Day 3: Dancing To The Christmas Songs With Moms

Today, I got home from work to find our darling baby girl in her coat, ready to leave. It was zipped up and hood on kind of ready. It was pretty darn adorable!

In the end, I had to tell my barefoot, PJ wearing, coat wearing kiddo that we weren’t going anywhere. She went straight to the envelopes.


She got a little pony temporary tattoo in this envelope. No candy today. But we did have a card that said, “Dance and sing to Christmas Songs in the Living room”

We did dance and sing, she was very much interested for the first 10 minutes or so and then she just jumped and ran around the living room.



Then she was more interested in the CD case and dancing around with her stuffed lion. It was great. I liked watching her play and interact with Kim and her little voice while she tried to dance and sing.



Day 3 was a success. For a toddler’s attention span, 30 minutes of songs and dancing would be considered a success. I love that I found a Kid’s Party CD that had Christmas songs with no religious undertones, which was great. She’s still too young for that to really be an issue, but why not start early!


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