I’m Obsessed With My Toilet Paper ….

And Other Adventures in Being Pregnant
Ok, so this week marks 16 weeks. Babycenter.com says that our little one is approximately the size of an avocado. This week I have been spending a lot of time on Babble.com. I found a really cute article over there. The blogger talks about how she can’t stop checking her toilet paper for spotting. I admit, in the beginning of this pregnancy, I found a light spotting and it freaked me out. Like I have said so many times before, I don’t have a second chance at this. I read the comments and such on the article, and even though my partner chastises me about it, I am not alone. There are women 20 and 30 weeks into their pregnancy and still checking their toilet paper. So, thanks to this article for making me realize I am obsessed, but I am not alone.
All week, my partner and I have been looking forward to today. Today was … supposed to be the day we learned the sex of our baby. When we went to the doctor’s appointment today, we found out that we had been mistaken. Ugh. I heard that man tell me that we could set up the ultrasound next time we came in. However, he was being more literal than we were. So, instead of finding out the sex of our baby, we did listen to a nice strong heartbeat of 155 and made the appointment for the ‘anatomical scan’ in two weeks. Really … 2 weeks doesn’t seem like its that far away, but I have been waiting for it for over a month already.
That brings me to my ups and downs for this week:
  1. My partner has gotten her disability through the government APPROVED. When we got the notice, I just couldn’t stop sobbing. I was so happy and I am pretty sure she was so shocked. It was our first attempt, but with 5 diagnoses, I guess, there should have been no doubt. This means we now have two incomes and that takes the pressure of me some.
  2. With the approval of her disability, I have come to terms with moving. I am actually excited. We are going to look at a place tomorrow morning. I am so ready to move. I can’t wait. We live in that one room apartment right now, and its just not big enough. I cannot wait to decorate a nursery. That’s my favorite plan of the week.
  1. I’m having trouble sleeping on the couch now. Not just the bed, but the couch. Its possible that its just not as cool in the living room as it is in the bedroom. Our apartment is regulated central air and I think they turned ours off. Which means, crap, I am sweating throughout the night and really, I am running hot anyway!
  2. Not being able to find out the gender of our little one. That is BY FAR the worst down of the week. It was so disappointing and my partner said it best, “It feels like someone took away my birthday.” We had been looking forward to it, and instead we have two more weeks to wait.
Take Care until next time

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