Day One: Message From Santa

Day One of the Christmas Countdown began as soon as Mama woke up. We got a message from Santa  and I couldn’t wait to play it for her. Like I mentioned before, Punky isn’t really very happy about Santa, in fact, she shies away from any mention of him.

Anyway, I let her pull the envelope off the ribbon and she opened it up. This envelope had M&M’s in it and an activity card.

Message From Santa




We watched the message from Santa on Mommy’s laptop and at first she was not really interested, she looked at me like, “You know I don’t like this hairy man!” But the more he talked to her, using her name and making the experience more personal, she was hooked. Waving hello and poking his face on the screen. I think the elves had some hand in making her more interested in him. She waved goodbye and marched off to eat her afternoon snack of M&Ms.

A couple hours after she got her message from Santa, she came back for more envelopes and I had to tell her that she could have another one tomorrow. Likely when Mommy gets home from work at 5! Needless to say, I think the Christmas Countdown was a hit!



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