Our World Is Full Of Awesome

On the wedding front, we are still saving up the money to drive to Iowa and get the marriage license to make this thing legal. Not as romantic as a wedding should sound, but it’s practical. The fun part is on Pinterest. I was a little discouraged about the venue and stuff being so expensive, well out of our price range. However, we have some awesome and very supportive friends. They suggested some great parks and places in the area. So I am going to scout this place out in person. It’s $100 for the whole day. I think I can spruce it up and make it wedding AND reception worthy. I already have lots and lots of ideas in my head.


It holds 100 people, which is great for K’s huge Italian family and my semi-large out of town family and of course our friends and co-workers!

I’m thinking if I can get some fabric, we can put it around the outside edges to make it more like a ‘tent’. I am envisioning getting some stringed lights to hang on the inside to give the lighting more of a glow and romance. I have gone to Pinterest for centerpieces and all that, so we can get decorations cheap at the craft store and I’m pretty darn crafty.

We also started painting in this house. K’s therapist recommended that she get some of her creative ideas out in the form of painting. With her BiPolar Disorder, she has a lot of racing thoughts in her manic swings and it’s difficult for her to concentrate. So, this is one way for her to get it out and have an outlet for those thoughts. She has painted some pretty nice paintings. We are a Doctor Who family, so she painted a galaxy painting with a TARDIS for me to display in my cube at work.


People comment on it a lot and absolutely love it. I helped her paint this one, we did it together. So I really took a liking to painting, so I painted one of my own last night!


Punky has been way more vocal lately and that’s pretty awesome. Her little voice just melts my heart and I love it! Here’s a little treat – I think I figured out how to post videos!

16 thoughts on “Our World Is Full Of Awesome

  1. Aw, you mommies sound like you’re getting along well in life, as well as Punky girl. I actually live on a lot that’s really pretty and about an acre. We have kind of a long driveway and live on a dead end. I would seriously do your wedding here, but I live in Tennessee and it so red here it makes dark cherries look pink!

    I think a park is a great idea. Do you know of somewhere that’s really beautiful in the fall for October (seems like between the fifteenth and the twenty-fifth is usually the prettiest) maybe? I would suggest a nice zoo, but they can charge an obscene amount of money. Do you live near any lakes? I think by a dock would be pretty or even on a boat. I’m just trying to remember my time in Missouri and think about what’s available there. I actually have an idea of one really super, pretty place, but they may seriously not be down with the whole lesbian/non believer thing. They’re Camp Penuel and are located in Ironton, Missouri. I don’t know how far that is from you, but there are a lot of beautiful, hilly areas in that part of the state. The camp itself is by a lake, maybe you could get access to the lake by another means. It’s on Lake Killarney. I also know that there are beautiful areas in Arkansas and Missouri outside of Branson. I couldn’t get over how gorgeous of a drive that is. There are small mountains and green fields. There’s also Hot Springs, Arkansas for a wedding or a honeymoon or family trip to consider. There’s your basic roadside small motels and the expensive resorts. If you found a pretty area at the places I mentioned, they’re so conservative I don’t know if you would be able to find someone to officiate your wedding. I imagine you already have someone in mind though.

    I’m sorry I rattled on. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. First, she is incredible adorable. Also, I think that gazebo-like shelter is lovely! You could do so much with it and, in the end, it’s the event that will be the most meaningful. What better place than a park?

  3. Okay, Rachael, I’m a goober. It looks as though you may already have a venue and I’m being a boss hog! Boo! Sometimes I don’t know when to shut up. I insist on being everybody’s big sister and I am really sorry about that. I agree with Meridith, the gazebo looks really nice and I think that your ideas will add a lot of creativity and beauty to the structure. It’s a really good size! I have a fixation for gazebos and I want a tiny one in our yard, but I don’t think Mr. Amazing is down with that. I hope everything works out for you. Thanks again for keeping us all posted.

    • LOL, Charity! Silly! It’s great to have so much support, so I don’t mind at all. I do have a venue now, thank goodness, at least one in mind, we have a few months before it is necessary!

      • Hey Rachael. I understand if you can’t get into specifics, do you know what season you may marry?

        I’m glad that you have a venue.

        Are you both going to wear dresses or both suits or one one and one the other? Oh the choices for a lesbian wedding! It must seem quite surreal for you, especially in our part of the country, huh?

        Congratulations again. I’m proud of Punky coming along so nicely in her learning. I know that makes both mommas extra proud,

      • Hey Charity,

        We are getting married in May. We have set a date for the actual ceremony. We are going to Iowa before the end of the year to actually get married. I know I want to wear a dress, K doesn’t want to wear a dress, but she really doesn’t want to wear anything overly masculine like a suit either, so I’m not sure what she plans to do!

        Punky is a pretty fast study, so I’m super happy to share her accomplishments for sure!

      • Thanks for letting me know, Rachel. Keep us updated. Glad to hear you guys have a plan. Good job! You’re already ahead of the game. I’m so proud of my “little sister”. LOL

  4. I think that park gazebo will be really nice for your wedding! I hope you share more of your wedding plan ideas here because I’m nosey (and into that kind of stuff). 🙂 Little Punky has an adorable voice — those high pitched words just melt a mama’s heart for sure! I think K is super talented. You will have a walls full of beautiful art in no time.

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