Making Jewelry Again

I used to make jewelry before I got pregnant. In June of last year when we found out I was pregnant, I got more focused on my pregnancy and put my Etsy shop on the back burner. Really, I didn’t know how I was going to manage my doctor’s visits, reading up on pregnancy and “What to Expect When You Are Expecting” to also have time for making jewelry.

However, I did really love doing it. I have recently decided that I have a lot of extra supplies – beads, thread, hemp, wire – you name it, I have it. I think I want to start making jewelry again. So, I started with this:

The lighting is crap, but the silver letters are beautiful and dangle like a wonderful little charm bracelet should. I attached some crystal beads in rainbow colors, because Peyton has too mommies. Kim wouldn’t be interested in wearing a charm bracelet, especially not something this girlie, but I am thinking about doing something with leather for her. Still, she’s not really interested in jewelry, so we shall see!
Right now, I am trying to find time to make things in between naps on the weekends when Peyton is asleep. Unfortunately, I do still have a full-time job. I used to do my jewelry making at my desk, but that has since been stopped by management, for the entire call center. Of course, I am a Senior now, so I don’t usually have time for such things. I have been making lanyards for people at work for over a year now, but I think I will go back to making rings, bracelets, and earrings.
I just learned how to make the Peruvian Earrings, which are going to be AWESOME. I just have to get the coils right. I am excited to start making things again.Anyway, I am getting really into the jewelry again and have lots of plans to make plenty more. When my Etsy shop gets turned back on, I will be sure to let people know!
Take care.

10 Things I Learned Since Becoming A Mother

The Children’s Songs You Thought You Knew. You don’t know them. Basically, I spend a majority of my time at home with Peyton, trying to remember the words to the songs I knew as a kid. My mother wouldn’t let us sing “Rock-a-bye Baby” so I couldn’t sing that song if you paid me a million dollars. Also, I find myself humming “Go to Sleep” though I don’t know the words, only the tune. And someone mentioned the game BINGO and I started singing the song. With clapping included for good measure.

I Can Talk To Myself In Public … IF I have Peyton With Me. Literally, if I am going down the aisles of Walmart – will simply talk to myself about what I have to do and go over my list. However, as long as I am looking at her, it not only keeps her entertained, it keeps me from looking like a schizophrenic.

Sleep When The Baby Sleeps? What a joke. I mean seriously. How does one sleep when the baby sleeps? When you have a million other things you need to do when the baby sleeps. You should probably get some food in your belly, take a shower, and do a load of laundry. When exactly would you have time to sleep when the baby sleeps. Whoever made up this rule, didn’t actually have kids. The mothers doling out this advice to new mothers, I am sure never actually followed it and its just a tradition passed down from mother to mother.

This is the first week. I forced myself to nap.

Burp Cloths are Ridiculous. You don’t need a burp cloth. In fact, I would suggest never using one. Instead, I have a plethora of receiving blankets. The problem with a burp cloth is that whoever made them didn’t think about the amount of vomit that MY kid would be producing. This means, that every time that Peyton pukes, while I am using a tiny replica of a burp cloth, I get rotten, regurgitated milk formula all down my back and in my shirt. Use a receiving blanket. To be honest, I am not sure what its real purpose is, but the receiving blanket is used for multiple tasks and is a staple in my house.

Babies are Engineered to Survive Their Annoyances. Simply put, there are days when I just want to pinch my kid. Like, literally, I want to grip her tiny little rolls on her thighs and pinch them. Just a little. However, no matter how much I want to do this, she doesn’t allow me. She has these big hazel eyes that look up at me with sparkles in them. She gives me that over the top uber cute smile and I just melt. Can’t be mad at that face. Can’t be annoyed at the smile. Can only shake my head in wonder.

How do you pinch this?!

You Think You Know What You Will Do. Then you have a baby of your own and realize, you just had no idea what you were talking about. I had very clear cut ideas on what kind of mom I was going to be. So did my partner. Our ideas may not have matched all the time, but we had similar views. She talked me into allowing Peyton to self soothe and I said that she didn’t need 17 outfits in a day. She would just grow out of them too fast to waste the money on them. Mind you, these were clear cut and dry intentions while I was pregnant. All that went out the window when Peyton was born. My partner can’t let Peyton cry for more than ten minutes without rocking her to sleep. I have bought the child more outfits than she can possibly wear in her lifetime. These are just SOME of the changes in my philosophy and she’s only 4 months old. Of course, I had ideas on toddler rearing too. Its coming up more quickly than I would like to think about.

That Myth About Newborns Not Getting Dirty… That’s bull. BS. A bold-faced lie. My little Peyton is the dirtiest kid I know. Not really. She’s not like .. covered in mud or anything, but she is pretty grimey. When I was pregnant, I read up on how often to bathe  newborn. Peyton isn’t really a newborn anymore, but when she was, we bathed her every other day if we could muster up the energy. Do you know why? Because she has rolls on rolls. On ROLLS. She has three chins and little bitty sausage toes that keeps stuff caked in there. Stuff that I can’t see unless I lift the folds and check. Take it from me, newborns DO get dirty and frankly, I don’t like to be lied to.

Her Bathrobe is Ridiculously Cute.

You Will Memorize That Book. Whether you want to or not. I had never read Dr. Suess’ ABC Book or Goodnight Moon before I started reading them to Peyton at night before bed. Now, I can recite both books cover to cover without looking at the book. Without the stupid board book even in the same room as me. Its weird. Its crazy. These are her two favorite books and yet, I don’t need to turn the pages, because I already know what’s coming next. Instead, I just let her chew on the corners while I recite the words.

The Piano Play Thing is God’s Gift To Parents. And I got mine at a garage sale. Look, I can’t say that your kid will FOR SURE love it. Peyton does though. Especially now that she is getting old enough to entertain herself. I can put her in this contraption, which by the way, my partner was oh so no thrilled that I filled our entire living room with the thing. She sits in it and it makes music on the top with her hands and on the bottom with her feet. She just dances and sings and has a good ol time. I highly recommend this toy above all other toys I have gotten Peyton. This includes the Bumbo everyone is so impressed with. I have personally used it for a week. Maybe I can use it when the solid foods kick in.

Coolest Toy EVER.

I Just Read Something About 4 Month Sleep Regression?! So, Peyton just turned 4 months a few days ago and low and behold, she is sticking true to this new thing I have learned about. Jeez. It certainly hasn’t been much fun. She refuses to go to sleep. When she does sleep, its not for very long. Apparently, when babies hit about 4 months, they start to sleep by human beings and not tiny people. This means that they cycle through light sleep and deep sleep instead of simply staying in deep sleep. This means that instead of putting themselves back to sleep on their own, since they don’t really know how to yet, when light sleep hits, they may decide its time to get up when it really isn’t. Not so awesome for me. In fact, so far that is my least favorite part of being a mommy. Peyton refuses to sleep. Literally. I have tried to let her cry it out. I have rocked her to sleep. I have fed her to sleep. No matter what, as soon as I lay her down, she’s awake again.

I sure wish she still slept like this.


Did I mention that she rolls now? So she just rolls right over and wakes herself up if she’s not awake by the time she is laid into her crib.

So this is what we are dealing with right now. I am sure things will get easier, but good gracious, right now, Peyton is wearing me out. Who would have thought someone to tiny and so cute could be the conqueror of your life.