Punky’s First Haircut

We have an awesome place in town for little kid haircuts. I know that $15 isn’t exactly cheap for a 10 minute toddler haircut, but it was well worth it! We had such an awesome time at the Shear Madness for Kids place in our area. If you don’t know if you have one, you should check your area. It really was worth it and we can see our little girl’s eyeballs again!


It was so great! They had her sit in a little pink car and let her drive it around while they snipped away the bangs and gave her some face framing layers to make a cute little fall hairstyle. Well worth the $15 bucks and they let me take all the pictures for her first haircut that I wanted!







We celebrated our haircut adventure with yummy ice cream from Yogurtini.


And we decided that she’s a little geek. She had her gamer pajamas on and she put on her dragon hat and glasses. I think she thought if she put a disguise on, I wouldn’t notice the attempt to steal Mommy’s dinner!


In the end, we have had a few weeks of decent time. Today, Punky was a sad and puny sickly one today, she threw up violently, according to her Mama today. She has been running a low grade fever and some massive blowouts. Oi. Hopefully she feels better tomorrow!

On the NaNo front, I am above the goal with word count, so in that realm, Fred Phelps still isn’t getting my money! πŸ˜‰ 19, 403 words down! I’m almost halfway there!

10 thoughts on “Punky’s First Haircut

  1. Oh, I love it! You can see her eyes and bangs are an adorable look for little miss P. Gracie’s uncle (a hair stylist) is giving her haircut #1 when he visits over Thanksgiving. Should I prepare to cry or was it not that bad? The pictures are so flippin’ cute. πŸ™‚

    • I didn’t cry! I was too busy making sure she was preoccupied and they didn’t cut off a lot in the back. I made sure that I could still do pigtails. I was mostly just concerned about the bangs. So, I’d say, you will be alright, mama! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. She is adorable! I never did take my kids to one of the kid’s cuts hair places. I should have. For years, I would just get out my scissors and cut their hair myself, which of course, showed! haha.

    Almost 20,000 words? That’s awesome and NOT easy to do! Keep going! I’m cheering you on!!

    • Thanks Deborah! She definitely knows she’s adorable! πŸ˜‰

      I am making sure I don’t lose a bet. I will be so pissed at myself if I lose this bet, it would be like giving a dollar to the Salvation Army before I knew what they stood for last year. I will be super pissed for a really long time!

  3. Okay. That last picture is way too much!! Love It. And by the way … I have decided that the boys will not get a haircut until at least 1st grade. That’s just how it is going to be! I love the pictures.

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