4 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Oh Rachel,

    You better stop with that cutie of yours, you’re making me want to have a baby girl. No fair, I can’t do that anymore 🙂 That’s okay, two little boys are more than enough!

    My eight year old will be Harry Potter and my youngest will be a fireman for Halloween. They both got to dress up as we took a historical tour at Elmwood Cemetery tonight. Yes, we’re weird for our area, we like stuff like that!

    Hey, I saw your pumpkin patch pictures, they were so colorful!

    Hope you guys all have a healthy and safe Halloween.

    • LOL, that was our Halloween! Miss Punky is still soo little, we aren’t trick or treating or anything this year. Maybe next year! Hope you guys have a great Halloween!!

      • I just realized I spelled your name wrong, yet, again. I’m so sorry, Rachael! You two looked awfully cute for Halloween. I loved your costume ideas this year! What a great idea!

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