We Have A Climber This Spring

Easter was great. We spent time with family and the Easter Bunny made a visit to our house. Even though we aren’t religious and we don’t celebrate Easter in the traditional sense, we can still enjoy the fact that it’s a kid’s holiday and Punky enjoyed it. We spent a lot of time with family and that’s was great. We got to see people we don’t always see and we got to see people we see all the time.

Easter is also an awesome event in our lives because it was the holiday of sorts that we were introduced to our donor. Our phone conversation with him on Easter 2011 led to our Punky.



As you can see, we now have a climber on our  hands. She’s not scared of anything. I mean ANYTHING. She will fall and get right back up and do it all over again. It’s scaring the crap out of me. I swear, she is going to give me a heart attack and I’m not even 30 yet.


This is one of her first climbing attempts. She got herself up there all by herself. I was in the kitchen at the time and K was in the living room next to this toy box. There’s not stopping the child, so you just have to let her do it. I swear, all I can do now, is laugh. No one informed me that children climb like this so young. She literally hikes her leg up and pulls herself up there and makes it a daily … no hourly … goal to get herself up there!

Here in the Midwest, we have had nothing but snow storm after snow storm, so it’s nice that the weather is finally getting nicer. We have temps in the 50’s, which isn’t super warm or anything, but throw a jacket on and it’s so much nicer than sloshy snow. I have been taking Punky outside after work and playing in the yard. She likes to climb up the stairs of our apartment building to get to the front door. She’s not quite ready to walk up them, not even close, but it kind of adorable to watch her climb them so fast!


I hope everyone is enjoying the Spring where ever you are and that you had a great Easter however you celebrate. I know there are some Mamas out there who are trying to conceive this month, so good luck and I will send lots of baby dust your way!

8 thoughts on “We Have A Climber This Spring

  1. We have a very similar toy box and Bug climbs up to the VERY top! Just wait until she is climbing onto the back of the couch to jump off of it, or moving the chairs to climb on top of the coy.tree!

  2. Such cute pictures! It looks like you all had a fun Easter. Grace is on-to and in-to everything as well. She’s been a climber for about 2 months now but with her walking too, we have to watch her every second of the day. It’s a good thing they’re cute. 😉

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