Raising Money for Hi-5

If you don’t know what Hi-5 is, I am here to tell you that its the best organization I have seen out there, spreading pure love. The people behind the movement are trying to reach high fives for love all around the world. You can check out their Facebook Group for more details.

TEAM Hi-5 is a group promoting NO Race, NO Religion, NO Creed, NO Orientation, NO Gender and NO Hate… JUST US! Promote love and tolerance by posting your HI-5 picture! We are a NON-PROFIT group, out to help the Charities and raise awareness.

However, I am raising money for the cause. As a lesbian mommy, I believe that pure love is all that the world needs. Less hate, more love.

  I would like to ask you to donate whatever you can to the cause. I will be keeping this button active until the end of the month of July. All proceeds for donations will go to Jeffy Schudel to further his cause as he sees fit. I would love to raise money to help him out. The cause is dear to my heart and I am sure, given the almost 5,000 members of the group right now, its dear to other people’s hearts as well!

Let’s Spread the Word and Spread the Love.

What Do You Think?

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