knew going into that Peyton wouldn’t really be able to help decorate and do a ‘professional’ job. However, she did have fun helping put on the gumdrops and pretended to put icing on the cookie.




So, she did a lot of decorating, sampling and licking her fingers. She also mimicked her Mama who was making her own gingerbread man. It was great to see my girls doing something extra fun together.



Of course, when it came to eating the cookies, none of us really wanted to eat them. As you can see by her face, Punky was thrilled with her decorating skills and was ready to hop right in the bath after she finished.

Day Four of the Christmas Countdown was a success!



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