Dear Peyton

Dear Peyton,

In the past, I never realized how much I wanted to have a child. It was, perhaps, something that I never really thought about. In the past, you were a distant dream, something that I would have never thought was possible. In the past, before you were even an idea, I didn’t think I was ready to be your mommy. Now, I know different.

As the months have gone by, I have gotten to know you, as you grow and grow inside of me. I have gotten to know your personality, your reactions to different sounds, your sleep patterns and your oh so sweet little kicks in my belly button. As the months have gone by, I have been amazed by how big you are getting and how fast your arrival is approaching. As the months have gone by, I am becoming more and more excited to meet you in person. 

You are the miracle that I would have prayed for if I had known you were possible. You are the miracle that I would have thought more about, if I had known you would exist. You are the miracle that I will always be forever grateful for. You are the miracle that has come so naturally into my life, despite the way that you were thought up and created. 

My sweet baby girl, whom I have not held in my arms yet, you are so loved and so wanted. You are my every hope and dream and so much more. I have so many thoughts of how you will turn out, what you will look like, who you will be. In the end, I hope that you will be everything you want to be. In the end, I hope that you will have all your dreams come true. 

Though I may not be able to always give you things that you want in life, but you will always have everything you need. I will always be there to hold you when you cry, kiss you when you are happy, and stand by your side to give you the strength you will need to face all of life’s obstacles.

In three months, you will be here. Your Mama Kim and I are so very happy about your impending arrival. I hope you know that you are loved on more levels that I could ever express. You mean more to us than we can possibly put into words. We love you so much and we cannot wait until you are born so that we can kiss your cheeks and hold you tight and overwhelm you with all the love we have in our hearts for you.



Help a Single Mother In Need

I am not really sure how many people are actually reading this blog, but I really thought I might do something to help my sister out.

She is a 20 year old single mother of three babies. She just had a house fire last night and has lost everything. I am currently taking donations so that I can send her something to help her out. She her youngest son Blake is 1 month old, Brilee is the middle son who is 24 months, and Myah, her 4 year old daughter. Blake has had some trouble breathing and a difficult labor and now she has no means to keep him and his siblings warm and taken care of. Though her house burnt down last night, she and the kids are safe and doing okay physically.

Jessica, Myah, and Brilee

New Baby, Blake

This close to the holidays, this fire is a devastating time for her. She has lost all their clothing, toys, diapers, food, and money. I am three hours away from her myself, so I am taking up a collection for her.

Please press the donate button at the end of this blog. You do not need a PayPal account for the donation, all major credit cards can be used and any amount (no matter how small or large) will help! Thank you in advance for helping out my sister and I am sure she appreciates it as well.

Take Care and Happy Holidays