What’s In A Name?

Picking a Name is Tough Stuff
Though, luckily for me, its not my job. My partner will be doing that job. In a way, it was our way of making sure she felt included in this process. We are only 6 weeks into this pregnancy and already we have names. I am not sure if she already had the names picked out ahead of time or if she just had a few names that really spoke to her. We have 8 and a half months to go and we can all take bets on whether or not she will change her mind.
Now, can you believe that she has teased me about naming our daughter “Valkarie” or our son “Spiderman or Pooh Bear”. I suggest taking a hint from this article from Babble on Worst Celebrity Names. When I went through those names, most of which I had heard before, I just couldn’t believe that someone would ever be cruel enough to stick their kid with names like those.
I mean really, you have to think about all sorts of things when naming your kids. Obviously, when it comes to naming kids, a Rose is not a Rose by any other name. A name speaks volumes about what you expect and desire for your child’s future. I haven’t asked her, but I am sure that my partner has been having the hardest time picking out a name. At the moment, she is pretty set, so I am happy about that!

Photo by: Anita Patterson


You have to take into consideration bully-proof names. Well, at least you can try. With the sources for cyber-bullying, phone-bullying, face-to-face bullying, there really is no way around it. Kids are cruel. If the kids on the playground can’t come up with something about your name to mock, they will surely find something else to mock you about, if they are so determined.
Bully-proof names links to initals as well. You don’t want your kid with the initals PMS, TNT, ASS or something crazy. We were all kids once, and we all know that initals can be just as easily made fun of as actual names.
Name meanings can be a sour source as well, but then again, most kids don’t go around looking up what every other kids’ name means. To be on the same side, we steered clear of names that meant ‘lame duck‘ or ‘sourpuss‘. Never can be too careful.
In the end, there are all sorts of things you can take into consideration when you are naming your child. We grabbed inspiration from one of our favorite TV characters, which was probably not a good idea, but her name was so pretty, I just couldn’t help but agree that it had to be my daughter’s name. Peyton Shea As for a boy, we have taken from my partner’s Italian roots and gone with a simple Italian name. I didn’t have any objections, though I still am not sure how to spell it. Dominik Anthony
No matter what this child ends up being, boy or girl; no matter what name this child ends up being called, I have a feeling that it will always be my little Peanut, which is what my partner has dubbed the ultrasound picture at the moment, since the sac looks like a peanut.

2 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Oh! How very exciting. I love that she has names picked already! I always wonder if it is hard to pick and then stick with the name the whole entire 9 months. Our sweet neighbor is having a baby and she has had 4 names so far : ) Christian, Eli, David and now Max. I like them all. Wishing you all the best. The very, very best!

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